2016 Seiun Awards Nominees

The 55th Japan Science Fiction Convention has announced the 2016 Seiun Awards finalists (the Japanese equivalent to the Hugo Awards), honoring the best original and translated works published last year in Japan. The nominees for translated works are:

Best Translated Novel

Best Translated Story

  • “Beautiful Boys”, Theodora Goss, translated by Jun Suzuki (Hayakawa SF 12/15)
  • “The Road of Needles”, Caitlín R. Kiernan, translated by Jun Suzuki (Hayakawa SF 8/15)
  • “White Sin, Now”, Tanith Lee, translated by Izumi Ichida (Hayakawa SF 10/15)
  • “Mask”, Stanislaw Lem, translated by Koichi Hisayama (Short Best 10: Stanislaw Lem Collection)
  • “Good Hunting”, Ken Liu, translated by Furusawa Yoshimidori (The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories)
  • “Alfred’s Ark”, Jack Vance, translated by Toru Nakamura (18 Strange Stories of the Corner Bookstore)
  • “Relays and Roses”, Gene Wolfe, translated by Takao Miyawaki (Book of Days)

There are also nominees in Japanese Novel, Japanese Story, Dramatic Presentation, Comics, Art, and Non-Fiction categories. A complete list of nominees (in Japanese) is available at the Nihon SF Taikai website.

Winners will be announced at IseshimaKon, the 55th Japan SF convention, on July 9, 2016 in Toba, Mie Prefecture, Japan.