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Tuesday 30 September 2003

Continuum magazine announced

Publisher and editor Bill Rupp has announced publication of new magazine Continuum Science Fiction, scheduled to debut in early 2004, with a schedule of three issues per year.

The magazine will be semi-professional, publishing science fiction stories, articles, and reviews. An associated website is planned, at, which will not be identical to the print version.

The editor supplies the following requirements:

  • Genres preferred: science fiction with an emphasis on good story-telling and adventure. Interstellar settings especially welcome, also stories of Earth in the far future. I am also interested in stories of contact with other intelligent species, or even stories that deal exclusively with other species. Humor is always welcome, but must be well-done. Of course, really good stories need not be limited to the preceding descriptions.
  • Genres NOT preferred: Out and out fantasy, sex bordering on pornography (although sex in context is not impossible), sadistic violence, and especially thinly disguised political rants. Grim, noir type ideas certainly can be acceptable, but I don't want a magazine exclusively filled with dangerous visions.
  • Type of material accepted: fiction, articles with a scientific or technological focus, author interviews or profiles, artwork (query first), book and movie reviews.
  • Payment:
    * Science fiction short stories: 1000-2500 words. $20.00
    * Science fiction short stories: 4000-6000 words. $35.00
    * Science fiction novelettes: 8,000-12,000 words. $50.00
    * Articles: 2,000-4,000 words. $25.00.
    * Book and movie reviews. (I would prefer a column approach, that is, short reviews of several books or movies in a single manuscript: 1,000-2,000 words. $15.00
    * Artwork. Query first, payment to be decided individually.
  • I will be paying for first North American serial rights. Payment will be on acceptance.
  • Response times: three weeks or less
  • Reprints accepted: query.
  • Electronic submissions accepted: yes, but only in .txt or .rtf formats. Regular mail is also fine, with SASE.
    Surface mail address is: P.O, Box 1390
    Bonsall, CA 92003
  • Name of publisher and or editor: William L. Rupp
  • Reading period opens: immediately
  • Deadline: none at present; submissions open until I have enough for several issues.
  • I am also extremely interested in contacting people to sell advertising space in the magazine. Such people would receive a portion of the advertising fee obtained.
For further details, email the editor at

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