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July '04 - March '05
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Sun 18 Jul 04 —
» NY Times editorial We, Robots about Asimov and Hollywood

» NY Times Book Review: Gerald Jonas reviews China Miéville, Ken MacLeod, Joe Haldeman

Sat 17 Jul 04 —
» Slate: Chris Suellentrop on Isaac Asimov: How I, Robot gets the science-fiction grandmaster wrong

» SciFi.com's new BBoard includes a Sci Fiction section

» CNN: Sci Fi Channel's M. Night Shyalaman expose admitted to be hoax

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Thu 15 Jul 04 —
» SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Alexander C. Irvine; Paul Di Filippo reviews China Miéville

» Strange Horizons: Tee Morris article on Elitism in SF/F/H is prompting reactions in the blogosphere

» RevolutionSF has fiction by Josh Rountree and Lou Antonelli

» Rick Kleffel column on Hill House limited editions

» Village Voice: John Giuffo reviews China Miéville's Iron Council

» Tacoma Tribune: interview with Robert J. Sawyer concerning I, Robot

» NY Times: Edward Rothstein on I, Robot

» Globe and Mail: Kim Stanley Robinson interview

Wed 14 Jul 04 —
» L.A. Times: A sci-fi shy Hollywood, with quotes from Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Greg Bear, Orson Scott Card

Mon 12 Jul 04 —
» St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Dorman Shindler reviews The Locus Awards, Kim Stanley Robinson, etc.

» Ticonderoga Online goes monthly; four new reviews posted today

» Rick Kleffel's The Agony Column has published an interview with Peter Watts

» Michael Arnzen essay: What Corrupted Me

» Electronic Green Journal: Ryder Miller essay on the environmental context of LotR

» SFReader: critical essay by Daniel E. Blackston on Jeffrey Ford's "The Empire of Ice Cream"

» The Official Philip José Farmer Home Page is taking preorders for a limited edition reprint of 1970 erotic Gothic novel Love Song

Sun 11 Jul 04 —
» Reviews of Ray Bradbury's The Cat's Pajamas by Fred Chappell in Washington Post Book World, and by Timothy Perrin in the LA Times Book Review -- who advises that Bradbury's SF trappings are "always in service to the story"

» Also in today's Washington Post: Paul Di Filippo reviews Sean Stewart, Charles Stross, Paul Brandon, Bruce Sterling, and Tony Daniel

» NPR's coverage of Seattle's new SF Museum

Fri 9 Jul 04 —
» Ursula K. Le Guin's BookExpo America Speech, Some Assumptions about Fantasy

Tue 6 Jul 04 —
» San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Greg Bear, Sean Stewart, Emmanuel Carrere, Kage Baker

Mon 5 Jul 04 —
» July Ansible

» The Trades: reviews of stories from Dozois's 21st Annual Year's Best

» New link: Robert E. Howard

Sun 4 Jul 04 —
» SignOnSanDiego: Kim Stanley Robinson reacts to The Day After Tomorrow: "Dumb. Just so - dumb."

» July issue of Ultraverse has short stories by Chris Africa and others; a review; first novel descriptions

» Issue #20 of Guy H. Lillian III's fanzine Challenger has items about Julius Schwartz, and from Gregory Benford, Mike Resnick, Taral Wayne, and others

» And here's the latest from Michael A. Arnzen's Bram Stoker Award-winning Gorelets

» After the Apocalypse, an SF feature by Yasuaki Nakajima, is getting much film festival circuit buzz; see clip here

Fri 2 Jul 04 —
» Salon excerpts Sean Stewart's new novel Perfect Circle

Thu 1 Jul 04 —
» Aeon Speculative Fiction, an electronic magazine/anthology in multiple ebook formats, will debut in October at the World Fantasy Convention; Kristine Kathryn Rusch will contribute a regular opinion column.

» Bromer Booksellers in Boston has issued a science fiction catalog

» Revision 14 is a new website offerring promotional opportunities, information, and inspiration for published and pre-published writers of all genres

» Futurismic has new fiction by Ruth Nestvold and by Hannu Rajaniemi, plus new reading guidelines

» Rick Kleffel's The Agony Column has published an interview with Tony Ballantyne

» July issues have been posted of SF Site, Science Fiction Crowsnest, Deep Magic, scifidimensions

» Issue 22 of ChiZine has fiction and poetry by Nick Mamatas, Laura Anne Gilman, Bruce Boston, and others

» Rambles has recent reviews of books by Alex Irvine, Mercedes Lackey, Peter Crowther, E.E. Knight, Bruce Balfour, and others--see What's new

» Green Man Review reviews Charles de Lint's Medicine Road

Tue 29 Jun 04 —
» Cory Doctorow
wins Locus Award for best first novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. You heard it there first.

Mon 28 Jun 04 —
» Globe and Mail: Robert J. Sawyer Op-Ed about SpaceShipOne

Sun 27 Jun 04 —
» June issue of Emerald City reports on Wiscon, reviews Miéville, Stross, Stewart; interviews Kelly Link & Gavin Grant; etc.

» LA Times: Ursula K. Le Guin reviews Lord Dunsany

» Washington Post: Lawrence Norfolk reviews Elizabeth Hand

Wed 23 Jun 04 —
» LA Times: long article about Black to the Future festival recently in Seattle

» NPR: Alan Cheuse reviews Asimov's I, Robot

» Wired: Rise of the Machines surveys Isaac Asimov's work

» Issue 6 of The Internet Review of Science Fiction has interviews and articles about Joe Haldeman and John Brunner, by Cynthia Ward and Matthew Cheney, etc.

» Issue 20 of webzine ChiZine has fiction by Elizabeth Bear, Robert Boyczuk, and Scott William Carter; poetry; a column by David Niall Wilson; reviews; etc.

» Debut of EpicSFF includes an interview with Nicholas Kaufmann

» June issue of Arte Six has an interview with Elizabeth Hand (scroll down)

» Visions, the magazine of Fantastic Queensland, has articles, fiction, reviews

»: New link: Hugh B. Cave Official Website

» Cold Tonnage Books' June catalog

» Fantastic Literature's June catalog

Tue 22 Jun 04 —
» USA Today's story about the SF Museum and Hall of Fame opening

Mon 21 Jun 04 —
» Salon: Andrew Leonard raves about Steven Erikson's series beginning with Gardens of the Moon

» New York Review of Books: Alison Lurie on Pinocchio


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Sunday 18 July 2004
Monitor: Notable New Books

Descriptions and links for new books seen this past week by Chris Bunch, Clamp, Paul Di Filippo, Martin H. Greenberg & John Helfers, Naomi Kritzer, William Pillow, Michael Reaves & Steve Perry, and Charles Stross

Saturday 17 July 2004
Feature Review: Gary Westfahl reviews I, Robot
i robot
In this film, destroying any hopes for a truly Asimovian story, Spooner just pulls out his gun and starts blasting robots in the head. [... Yet...] There are fleeting glimpses of a certain intelligence at work, suggesting that the screenwriters and director might have been capable of doing a decent job of adapting Asimov if they had wanted to.
Thursday 15 July 2004
Locus Magazine: Interview
sean williams Locus' June issue features an interview with Sean Williams
I look back at my science fiction and see how it keeps coming back to extropian issues. What makes people people? How far can you push the envelope and still be human?
Monitor: This Week's Bestsellers
Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, Stephen King, Karen Joy Fowler, Ray Bradbury

» Awards News Update
Photos from the 2004 Campbell Conference

Wednesday 14 July 2004
Monitor: What's In Other Magazines

Second issue of Argosy includes a chapbook novella by Charles Stross & Cory Doctorow • Plus, Liverpool Stories, UK publication promoting writers from the area or writing about it. • DNA Publications' new mag, KISS • And new issues of Dreams and Nightmares, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, F&SF, The Third Alternative (and The Fix)

Monday 12 July 2004
» Awards News Update
Finalists for this year's, and last year's, John W. Campbell Memorial Award have been posted

Sunday 11 July 2004
Monitor: Notable New Books
The Locus Awards -- an anthology of selected stories that have won Locus's annual readers' poll over the past 30 years -- is published. • Plus, descriptions and links for other new books seen this past week by Ray Bradbury, Richard Butner, Loren W. Cooper, Sara Douglass, C.S. Friedman, L.E. Modesitt Jr., Mel Odom, Diana L. Paxon, John Ringo, S.L. Viehl, Margaret Weis, and Martha Wells; and anthologies from Bill Fawcett and Keith Olexa and of Rhysling nominees

Future History: Author Events
New listings for Elizabeth Hand (next week); Frank M. Robinson, L.E. Modesitt Jr., and Michael Moorcock (August in San Francisco); and Robert J. Sawyer (in October) • Also, Gavin J. Grant, Geoffrey Goodwin, and Liisa Ladouceur have begun their Perpetual Motion Roadshow: details

Saturday 10 July 2004
Feature Review: Summer Reading
Jeff VanderMeer has suggestions at the edges of genre... warren ellis

Books by Erik Orsenna, Redmond O'Hanlon, DBC Pierre, Clare Dudman, Yehuda Koren & Eilat Negev, D.M. Mitchell, and Iain Banks

Awards News
Jack McDevitt wins this year's John W. Campbell Memorial Award, announced last night at the Campbell Conference in Kansas City; Kage Baker wins the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award

Thursday 8 July 2004
» Awards News
Nominees for this year's Southeastern Science Fiction Achievement Awards (SESFAs) include M.M. Buckner, Jack McDevitt, William Gibson, and Jeff VanderMeer

» Magazine News
Lou Anders has resigned his position as Senior Editor of Argosy Magazine in order to devote his full attention to his new duties as Editorial Director of Pyr, the new SF&F Imprint from Prometheus Books

» Convention News
Steven H Silver is running a Noreascon Four Trivia Contest running from now through Saturday of this year's Worldcon in Boston; prizes include magazine subscriptions and a membership to next year's Worldcon

Tuesday 6 July 2004
Monitor: This Week's Bestsellers
Stephen King, Karen Joy Fowler, Ray Bradbury, R. Scott Bakker

Monday 5 July 2004
Monitor: Notable New Books
Descriptions and links for new books seen this past week: Best of the year anthologies edited by Gardner Dozois, and by David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer; other anthologies from Martin H. Greenberg, Alexander Potter, and Mark Tier; novels by Alan Dean Foster, Elizabeth Hand, and Frank M. Robinson; and a collection by Diana Wynne Jones

Future History: Author Events
New listings for Clarion West readings in Seattle, by Geoff Ryman, John Kessel & James Patrick Kelly, Larissa Lai, and Charles de Lint, Tuesdays in July; plus Michaela Roessner in San Francisco, July 10th

Sunday 4 July 2004
» Market News
Surreal Magazine is a quarterly devoted to the supernatural, horror and occult, scheduled to debut January 2005 — guidelines
Lenox Avenue is a bimonthly e-zine, debuting July 1st, of speculative fiction and art — guidelines
Cascadia Con is sponsoring an anthology edited by Cris DiMarco, to debut Sept. 2005

Friday 2 July 2004
Locus Magazine: July Issue
Locus Magazine's July issue -- mailed June 29th to subscribers -- features winners and complete results of this year's Locus Poll; interviews with Jeffrey Ford and Alexander C. Irvine; a report on the opening of the SF Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle; and much more • Table of Contents

Locus Magazine: Locus Bestsellers
Leaders on July issue's Bestseller List -- compiled from specialty stores -- are by Eric Flint & Andrew Dennis, Raymond E. Feist, William Gibson, Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore, and Eric Nylund

Locus Magazine: New & Notable Books
July's list includes titles by Neal Asher, Greg Bear, Diana Wynne Jones, Ian R. MacLeod, Sarah Micklem, Kim Stanley Robinson, Steph Swainston, Jeff VanderMeer, Gene Wolfe, and others

Thursday 1 July 2004
» Awards News
Winners of the 2004 Wooden Rocket Awards, for best SF and Fantasy websites, include Science Fiction Weekly as Best Online Magazine and Locus Online as Best Print-to-Web Magazine, plus Orson Scott Card, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, and Bob Eggleton among 15 other categories. • The awards are sponsored by SF Crowsnest and were determined by 12,381 verified voters

» The Speculative Literature Foundation has announced the results of its first Fountain Award: "The Specialist" by Alison Smith, published in McSweeney's Quarterly Concern

» Update
Washington Post has run this obituary of Hugh B. Cave

Wednesday 30 June 2004
Awards News
Winners of the 2004 Locus Awards, announced in Locus' July issue, are Dan Simmons, Lois McMaster Bujold, Cory Doctorow, Terry Pratchett, Vernor Vinge, Neil Gaiman (3 times!), Ursula K. Le Guin, Gardner Dozois (twice), F&SF, Tor, and Michael Whelan

Call for Submissions
Claude Lalumière invites submissions to The Lost Pages 2004 Halloween Special

» Author News
Sue Stewart, Andre Norton's personal assistant, has asked Locus to get the word out that people can stop sending money contributions to Andre -- she is no longer in need. Healthwise Andre is doing very well, is enjoying her new place at Sue's, and plans to start writing again. • Andre Norton Org

Tuesday 29 June 2004
Feature Review: Ellis's Wonderlands
Claude Lalumière explores the works of Warren Ellis warren ellis
Throughout his various works Ellis has, more than any other comics writer working in English, shown himself to be a serious speculative writer, brimming with intriguing and resonant ideas about the effects of technology on consciousness and culture and prone to articulate his vision via multiple sciencefictional subgenres.

Monitor: This Week's Bestsellers
Stephen King, Newt Gingrich & William R. Forstchen, Ray Bradbury

hugh b. cave
Stephen Jones remembers Hugh B. Cave

Monday 28 June 2004
» Death
Horror writer Hugh B. Cave, born 1910, died yesterday, June 27. Cave published stories in pulp magazines beginning in 1929, and wrote at least 45 books from 1942 through 2003, including 1977 World Fantasy Award winning collection Murgunstrumm and Others • He received a Bram Stoker Life Achievement Award in 1990, a World Fantasy Special Convention Award in 1996, a Living Legend Award from the International Horror Guild in 1997, and a World Fantasy Life Achievement Award in 1998 • Official Hugh B. Cave WebsiteVintage Library profile

Sunday 27 June 2004
Future History: Author Events
New listings for events tomorrow, 28 June, with Paul Levinson and Cory Doctorow; and for later events with Anne & Todd McCaffrey, Naomi Kritzer, Andy Duncan, and Bill Campbell

Future History: Convention Listings
Updated from July 2004 through 2006

Saturday 26 June 2004
Monitor: Notable New Books
Descriptions and links for new books seen this past week by M.T. Anderson, Stephen L. Antczak, Claire Bott, Paul Brandon, Christopher Fowler, Mindy L. Klasky, Ian R. MacLeod, Daniel J. Reitz, Del Stone Jr., and Timothy Zahn • Plus, Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell's YA fantasy series "The Edge Chronicles" reaches the US, with a contest from the publisher

Thursday 24 June 2004
Monitor: What's In Other Magazines

David Pringle's final issue of Interzone is published; plus, the second issue of Tim Pratt & Heather Shaw's Flytrap, and new issues of Analog, Asimov's, Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, and Paradox

» News Notes
• A radio adaptation of the final three books in Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series will feature the voice of Adams himself, as well as five of the cast of the original 1978 radio series; the new series will broadcast on Britain's Radio 4 later this year — Scotsman.com

• Voting deadline for the Southeastern Science Fiction Achievement Award is June 30

Eurocon 2004, to be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in August, will discuss "Does Ursula K. Le Guin deserve a Nobel Prize for literature, and what we can do about it?" on Sunday August 8

Tuesday 22 June 2004
SF Museum and Hall of Fame Opens in Seattle: Special report from Locus publisher Charles N. Brown
A huge green alien creature described as a flying saucer, a loathsome green worm, or an inflatable version of the museum logo — depending on where you were standing — crouched atop the Seattle Space Needle...

Monitor: This Week's Bestsellers
Stephen King is #1

Sunday 20 June 2004
Monitor: Notable New Books
Descriptions and links for new books seen this past week by R. Scott Bakker, Steven Erikson, Rich Gray, Debra A. Kemp, Elizabeth Kerner, Ken MacLeod, Ian McDonald, Robert Newcomb, and Donna Siepiela, plus anthologies from Martin H. Greenberg & Russell Davis, and T.K.F. Weisskopf

Future History: Author Events
New listings for John Ringo, touring in July for Emerald Sea; Ellen Datlow and The Faery Reel contributors signing in Pennsylvania; Joe Haldeman speaking in Covington KY; Kit Reed reading in Philadelphia; plus appearances by Jeff VanderMeer, Elizabeth Hand, Pat & Dick Lupoff, Kage Baker, Martha Wells


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