Issue 691 Table of Contents, August 2018

Locus 691, August 2018The August issue features interviews with Martha Wells and Curtis Chen; appreciations for Harlan Ellison; obituaries for Eugene E. Olson and Clive King; a column by Kameron Hurley; the World Fantasy Award Finalists; the winners of the CampbellSturgeonClarkeShirley JacksonGemmell, and Prometheus awards; convention reports from the Locus Awards Weekend and Readercon 29; reports on international SF in Scotland and China; and reviews of short fiction and books by Brian McClellan, P. Djèlí Clark, Nancy Springer, Kaaron Warren, and many others.

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August 2018 • Issue 691 • Vol. 81 • No. 2
51st Year of Publication • 30-Time Hugo Winner
Cover and Interview Designs by Francesca Myman

Martha Wells: Unburied Future / 12
Curtis Chen: Act Out / 32

Harlan Ellison (1934 – 2018) • Appreciations by Robert Silverberg, Terry Dowling, Lisa Tuttle, George R.R. Martin, Tim Powers, John Pelan, Gregory Benford, Preston Grassmann, Carol Cooper, and James Frenkel • 2018 World Fantasy Awards Nominations • Walton Wins Campbell, Anders Wins Sturgeon • Charnock Wins Clarke Award • Shirley Jackson Awards Winners • Gemmell Awards Winners • Prometheus Awards Winners

Le Guin Memorial • Dozois Memorial • The New Academy Prize • Díaz News • 2018 Endeavour Award Finalists • British Fantasy Awards Shortlist • “Kid Lit Says No Kids in Cages” Campaign • Frankenbook • Awards News • Legal News • Announcements • World Conventions News • Publishing News • Financial News • International Rights • Other Rights • Audiobooks Received • Publications Received

Notes on milestones, awards, books sold, etc., with news this issue about Frank M. Robinson, J.K. Rowling, Brandon Sanderson, Cixin Liu, Jeff VanderMeer, Elizabeth Bear, and many others

Photo Story: 2018 Taos Toolbox / 9 Commentary: Kameron Hurley: So You Still Have a Day Job…. / 31 2018 Locus Survey Results / 44 Photo Story: CSSF YA Novel Writing Workshop / 69

Locus Awards Weekend / 6 Readercon 29 / 43

SF in Scotland / 66 SF in China / 67 Danzhai SF Camp / 68

Magazines Received: June / 47 Books Received: June / 48 British Books Received: May / 58 Bestsellers / 60

Eugene E. Olson • Clive King

Moving • Harlan Ellison® • Locus Awards • This Issue/Next Issue


Short Fiction Reviews by Rich Horton / 14
The Paris Review Summer ’18; New Yorker 6/4-11/18; Asimov’s 7-8/18; Analog 7-8/18; Artificial Condition, Martha Wells; Twelve Tomorrows, Wade Roush, ed.

Short Fiction Reviews by Karen Burnham / 15
Clarkesworld 6/18; Shimmer 7/18; Strange Horizons 6/2/18 – 8/20/18; 6/6/18; Augur 6/18; Apex 6/18; Fireside Fiction 6/18; GigaNotoSaurus 6/18; Lightspeed 7/18.

Short Fiction Reviews by Paula Guran / 17
Shimmer 5/18; Uncanny 5-6/18; Black Static 5-6/18; Nightmare 7/18; The Dark 6/18; Dark Discoveries Spring ’18.

Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe / 18
Ahab’s Return, Jeffrey Ford; Irontown Blues, John Varley; All I Ever Dreamed, Michael Blumlein; Thoreau’s Microscope, Michael Blumlein; An Informal History of the Hugos: A Personal Look Back at the Hugo Awards, 1953-2000, Jo Walton.

Reviews by Liz Bourke / 20
Adrift, Rob Boffard; Furyborn, Claire Legrand; War Cry, Brian McClellan; The Black God’s Drums, P. Djèlí Clark.

Reviews by John Langan / 22
Apart in the Dark: Novellas, Ania Ahlborn; Spectral Evidence, Gemma Files; Halcyon, Rio Youers.

Reviews by Adrienne Martini / 24
Leech Girl Lives, Rick Claypool; The Fated Sky, Mary Robinette Kowal; Clockwork Boys, T. Kingfisher; The Wonder Engine, T. Kingfisher; The Expert System’s Brother, Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Reviews by Lila Garrott / 25
Foundryside, Robert Jackson Bennett; The Oddling Prince, Nancy Springer.

Reviews by Ian Mond / 26
The Gone Away Place, Christopher Barzak; The Outsider, Stephen King; I Still Dream, James Smythe; Tide of Stone, Kaaron Warren.

Reviews by Divers Hands: Paula Guran, Paul Kincaid, Colleen Mondor, Arley Sorg / 26
Low Chicago, George R.R. Martin & Melinda M. Snodgrass, eds.; Haven, Adam Roberts; Half-Witch, John Schoffstall; My Plain Jane, Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton & Jodi Meadows; Dread Nation, Justina Ireland.

Terry Bisson: This Month in History / 14, 19, 21, 23

Magazines reviewed in this issue (indicating reviewer)—

Analog 7-8/18 (Rich Horton)
Apex 6/18 (Karen Burnham)
Asimov’s 7-8/18 (Rich Horton)
Augur 6/18 (Karen Burnham)
Black Static 5-6/18 (Paula Guran)
Clarkesworld 6/18 (Karen Burnham)
The Dark 6/18 (Paula Guran)
Dark Discoveries Spring ’18 (Paula Guran)
Fireside Fiction 6/18 (Karen Burnham)
GigaNotoSaurus 6/18 (Karen Burnham)
Lightspeed 7/18 (Karen Burnham)
New Yorker 6/4-11/18 (Rich Horton)
Nightmare 7/18 (Paula Guran)
The Paris Review Summer ’18 (Rich Horton)
Shimmer 5/18 (Paula Guran)
Shimmer 7/18 (Karen Burnham)
Strange Horizons 6/2/18 – 8/20/18 (Karen Burnham) 6/6/18 (Karen Burnham)
Uncanny 5-6/18 (Paula Guran)

Books reviewed in this issue (indicating reviewer)—
Ahlborn, Ania • Apart in the Dark: Novellas (John Langan)
Barzak, Christopher • The Gone Away Place (Ian Mond)
Bennett, Robert Jackson • Foundryside (Lila Garrott)
Blumlein, Michael • All I Ever Dreamed (Gary K. Wolfe)
Blumlein, Michael • Thoreau’s Microscope (Gary K. Wolfe)
Boffard, Rob • Adrift (Liz Bourke)
Clark, P. Djéli • The Black God’s Drums (Liz Bourke)
Claypool, Rick • Leech Girl Lives (Adrienne Martini)
Files, Gemma • Spectral Evidence (John Langan)
Ford, Jeffrey • Ahab’s Return: or, The Last Voyage (Gary K. Wolfe)
Hand, Cynthia, & Brodi Ashton • My Plain Jane (Colleen Mondor)
Ireland, Justina • Dread Nation (Arley Sorg)
King, Stephen • The Outsider (Ian Mond)
Kingfisher, T. • Clockwork Boys (Adrienne Martini)
Kingfisher, T. • The Wonder Engine (Adrienne Martini)
Kowal, Mary Robinette • The Fated Sky (Adrienne Martini)
Legrand, Claire • Furyborn (Liz Bourke)
Martin, George R.R., ed. • Wild Cards: Low Chicago (Paula Guran)
McClellan, Brian • War Cry (Liz Bourke)
Roberts, Adam • Haven (Paul Kincaid)
Roush, Wade, ed. • Twelve Tomorrows (Rich Horton)
Schoffstall, John • Half-Witch (Colleen Mondor)
Smythe, James • I Still Dream (Ian Mond)
Springer, Nancy • The Oddling Prince (Lila Garrott)
Tchaikovsky, Adrian • The Expert System’s Brother (Adrienne Martini)
Varley, John • Irontown Blues (Gary K. Wolfe)
Walton, Jo • An Informal History of the Hugos (Gary K. Wolfe)
Warren, Kaaron • Tide of Stone (Ian Mond)
Wells, Martha • Artificial Condition (Rich Horton)
Youers, Rio • Halcyon (John Langan)

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