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Sunday 18 May 2003


Christopher Priest's novel The Separation is winner of this year's Arthur C. Clarke Award, given annually for the best science fiction novel receiving its first British publication in the previous year. The award was announced on Saturday, May 17, at a ceremony at the Science Museum in London.

This is Priest's first Clarke Award win, after having been shortlisted twice, for The Prestige in 1996, and The Extremes in 1999. The Separation has not yet been published in the US.

This year's nominees M. John Harrison, China Miéville, Elizabeth Moon, and Priest attended the ceremony, among some 200 guests including former Clarke Award winners and shortlisted authors Paul McAuley, Pat Cadigan, Geoff Ryman, Adam Roberts, James Lovegrove, Jon Courtenay Grimwood and Josephine Saxton. Judges for this year's award were Tony Cullen and Iain Emsley for the British SF Association, Paul McAuley and Liz Sourbut for the Science Fiction Foundation, and Doug Millard for the Science Museum.

Submissions are invited for the 2004 Arthur C Clarke Award. Judges are Iain Emsley and Carol Ann Kerry-Green for the BSFA, Mark Bould and Geoff Ryman for the Science Fiction Foundation, and Dave Palmer for the Science Museum. Paul Kincaid is administrator of the Arthur C. Clarke Award.

Photos from this year's ceremony will appear in Locus Magazine.

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Photos from this year's ceremony [may be temporary]

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