Science Fiction Names for Features of Charon

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The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has announced a list of approved names for features on Pluto’s largest moon, Charon. The list includes mountains named after Octavia E. Butler and Arthur C. Clarke, as well as craters named for characters in works by L. Frank Baum, Stanislaw Lem, and Jules Verne.

The names were proposed by NASA’s New Horizons team which conducted the first survey of Charon in 2015. The full list of approved names is:

  • Argo Chasma
  • Butler Mons
  • Caleuche Chasma
  • Clarke Montes
  • Dorothy Crater
  • Kubrick Mons
  • Mandjet Chasma
  • Nasreddin Crater
  • Nemo Crater
  • Pirx Crater
  • Revati Crater
  • Sadko Crater

For more information, see the IAU website.

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