Spectrum 25 Awards Finalists

Locus Magazine, Science Fiction FantasyThe 2018 Spectrum Awards finalists have been announced.


  • “ComicBase 2018”, Laurel Blechman
  • “The Night Mare”, Brom
  • “Mixc World Launch”, Victo Ngai
  • “Moonrise”, Greg Ruth
  • “SK2 cosmetics packaging and POP project”, Yuko Shimizu


  • “Red Rising”, Tommy Arnold
  • “A Girl & Her Friends”, Wesley Burt
  • “Heading Home”, Gregory Manchess
  • “The Old Man and the Forest”, Petar Meseldzija
  • “Serving Fish”, Victo Ngai


  • Castle in the Stars, Book 2, pages 60-61, Alex Alice
  • Ugly Cinderwench and the Very Angry Ghost, page 3, Xaviere Daumarie
  • Hellboy: Into the Silent Sea, page 11, Gary Gianni
  • “Kratos”, Erik Gist
  • Shirtless Bear Fighter #4, variant cover, Paolo Rivera

Concept Art

  • “Transformers 5 Canopy”, Wesley Burt
  • “Okoye and Nakia the Dora Milaje”, Anthony Francisco
  • “Ganesh Gangis”, Te Hu
  • “Geisha Interior”, Nick Keller
  • “Battlefield Scene”, Wangjie Li


  • “Statue of Peace”, Akihito
  • “I’ll Need Entire Cities to Replace You”, Jessica Dalva
  • “Cthulhu”, DopePope
  • “Life and Death”, Patrick Masson
  • “Octopoid Descending”, Forest Rogers


  • “My Whereabouts”, Edward Kinsella
  • “The Rise”, Yoann Lossel
  • “Sports”, Victo Ngai
  • “Nothing to See Here”, Tim O’Brien
  • “Unconventional Way”, Yuko Shimizu


  • “Moaning Wall”, Piotr Jabłoński
  • “Stasis”, Seb McKinnon
  • “Three Color Trilogy: Blue”, Victo Ngai
  • “Vraska, Relic Seeker”, Chris Rahn
  • “Dinosaur Hunter”, Tianhua X


  • “Dim Stars: Firing Back”, Scott Bakal
  • “Whirlpool”, Andrew Hem
  • “Ella Standing Between the Earth and Sky”, Howard Lyon
  • “Tip of the Spear”, Michael MacRae
  • “Star Wars Triptych”, Iain McCaig

Gold and silver medal winners in each category will be announced at the Spectrum 25 Awards Ceremony, May 5, 2018, at the Brookledge Theater in Los Angeles CA. The 2018 Spectrum Grand Master Award honoree will also be announced during the ceremony. For more information, including images of the nominated art, see the Flesk and Spectrum Fantastic Art blog.

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