Black Lives Matter

We stand with those who are fighting back against systemic oppression, injustice, and violence against the Black community.

The stories we tell and share can help us to envision better futures, and indeed a better now, and we want to be a part of that work. We have worked toward becoming a more inclusive magazine over the past decade, but we have not done enough, and in this way we have continued to perpetuate inherited systems of inequality. In the US, in publishing, in the SF/F community, and within our own organization, more needs to be done.

We are committed to making changes, and are making some of these changes immediately.

-We are donating 40 digital year-long subscriptions to Black writers who have not yet met the SFWA qualifying requirements. We want to welcome new Black writers into the SF/F community, and give them access to the resources and information available in Locus as the magazine of record for the field. Sign up for that here.

-We were actively seeking new reviewers, and encouraged Black and Indigenous applicants, as well as individuals from other marginalized communities. We received 61 applications during our open window. The response was wonderful! We are currently wrapping up Locus Awards tasks and putting the August issue together! We’ve begun preliminary rounds, sorting through and carefully considering each applicant. We’ll make decisions mid-August and will send out notices then.

If you don’t get the reviewer position, keep looking for the right fit. Don’t self-reject; reach for your goals in publishing!

For writers and industry folk, SFWA, HWA, the Submission Grinder, our own Magazine Summary, and more are great resources to read or get involved in SFF publishing.

-We will be offering two free online half-box ads on our site to Black-led and/or anti-racist SF/F organizations for the remainder of the year. We will conduct outreach to potential organizations. To make suggestions, please email:, to editor-in-chief Liza Trombi with the subject line: Half-Box Ad Suggestion

-We are offering two scholarship seats each to our next three writing workshops to Black and Indigenous participants, provided the workshop meets our minimal requirements for remaining open. Sign up on the list for seats here.

We will continue to educate ourselves in how best to serve our communities with equity. We believe in a more just future, for everyone. We will strive to do better. #blacklivesmatter


If you are looking for ways to help, SFWA has reading resources and SF/F specific donations sites, and NYMag has a well-researched list of general donation sites, and of course the Black Lives Matter site is full of resources.