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SFFH Reviews and Articles in General Publications

Tue 12.30 —
» NPR, All Things Considered: Aaron Freeman visits WindyCon and comments on science fiction fans [click on audio link]

Thu 12.25 —
» Guardian: Why J.G. Ballard turned down a royal honor

» LA Times: Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist

» Pans for Paycheck from
Stephen Hunter, Washington Post
Elvis Mitchell, NY Times
Manohla Dargis, LA Times

Tue 12.23 —
» Telegraph: profile of Christopher Paolini

Mon 12.22 —
» NY Times Book Review: short reviews of Philip Pullman and Cornelia Funke

» Washington Post: Douglas E. Winter reviews Peter Straub

Sun 12.21 —
» NY Times: Caryn James complains that The Return of the King isn't a chick flick
 » Also, article about a fan's Firefly DVD

» NPR: The Hollywood Afterlife of Philip K. Dick; Tamora Pierce interview (click on audio links)

» Green Man Review: Jane Yolen's The Winter Queen Speaks

» Birmingham News: article about the new Argosy Magazine

Fri 12.19 —
» Village Voice: Joseph McElroy reviews Le Guin and Gorodischer

» Reviews in Rain Taxi: VanderMeer & Roberts' Disease Guide; Cory Doctorow's collection; Colin Wilson's YA series

» From the New York Times archives:
— 1954: W.H. Auden reviews The Fellowship of the Ring
— 1955: Donald Barr reviews The Two Towers
— 1956: W.H. Auden reviews The Return of the King

Thu 12.18 —
» The New Yorker, Alex Ross: Wagner vs. Tolkien

Wed 12.17 —
• More on The Return of the King:
Washington Post: Michael Dirda on what inspired Tolkien
— Roger Ebert quibbles; *** 1/2
Salon: Andrew O'Hehir's review

Tue 12.16 —
» Raves for The Return of the King from
David Edelstein, Slate
Kenneth Turan, LA Times
Elvis Mitchell, NY Times
Stephen Hunter, Washington Post
Paul Clinton, CNN
— Named Best Picture by NY Film Critics

» Time: review of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume II

Sun 12.14 —
» Washington Post: Paul Di Filippo reviews Clement, Watson, King, Hand; Elizabeth Ward reviews Philip Reeve

» LA Times: article on Tolkien's great-grandson; profile of Philip Pullman

» Guardian: Jonathan Lethem profile

» CBC News: article on Heinlein's new long-lost novel

» Canadian bookseller Chapters & Indigo's Best of 2003 SF list led by Robert J. Sawyer; fantasy list by Stephen King

» SF Chronicle: Best Books of 2003

Fri 12.12 —
January: review of A Yuletide Universe; review of Straub's lost boy lost girl

Guardian article on nerds with a visit to Forbidden Planet

Guardian: Gwyneth Jones' top 10 SF by women

St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Best SF/F/H Books of 2003

Wed 12.10 —
OneWorld: Arthur C. Clarke interview

Tue 12.09 —
Washington Post: Michael Dirda's quirky seasonal wish list includes Davidson's Limekiller (near the end)

Kansas City Star: 2003's Notable Books include Atwood, Bishop, Kress, Shepard, and other SF titles [log-in required]

• December Wired: The Second Coming of Philip K. Dick

Mon 12.08 —
SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Robin McKinley, Philip Baruth, and Ellen Datlow's The Dark

Sun 12.07 —
Guardian: essay on writing by Terry Pratchett

Thu 12.04 —
• KCRW, Bookworm: Jonathan Lethem appears today Dec 4th, 2:30 p.m. PST

• NPR, All Things Considered: Alan Cheuse reviews Paul Park's The Three Marys (click on audio link)

Wed 12.03 —
Salon: article on the fellowship of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien

Tue 12.02 —
Guardian: Michael Marshall Smith reviews Peter Straub
 • Finish Michael Moorcock's story

Independent: Matt Thorne reviews Stephen King

Sun 11.30 —
NY Times Book Review: Julie Gray reviews Louis Bayard's Mr. Timothy

NY Times Op-Ed: New Zealander Andrew Johnston reflects on Tolkien

Sat 11.29 —
Guardian: Michael Moorcock reviews VanderMeer's Veniss Underground

Fri 11.28 —
NY Times surveys classic haunted house movies

LA Times: what really happened to HAL's evil eye?

Wed 11.26 —
Slate summarizes the reactions to Stephen King's National Book Award

Tue 11.25 —
Independent: Mary Flanagan reviews A.S. Byatt's Little Black Book of Stories

Guardian: China Miéville's top 10 weird fiction

Globe and Mail: John Clute reviews SF by Canadians--Sawyer, Robinson, de Lint, Wilson

Mon 11.24 —
SF Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Stephen King

Fri 11.21 —
More about Stephen King's NBA speech from nonfiction judge Terry Teachout [via]

Wed 11.19 —
Boston Globe: long article on the cultural and commercial status of The Lord of the Rings

Tue 11.18 —
Austin American-Statesman: article about the new Argosy Magazine, with input from editor Lou Anders

Mon 11.17 —
• HowStuffWorks: How Illustration Works, featuring The Brothers Hildebrandt

Observer: Shelley Jackson's latest project involves tattooing

Fri 11.14 —
• Sunday NY Times Book Review: special Children's Books issue includes review of Paolini's Eragon, and Gregory Maguire on a collaboration by Maurice Sendak and Tony Kushner

Fri 11.14 —
Book Magazine: Nick Sagan profile

Denver Post calls Quicksilver Magnum opus of geek fiction

Independent: Nick Hasted reviews Quicksilver

January: Sue Bursztynski reviews Simmons' Ilium

Telegraph: Sam Leith surveys graphic novels

USA Today: Update on Eragon teenaged author Christopher Paolini

BBC Radio: China Miéville, Justina Robson, Brian Aldiss, and others debate literature and SF: click here then select Wednesday under 'listen to broadcasts'

Wed 11.12 —
Salon: Polly Shulman reviews David Foster Wallace's history of infinity

January: Hugh Nissenson interview, Stewart O'Nan review

Mon 11.10 —
NYT: Editorial Observer Viewing California Politics Through the Lens of a Science-Fiction Movie
• Janet Maslin reviews Peter Straub

Arizona Republic: article on The Matrix with input from Paul Di Filippo

Sun 11.09 —
NYT Book Review: Gerald Jonas reviews Philip Baruth, Ian Watson, John C. Wright

Fri 11.07 —
Slate: Where The Matrix went wrong

Thu 11.06 —
• Underwhelming reviews for The Matrix Revolutions:
   • David Edelstein, Slate: "a slam-bang, dreary mess"
   • Andrew O'Hehir, Salon: "leaves the imagination hungry"
   • A.O. Scott, NYT: "overall atmosphere of exhaustion"
   • Stephen Hunter, WaPo: "a soggy mess"
   • Yet Roger Ebert awards it three stars
Tue 11.04 —
National Post: profile of William Gibson

Mon 11.03 —
Publishers Weekly: reviews editor Jeff Zaleski: My Say: The Need to Read Stephen King

NYT: article about amnesia movies, including upcoming PKD-inspired Paycheck

LA Times: essay about remastered Alien DVD, with inputs from David J. Skal and Gordon Van Gelder
article about the Alien series; follow-up compares first film to The Andromeda Strain

• Roger Ebert's 'Great Movies' retrospective review of Alien

Fri 10.31 —
NY Times: Philip Pullman Op-Ed: Why I Don't Believe in Ghosts

Thu 10.30 —
January: reviews of Neal Stephenson and Neil Gaiman

Mon 10.27 —
Washington Post: Elizabeth Hand's For the Love of the Dark

Sun 10.26 —
NY Times: Charles Taylor reviews Stewart O'Nan

Washington Post: Bill Sheehan reviews McDevitt, Swanwick, Martin, Clute

Sat 10.25 —
LA Times: Audrey Niffenegger's, and MacAdam/Cage Publishing's, Cinderella story

Fri 10.24 —
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Dorman T. Shindler reviews Ellen Datlow's The Dark and others

BookSense: Jeff VanderMeer article about creating his Disease Guide

Wed 10.22 —
Times-Picayune: article about George Alec Effinger with inputs from Barbara Hambly and Marty Halpern

Tue 10.21 —
JS Online (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel): article on horror with inputs from Peter Straub, Tananarive Due, Joe Nassise, and Ellen Datlow

Guardian: Cornelia Funke vs Hollywood

Mon 10.20 —
Guardian: M. John Harrison reviews Alan Garner
• Philip Pullman celebrates Art Spiegelman

Globe and Mail: Nathalie Atkinson reviews Neil Gaiman

Sun 10.19 —
NY Times: Laura Miller essay Spooked discusses Peter Straub

Washington Post: review of Tananarive Due's The Good House
review of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman: Endless Nights

San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Straub, Due, Hirshberg, Gaiman
review of Stewart O'Nan's The Night Country

Wed 10.15 —
NY Times: article about Art Spiegelman's current projects, including Little Lit

Washington Post: review of Michael Dirda's memoir

Mon 10.13 —
• BBC Radio 4: radio programme Open Book about the world of SF, with Stephen Baxter, Pat Cadigan, and others (entry page)

Village Voice: Nick Mamatas reviews Jeff VanderMeer and Mark Roberts' The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric & Discredited Diseases

• Paul Levinson in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution comments about Schwarzenegger and the fame game

Sat 10.11 —
• Sunday Washington Post Book World: Bill Sheehan reviews Stewart O'Nan; Elizabeth Hand reviews Neal Stephenson

Fri 10.10 —
• Sunday NYT Book Review: Gerald Jonas reviews Catherine Asaro, Tanith Lee, Cory Doctorow, Paul Levinson

National Post [Canada]: When science and fiction collide, about John W. Campbell's involvement with the Cartmill Affair

Wed 10.08 —
Publishers Weekly: Peter Straub profile

Tue 10.07 —
NY Times: profile of Eragon author Christopher Paolini

Mon 10.06 —
SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver

Slate: Timothy Noah recalls William Steig: The Art of the Sulk

Slate's Book Club begins discussion of Lethem's The Fortress of Solitude

Guardian: review of Ballard's Millennium People

Fri 10.03 —
NY Times Book Review: Polly Shulman reviews Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver

Fresh Air (NPR): interview with Jonathan Lethem

Sun 09.28 —
NY Times Book Review: Kerry Fried reviews Terry Pratchett's Monstrous Regiment
Washington Post Book World: Jennifer Howard reviews Terry Pratchett's Monstrous Regiment

Fri 09.26 —
Rain Taxi:
reviews of 2 spec fic anthologies, The Silver Gryphon and Angel Body
• plus review of Lethem's "next contender for the Great American Novel"
• and review of Ray Bradbury's latest collection

Thu 09.25 —
Salon: Laura Miller reviews Neil Gaiman, "today's master of fantasy"

• CNN/AP: profile of Neil Gaiman

Wed 09.24 —
Salon: Andrew Leonard reviews Quicksilver

Newsweek on 19-year-old author Christopher Paolini
Newsweek interview of Neal Stephenson

More on Jonathan Lethem:
San Francisco Chronicle review
• CNN/AP profile

Slate on Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver

Sun 09.21 —
NY Times Book Review: A.O. Scott reviews Jonathan Lethem's The Fortress of Solitude

Sat 09.20 —
NY Times: Edward Rothstein on Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver

Fri 09.19 — Harold Bloom on Stephen King's award: a terrible mistake [also LA Times]

Wed 09.17 —
CNN: Neil Gaiman reviewed

Village Voice: review of Kelly Link's anthology Trampoline

Tue 09.16 —
New York Times:
• Michiko Kakutani reviews Jonathan Lethem's TFOS
• Lethem profiled
editorial about Stephen King's award

Slate picks Lethem's TFOS for its new book club

Sun 09.14 —
Guardian: Doris Lessing pays tribute to Mikhail Bulgakov

Austin Chronicle: review of SF Site columnist Rick Klaw's Geek Confidential

LA Times [may require subscriber login]: feature profile of Jonathan Lethem; review and excerpt

Montreal Gazette: review of Claude Lalumière's anthology Island Dreams

SpaceDaily: John Carter McKnight column responds to Alex Irvine's Sept F&SF novella

Fri 09.12 —
• Sunday NYT Book Review: Gerald Jonas reviews Robert Charles Wilson, Lian Hearn, and Nick Sagan

Salon: rave review of Jonatham Lethem's The Fortress of Solitude

Thu 09.11 —
The Globe and Mail: Spider Robinson editorial Forward, into the past (based on his Hugo ceremony toastmaster speech)

Tue 09.09 —
• Reviews of J.G. Ballard's new novel Millennium People in the UK Press--

Mon 09.08 —
Washington Post Book Club: Michael Dirda presents Gaiman & Pratchett's Good Omens

San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Kage Baker, Doug Chiang & Orson Scott Card, Liz Williams

Thu 09.04 —
The Globe and Mail: local newspaper coverage of Torcon 3

Tue 09.02 —
Washington Post: Elizabeth Ward reviews Le Guin

Sun 08.24 —
Washington Post: Fiona Kelleghan reviews Sheri S. Tepper, Dan Simmons, Datlow/Windling's Best Fantasy, and others

Toronto Star: Robert J. Sawyer's sf story The Stanley Cup Caper [if link invalid, use 14-day search for 'Sawyer']

Wed 08.20 —
Guardian: Michael Moorcock reviews Jeffrey Ford

• NPR: audio report on William Gibson's Pattern Recognition

Mon 08.18 —
The Modern Word: review of VanderMeer's City of Saints and Madmen

Christian Science Monitor: interviews/reviews of Paul Levinson, teen author Christopher Paolini

Reason: Michael Valdez Moses essay on "The nostalgic yet progressive appeal of wizards, hobbits, and Jedi knights"

Tue 08.12 —
Washington Post: review of nonfiction Rocket Dreams

Thu 08.07 —
NPR: audio file of Dan Moran's version of Our Lady, the Queen of the Angels (aka Los Angeles)

Mon 08.04 —
• Steven H Silver interviews Dan Simmons

Washington Post: Zofia Smardz reviews Graham Joyce's "funny, bewitching" The Facts of Life; Michael Dirda covers Robert Aickman and Austrian fantasy

Publishers Weekly: long profile of Neil Gaiman

The Age: Harry Potter backlash backlash

Guardian: Michael Marshall Smith's top 10 horror books

USA Today: Denise Kersten reviews Le Guin's Changing Planes

Sun 08.03 —
Los Angeles Times: long assessment by Scott Timberg of Bradbury Stories

Fri 08.01 —
• Dorman T. Shindler reviews and interviews Dan Simmons

NY Review of Books: David Hajdu reviews "Comics for Grown-Ups"

Tue 07.29 —
Washington Post Book World: Gregory Feeley reviews Ian R. MacLeod, Dozois's 20th Year's Best, Charles Stross, and Trampoline

San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Dan Simmons, The Silver Gryphon, and Andrew Fox

Fri 07.25 —
NY Times Book Review: Gerald Jonas reviews Dan Simmons, John C. Wright, Ursula K. Le Guin

Wed 07.23 —
The New Yorker: Jonathan Lethem interview and novel excerpt

Sun 07.20 —
NY Times: The Phenomenology of Harry

The Observer: Robin McKie remembers John Wyndham

LA Times: Editorial cites Bradbury's "Rocket Man"

San Francisco Chronicle: reviews of Le Guin's Changing Planes and of Hoffman's The Probable Future

Wed 07.16 —
Salon: fiction by William Shunn

Washington Post: brief review of Jane Yolen's latest

January: Sue Bursztynski reviews Harry Potter 5; Mrinal Bose reviews Ashok K. Banker

Guardian: Harry Potter is gay?

The Age: fantasy dominates Australia's top 100 favourite books; Margaret Atwood pays tribute to George Orwell; summary of A.S. Byatt's scorn for Harry Potter

Sun 07.13 —
NY Times: A.O. Scott on movies: The Pretentious Summer Superhero

Sat 07.12 — • Sunday NY Times: John Leonard reviews Harry Potter 5

Fri 07.11 —
• Dismal reviews for The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • Charles Taylor, Salon
  • Roger Ebert [*]
  • Elvis Mitchell, NY Times
  • Stephen Hunter, Washington Post

Thu 07.10 —
Book Magazine: Stephen King essay America the Literate [first part]

NY Times: Caleb Carr supports A.S. Byatt re: Harry Potter

Wed 07.09 —
Salon: Charles Taylor responds to A.S. Byatt re: Harry Potter

Publishers Weekly: long article about marketing fantasy & SF books

Electric Story: Lucius Shepard reviews The Hulk

Tue 07.08 —
Boston Globe: James Sallis Revisit[s] sci-fi's neglected hero and others: Robert Sheckley

Boston Globe: audiobook reviews: Rowling, Fforde, Atwood

Independent: Nick Hasted reviews two by Alan Moore

The New Yorker: Anthony Lane reviews Terminator 3

Mon 07.07 —
NY Times: A.S. Byatt wonders about Harry Potter

Entertainment Weekly [subscribers only]: Stephen King reviews Harry Potter 5

LA Times [reg. required]: Alex Soojung-Kim Pang reviews Sterling's Tomorrow Now Thu 07.03 —
• CNN reviews VanderMeer's Veniss Underground

Wed 07.02 —
• Reviews of Terminator 3
  • David Edelstein, Slate
  • Roger Ebert [** 1/2]
  • A.O. Scott, NY Times
  • Andrew O'Hehir, Salon
  • Kenneth Turan, LA Times

Wed 06.25 —
New York Times: Op-Ed by William Gibson

Tue 06.24 — Field Inspections
New York Times: Margaret Atwood explains science fiction, speculative fiction, and fantasy

Sun 06.22 —

• CNN: Harry Potter mania

More Harry Potter Reviews
Guardian (UK)
The Age (Australia)

New York Times Reviews
review of Jasper Fforde's Lost in a Good Book
• Elizabeth Devereaux on Fantasy vs. Escapism
short reviews of Terry Pratchett, Diana Wynne Jones, Holly Black

Sat 06.21 —

New York Times: Michiko Kakutani reviews Harry Potter 5

Fri 06.20 —

USA Today reviews Harry Potter 5: "richly deserves the hype"
Slate's Summary Judgment

• Reviews of The Hulk:
  • Roger Ebert
  • David Edelstein, Slate
  • Charles Taylor, Salon
  • A.O. Scott, NY Times
  • Manohla Dargis, LA Times

Tue 06.17 —

Time magazine's Harry Potter cover story

Washington Post: Paul Di Filippo reviews Christopher Moore's Fluke..

Guardian: Oliver Morton reviews Martin Rees's Our Final Century

New York Times: Letter responds to Sven Birkerts' "science fiction can't be literature" review

Mon 06.16—
New York Times: Janet Maslin reviews Christopher Moore's Fluke, Or, I Know Why the Winged Whale Sings

Sun 06.15—

San Francisco Chronicle: Michael Berry reviews Tad Williams, Warren Ellis, and Christopher Moore

• Stanley Kauffman on The Matrix films, via Roger Ebert's column (third question)

Fri 06.13 evening—

• Sunday New York Times: Gerald Jonas reviews Richard K. Morgan, Robert Silverberg, and Fred Saberhagen

Fri 06.13—
Salon reviews The Eye

• Lucius Shepard reviews The Matrix Reloaded


Salon reviews Tad Williams

• Amazon offers free audio excerpt of the new Harry Potter

• Mark W. Tiedemann editorializes about Sven Birkerts

• Tim Sullivan reviews Shepard, Bishop, Album Zutique, and Hayford Peirce

• ZDNet: Bruce Sterling interviewed

• currently offers Paul Di Filippo's A Year in the Linear City for free

• Columbus Dispatch article about Charles Coleman Finlay

Earlier Field Inspections, with quotes and annotations:
Archive listing

— Aether Vibrations —
Science, fiction, and points in between

Sat 12.27 —
» NY Times: 2003's Most Overrated and Underrated Ideas

Thu 12.25 —
» LA Times: 36 attempts to reach Mars

Tue 12.23 —
» The Hartford Courant: article on the book industry's output: 150,000 titles/year

Mon 12.22 —
» NY Times: theater review of A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant

» LA Times: art review of nano exhibit at LA Country Museum of Art » LACMALab

» LA Times: Paul Park Op-Ed Jesus Rules in the Sequel

Thu 12.18 —
» LA Times: "Space Seed" Khan collaborator Madlyn Rhue dies

Wed 12.17 —
Wall Street Journal: Orson Scott Card's The Campaign of Hate and Fear

Guardian: Zoe Williams' Reading immaterial, wondering about the popularity of children's books

Wed 12.03 —
Entertainment Weekly: Stephen King on the laziness of baby boomers

• Umberto Eco lecture: Will books become obsolete? [via PW Daily]

Tue 12.02 —
Guardian: Surprise UK bestseller about punctuation

Tue 11.25 —
Telegraph: Jasper Rees explores the appeal to adults of children's books

Mon 11.24 —
NY Times Book Review: Margo Jefferson essay discusses Gabriel Zaid's So Many Books

Thu 11.20 —
• NPR audio interview: Artist Bruce McCall on Schematics of Unlikely Art [scroll down to McCall item]

• MSNBC: Seven flights of fancy that fizzled about flying cars, space colonies, etc.

The Trouble With Self Publishing [via]

Tue 11.18 —
Time: 25 years of graphic novels (first of two parts)

Tue 11.11 —
LA Times: review of Michael Dirda's memoir

NY Times: 25th anniversary Science Times addresses 25 provocative questions including Mars, Atlantis, robots, aliens, the paranormal

Mon 11.10 — - So many questions... so little time

Fri 11.07 —
• Malaysia bans 'ghostly' tales

Mon 11.03 —
• Kenn Brown's image of the week: Space Elevator

NY Times Book Review: Laura Miller essay on American short fiction

Sat 10.25 —
NY Times: Charles Murray's cultural scorecard

Fri 10.24 —
• More on Amazon's new search capacity from Steven Johnson and Wired

Danger, Will Robinson

Thu 10.23 —
• Search Amazon's books by content, beginning today

Wed 10.22 —
NY Times: John Noble Wilford: Are space photos art?

Sat 10.18 —
NY Times: Novels that deal with science

Wed 10.15 —
Observer's 100 greatest novels of all time [via] includes Huxley, Orwell, Tolkien, Pullman

NY Times: National Book Award finalists

Tue 10.14 —
China Launches its first manned spaceflight

• BBC News: Booker Prize to DBC Pierre

Fri 10.10 —
• [For bloggers and web gurus] Joel on Software: All About Unicode and Character Sets

Wed 10.01 —
PW: Borders wants publishers to stop putting prices on books
• Also coming soon: 13-digit ISBNs

• Bruce Sterling: Ten Technologies That Deserve to Die (via)

Fri 09.26 —
Atlantic Monthly: Paul Davies essay E.T. and God: Could earthly religions survive the discovery of life elsewhere in the universe?

Tue 09.23 —
Guardian: how killer previews of new books destroy sales

Sat 09.13 —
The New Yorker: Talk of the Town piece about Wesley Clark, SF fan

Fri 09.12 —
Slate: Book Report about publishing trade journals (PW, etc.)

Mon 09.08 —
NY Times Book Review: Laura Miller ponders Great Books and wonders if reading is just a solitary vice

Sat 07.26 —
NY Times: America Yawns at Foreign Fiction

Wed 07.23 —
Whole Earth Mag: annotated reprint of Vernor Vinge's 1993 Singularity article [PDF file]

Wired: August Superpower Issue contents now online

Sun 07.20 —
NY Times Magazine: Profile of Random House CEO Peter Olson

Fri 07.18 —
Notes on Neal Stephenson's USENIX keynote address

Wed 07.16 —Wired: Wil McCarthy on optical camouflage

Sat 07.12 —
• Are you a bright? asks Daniel C. Dennett and Richard Dawkins

Mon 06.23 — Aether Vibrations
New York Times:
  • Newt Gingrich interviewed
  • What 'Orwellian' doesn't mean

Fri 06.13—

• New York Times:
  • Egypt bans The Matrix Reloaded "because the film is violent and because it raises controversial issues about human creation..."
  • Route 666 to be renumbered —06.10—
• USA Today, 4 Jun: Is there another Earth out there? with quotes from Robert J. Sawyer and Paul Levinson

— E-Publications —
what's new at other SFFH sites

Tue 12.30 —
» Emerald City's Issue #100 has contributions from Gary K. Wolfe, David Brin, John Clute, Ken MacLeod, and others

» SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Robert A. Heinlein

Sat 12.27 —
» Gabe Chouinard launches s1ngularity::criticism

Sun 12.21 —
» December Lost Pages: Ray Vukcevich, Richard Calder, Bruce Holland Rogers, et al

Tue 12.09 —
Fortean Bureau: reprint of Cory Doctorow's Beat Me Daddy (Eight to the Bar)

Sun 12.07 —
• December Ansible

Fri 12.05 —
Tangent Online: Dave Truesdale announces new managing editor Chris Markwyn

Wed 12.03 —
• Kim Newman's hyperlinked novel Life's Lottery, from Crow Street and Scorpius Team; 190,000 words in 300 hyperlinked chapters; available from

Tue 12.02 —
• Group blog Futurismic to publish fiction: guidelines; editorial essay

Sun 11.30 —
Emerald City: November issue of Cheryl Morgan's webzine has reviews, convention reports, comments on award winners

Fantastica Daily: John C. Wright responds to Emerald City's negative review of The Golden Age

Fri 11.14 —
E-Pub: November Tatlin's Tower with fiction by Corin Cummings

Wed 11.12 —
E-Pub: Latest Clam City News

Tue 11.11 —
• November Broadsheet (newsletter for Broad Universe) with Nancy Kress, Pat Murphy, Wen Spencer, Liz Williams, Lyda Morehouse

Mon 11.10 —
• Jeff VanderMeer's World Fantasy Con report

Salon: William Shunn fiction Strong Medicine

Thu 11.06 —
New at other SFFH E-Publications
SF Weekly: John Clute reviews Chad Oliver
Strange Horizons: Cartoon by Mark Heath, fiction and poetry by Tim Pratt, new fundraising drive
• November SF Site: reviews of Moon, Straub, Bujold; column by Rick Klaw
Sci Fiction: new John Kessel story; Swanwick's up to Ununhexium
The Infinite Matrix: report from India
The Alien Online: Peter Crowther interview, John Jarrold reports from Korea; news, reviews, columns
• Debut Ultraverse: Tim Pratt, fiction, Peter Thorpe interview, etc.
• November Quantum Muse includes new discussion forum
• November Lost Pages: fiction by Ernest Hogan, Bruce Holland Rogers
• November SF Crowsnest: Chris Moriarty interview; lots of book and media reviews
• November scifidimensions: Christopher Paolini spotlight; reviews; commentary on Arnold

Tue 11.04 —
• Bruce Sterling's new blog Beyond the Beyond debuts on

• Charles Stross' blog loaned to Evil Overlord

• John Savage: problems with Amazon's new search feature

• China Miéville on Tolkien [via]

Sun 10.26 —
• October issue of Emerald City

Thu 10.23 —
Fantastic Metropolis: "Taking the Pulse" features excerpts from 10 forthcoming novels

Mon 10.20 —
SF Weekly: Wil McCarthy's Labnotes on China's advance into space

• Kim Antieau interviews Michaela Roessner [archive link]

Strange Horizons: Cheryl Morgan interviews Liz Williams

SF Site: Trent Walters interviews Forrest Aguirre

Mon 10.13 —
Strange Horizons: Jeremy Smith's The Failure of Fahrenheit 451 -- also in edited form at SF Bay Guardian

Fri 10.10 —
New SFFH E-Publications
The Infinite Matrix: latest Runcible Ansible, with items about J.M. Coetzee and Experience Science Fiction
Fantastic Metropolis: Nick Mamatas interview and fiction
• October Lost Pages: fiction by Bruce Holland Rogers et al; Richard Bleiler's grumbles about Heinlein; column by Paul Di Filippo
• October Deep Magic, a pdf e-zine of high fantasy and science fiction
• October Quantum Muse, "Quantum Eye for the Straight Guy edition"
• New Lumi Virtuale, Romanian e-zine with English content Thu 10.09 —
The Infinite Matrix: reactions to California's new governor: The Cyborgs Are in Charge

Thu 10.02 —
• October Ansible

Wed 10.01 —
Latest E-Publications
Emerald City: long Torcon report and analysis
• October scifidimensions: Jeff VanderMeer, Neal Stephenson, alternative sexuality
• October SF Site: reviews of Grimwood, Waldrop, etc.
SF Weekly: Michael Cassut asks Goodbye, Sci-Fi?
• September SFRevu: Torcon pics; Sharon Lee & Steve Miller interview
• October SF Crowsnest: Ken MacLeod commentary; interviews with Laurell K. Hamilton, Juliet E. McKenna
Strange Horizons: Nicola Griffith interview
Tangent Online: Dave Truesdale to close down, according to SF Site News 23 Sept

Sun 09.28 —
• Ellen Datlow's photos from ReaderCon

Wed 09.24 —
• Ken MacLeod defines SF: "what SF is fundamentally about is not the Individual versus Society, or Society versus Society, but humanity in the universe"

• Jonathan Strahan's new site reviews the latest by Lucius Shepard

Thu 09.18 —
• Ellen Datlow's photos from July and August KGB readings (with Delany, O'Leary, Rucker, Malzberg)

Sat 09.13 —
• Most of Cory Doctorow's new collection A Place So Foreign and 8 More available free online

Fri 09.12 —
• William Gibson's blog gives way to novel writing

Thu 09.11 —
• September Ansible

• Jonathan Strahan's latest short fiction review of John Kessel's forthcoming "It's All True"

Thu 09.04 —
• Torcon3 photos from Cory Doctorow, Scott Edelman, Midamerican Fan Photo Archive, and SF Canada

SFRevu: David G. Hartwell & Kathryn Cramer's Space Opera Redefined

• Claude Lalumière launches Lost Pages

• Gabe Chouinard changes gears

Tue 08.26 —
SF Weekly's Hugo Awards Poll has been ballot-stuffed [update 09.02: 3 of 14 Hugo/Campbell results correctly predicted]

Salon: Cory Doctorow short story Truncat

Mon 08.25 —
The Infinite Matrix: Bruce Sterling retires his blog

Mon 08.18 —
Fantastic Metropolis: Jeff VanderMeer's The Physicality of Books: A Survey

Thu 07.31 —
Science Fiction Weekly's annual Hugo Awards Poll

Tue 07.29 —
RevolutionSF: critics react to Claude Lalumière's Superhero movie ratings

Fri 07.25 —
• Ellen Datlow's photos from the Stoker Awards

Thu 07.17 — Epubs
Sci Fiction: stories by Nathan Ballingrud, Mark Clifton

SF Site, mid-July: interview with John Picacio, lots of book and movie reviews

Infinite Matrix: Clarion update

Mon 07.14 — Epubs
SF Weekly: John Clute takes Margaret Atwood to task; plus Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom interviews; reviews of John Ridley and Adam Roberts

Strange Horizons : fiction by Catherine Dybiec Holm; article on orbital railroads; gallery of Jacob Wenzka art; etc.

Infinite Matrix Latest Clarion Update from Eileen Gunn and Maureen F. McHugh

Fantastic Metropolis: new Bayley-Moorcock Letters; reprints from Theodore Goss, Liz Henry

Tue 06.24 — • Chris Lawson's blog: Atwood's three-book sale not western, romance, or horror

Wed 06.18 —
Other SFFH 'zines —

SF Weekly
  • John Clute reviews Dan Simmons
  • Chelsea Quinn Yarbro interviewed

Strange Horizons
  • Steven Francis Murphy reviews Alastair Reynolds
  • Cheryl Morgan interviews M. John Harrison
  • Poetry by Bruce Boston

—06.10— • Ellen Datlow's photos from KGB, May 21

— New Links —

Sun 12.14 —
» Ellen Datlow's World Fantasy Con photos

Fri 12.12 —
The Internet Review of Science Fiction announces January 2004 debut; guidelines

L.W. Currey has several new catalogs of 19th and 20th century SF

Tue 12.09 —
• New link: small press publisher Earthling Publications

Sun 12.07 —
• John Varley has a new website

• Ellen Datlow's photos from KGB reading by Gregory Maguire & Jeff VanderMeer

Wed 11.26 —
Hellboy website has trailers (opens 4.2.04)

• Small press launch for P.J. Fischer novel includes video trailer

• Ellen Datlow's photos from KGB reading by Peter Straub & Stewart O'Nan

• New Link: Alder Hill, a fantasy community and chatroom

Tue 11.25 —
• Ellen Datlow's photos from Torcon 3 and photos from Sept. 17 KGB reading by Theodora Goss and James Patrick Kelly

Fri 11.14 —
• New Link for The Science Fiction Poetry Association

• Cold Tonnage Books' November catalogue

Wed 11.12 —
• Interesting Links: Science Fiction/Fantasy Authors of Various Faiths
• Another book search site, ChooseBooks
• New link for The Southeastern Science Fiction Achievement Award
• And for Forbidden Planet bookstore in London

• Coming Soon: The Complete Twilight Zone Scripts of Rod Serling from Gauntlet Press

Thu 10.23 —
• New Link: Hill House publisher of limited editions of Gaiman, Stephenson to become 'official' PKD site: Press release

Mon 10.20 —
• Paula Guran's forthcoming Word Book

A few new Links
ChooseBooks: Over 6 million books from 985 book sellers
Le Zombie
Astounding Science Fiction tribute site

Fri 10.10 —
• October catalog from Cold Tonnage Books (UK)

Wed 10.01 —
Assorted New Links
Bas-Lag a China Mieville message board
Fusing Horizons dark fiction for imaginative readers
The Limbonaut Lovecraft ezine
Lissner's Adventure Fiction Online [beware pop-up windows]
Queer Horror
Rambles a cultural arts ezine
Ultraverse ezine now accepting submissions
Via Galactica Croatian webzine with English content (updated URLs)
Zahir a journal of speculative fiction
artists and writers:
Judith Clute
Jon Foster
Donato Giancola
Nalo Hopkinson blog
Stephan Martiniere
Zoran Zivkovic Tue 09.02 —
• Latest Cold Tonnage catalog (single page view, big file)

Thu 08.07 —
Neil Barron writes: A 5th edition of ANATOMY OF WONDER, the standard critical guide to SF, is in preparation. I'd welcome suggestions for improvement, sent to

Mon 08.04 —
USA Today hosts live online chat with Terry Goodkind tomorrow, Tuesday 08.05 -- submit questions

• New website,, about Stan Lee and the Rise and Fall of the American Comic Book

Thu 07.24 —
Spider-Man 2 site live
• New White Dwarf catalog
• New Dune novel Bookwrap
• Emma Bull's Summer Queen's speech

Assorted new Links
Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine
Better Humans
Fantastic Literature
Green Man Review
Ursula K. Le Guin
Moo Press
Project Pulp
Science News for Kids
Word Magic

Mon 07.21 —
Cold Tonnage Books (UK mail order) June catalog

Mon 06.16—

Artist Links
  • Chris Moore illustration
  • Kenn Brown - Image of the week

a few new links...
Fantastic Literature (rare/OOP SF)
Whispers of Wickedness
   Dark atmospheric art and fiction
Agent Research


L.W. Curry's May 2003 catalog [pdf] [big file; slow load]


• New websites:
Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver
Kenji Siratori

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