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Tuesday 21 December 2004
Feature Article: Gaming the Genre by Lucius Cook
SF in video and computer games halo 2
At the moment, the biggest science fiction blockbuster is neither to be found at the movies, on the bookshelves, or on television. It's Halo 2, a video game designed by Bungie Software for Microsoft's Xbox that took in $125 million within twenty-four hours of its worldwide launch, and has since gone on to sell five million copies.
Thursday 2 December 2004
Mike Ashley writes,
Liverpool University Press would like to trace the artist Robert Adragna (or his estate) as they wish to use one of his paintings from a cover for Fantastic on the next volume of my History of the Science Fiction Magazine. Could anyone with any information please contact Andrew Kirk at Liverpool University Press at

Thursday 25 November 2004
Marty Halpern writes,
I'm trying to track down Maria Gavelis Pavlac regarding a photograph of George Alec Effinger taken by Ross Pavlac for Chicon 2000. I'm hoping that Maria reads Locus Online, or perhaps a reader knows Maria personally and can let her know of my query. I can be reached via

Saturday 20 November 2004
Feature Review: Bob Eggleton surveys 50 Years of Godzilla
On November 3rd, 2004, Godzilla — the giant Japanese monster and pop culture icon — became exactly 50 years of age... About to be unleashed is the 28th Godzilla installment, Godzilla: Final Wars, which will debut in Los Angeles at Grauman's Chinese Theater on Nov 29th, the same day that Godzilla receives his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Monday 8 November 2004
Howard Waldrop & Lawrence Person review The Incredibles
The Incredibles is the movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow wanted to be — a fully-realized, narratively-revelatory alternate-world film. The thing is as jam-packed as the Wild Cards world, or the one in Watchmen. It knows superheroes, it knows people, and it knows the difference between the high and low mimetic forms of narrative.
Wednesday 13 October 2004
Review: Howard Waldrop & Lawrence Person track down The Fabulous World of Jules Verne on DVD
fabulous verne A film Howard Waldrop has waited 44 years to see...
Zeman has kept the period feel throughout — all the futuristic inventions are 1890s projections of what planes, machine-pistols and giant cannon would look like, not what actually came to pass in the real world.
Claude Lalumière's "A Brief History of Robert Silverberg"

The Grand Master's career encompasses a "vast and intense body of work that explores the darkest emotional scars of the human psyche, combining literary innovation with some of the most deft and resonant use of classic SF tropes and themes the field has ever seen."
Friday 8 October 2004
Gregory Benford issues a Buyer Beware

Monday 20 September 2004
Review: Howard Waldrop & Lawrence Person review Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
sky captain

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow isn't a great movie. Sometimes, it isn't even a believable movie. But it sure is a swell movie.
Friday 17 September 2004
Review: Lawrence Person reviews Donnie Darko: The Director's Cut
donnie darko
A DVD cult hit and midnight movie favorite, despite (or perhaps because) no one could quite understand exactly what happened, Donnie Darko is back in movie theaters in the form of a director's cut that attempts to clarify some of the original's most puzzling points.
Friday 10 September 2004
Special Feature: Global to Local: The Social Future as seen by six SF Writers
Cory Doctorow, Pat Murphy, Kim Stanley Robinson, Norman Spinrad, Bruce Sterling, and Ken Wharton address the environment, copyright, social trends, terrorism, war, world government, and the upcoming Presidential election • Organized and with commentary by John Shirley

Tuesday 10 August 2004
Special Feature: John Joseph Adams' Audiobook Primer
snow crash audio
Locus Magazine's new audiobook reviewer provides a special-to-Locus Online Primer on audiobooks — all about formats, narrators, buying and renting options, and more
Friday 23 July 2004
Review: John Joseph Adams reviews Audiobooks
king audio
Locus Magazine's first quarterly audiobooks review column is reprinted here with links to audio excerpts.
Saturday 17 July 2004
Feature Review: Gary Westfahl reviews I, Robot
i robot
In this film, destroying any hopes for a truly Asimovian story, Spooner just pulls out his gun and starts blasting robots in the head. [... Yet...] There are fleeting glimpses of a certain intelligence at work, suggesting that the screenwriters and director might have been capable of doing a decent job of adapting Asimov if they had wanted to.
Saturday 10 July 2004
Feature Review: Summer Reading
Jeff VanderMeer has suggestions at the edges of genre... warren ellis

Books by Erik Orsenna, Redmond O'Hanlon, DBC Pierre, Clare Dudman, Yehuda Koren & Eilat Negev, D.M. Mitchell, and Iain Banks

Tuesday 29 June 2004
Feature Review: Ellis's Wonderlands
Claude Lalumière explores the works of Warren Ellis warren ellis
Throughout his various works Ellis has, more than any other comics writer working in English, shown himself to be a serious speculative writer, brimming with intriguing and resonant ideas about the effects of technology on consciousness and culture and prone to articulate his vision via multiple sciencefictional subgenres.

Friday 11 June 2004
Feature Article: Letter from Brno
David Herter explores music and science fiction, Leos Janacek and Karel Capek
Special Feature: Connie Willis' Novelette Aria
The Key

Friday 4 June 2004
Responses to yesterday's story query

Thursday 3 June 2004
A reader tries to identify a story read long ago

Wednesday 2 June 2004
Feature Review: Manga: Another SF/F Trend Missed by SF/F?
futurama Cynthia Ward explains manga — what is it, why you should care
It's fun to read, and it's a fine source of fresh SF/F. So let's imagine we've already had the conversation you've had with mundane family and friends about how SF is actually a serious literature, and isn't like those crappy TV shows. Just replace the term "SF" with "manga."

Saturday 29 May 2004
Claude Lalumière, Barry N. Malzberg

Monday 24 May 2004
Special Feature: Connie Willis' Novelette Aria
Introduction to the presentation of the Nebula Award for Best Novelette, 17 April 2004, in Seattle

Monday 26 April 2004
Feature Review: Hey Sexy Mama, Wanna Kill All Humans?"
futurama Lucius Cook looks back at Futurama, the greatest SF show you've never seen.
More than just a funny show, it's one of the smartest and most assured genre series ever produced, with a solid grasp not only on the conventions of SF but one that employs them with an easy familiarity. In terms of sensibility, it's almost without precedent: an SF show that's accessible to everybody, yet at heart a show for fans, created by fans.

Sunday 25 April 2004
Letter from Neil Barron
Help requested identifying websites for listing in the 5th edition of Anatomy of Wonder

Thursday 1 April 2004

April 1st Special Reports

Awards, Awards —
Hugo Awards to be Renamed, Constant Winners Retired by L. Ron Creepweans
SFWA Announces "Permanent Rolling Eligibility" for Nebula by McClain Wahewski

Reading and Reviewing —
Justice Department to Form National Book Club by Paoli du Flippi
Review of The Einstein Code by Ben Gory Gerdorf
Amazon To Create New Site For Self-Reviewing by Paoli du Flippi

Imaginary Worlds —
WotC: Imaginary Worlds to Unite by Ferje Vedfamner
Heinlein, Dick, Bradbury and Others To Become "Imaginary" by Jacky Telemark Lisp
Wed 10 Mar 2004
Feature Essay: Publishing in the Future
Sean Wallace explores the the place of Print-On-Demand in the publishing universe

Wed 25 Feb 2004
Special correspondent Paoli du Flippi describes an exciting new publishing venture: Inside/Outside magazine

Fri 20 Feb 2004
The Best of 1953

Rich Horton surveys potential Retro Hugo nominees, and names favorites by Isaac Asimov, Charles Harness, Damon Knight, and James Blish

Mon 9 Feb 2004

Cynthia Ward's favorites books of 2003 are by Elizabeth Moon, M. Christian, Patricia A. McKillip, Ursula K. Le Guin, and Nalo Hopkinson

Review — Thu 15 Jan 2004

Claude Lalumière selects his favorite books from 2003

Review — Thu 18 Dec 2003
Claude Lalumière reviews books by Philip Baruth, Norman Spinrad, and Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill

Letters — Thu 18 Dec 2003
From Per Jacobsen, Barry N. Malzberg, Al Sarrantonio

Review — Wed 10 Dec 2003
John Shirley reviews The Return of the King
It's true that with many scenes what Jackson is offering is not quite Tolkien — but something merely Tolkienesque. That was inevitable. But we're not likely to feel Jackson has shorted us — he has sincerely tried to bring us The Lord of the Rings and he has succeeded with much of this imperfect but wonderful film.

Review — Thu 4 Dec 2003
David Herter looks at "Six Operas that Came Close"
Some good and even brilliant SF-and-Fantasy-tinged operas did get made in the 20th century, somewhat off the radar.

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