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ADVISORY: WE DO NOT SOLICIT MODELS. There is an Italian photographer falsely claiming to be working for Locus. Ilaria Ricci is NOT associated with the magazine or site.

Address: Locus Publications
655 13th St. #100
Oakland CA 94612

Phone: 510-339-9196

You can send news tips, corrections to the site, queries about pitches, advertising, subscription problems, etc. to our email. We do not accept submissions of fiction (we are non-fiction only) and almost all of our content is created by our house writers.

If you would like to have your magazine, book, or other publication considered for review in Locus magazine, please see our review submission guidelines.

Get your title listed in the magazine:

Print submissions are strongly preferred. We list all SF/F/H final copies received, both print and ebook editions, in the magazine’s Books Received section. Only final print copies are considered for our monthly New & Notable recommendations and our annual Recommended Reading List. When possible, please send two copies of print submissions to maximize reviewer exposure.

We definitely want young adult titles! As a guideline, we’re looking for titles appropriate for 14 and up. We don’t generally run middle-grade titles. When in doubt, send it.

For audiobooks and magazines, please see our review submission guidelines.

Email press releases, notifications of epublications, etc., should be sent to