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Wednesday 28 February 2001
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24 Feb

News Log Le Guin, Dale, Pullman win awards;

Wilson Tucker tribute planned; Richard Laymon dies;

Robert Sheckley named SFWA Author Emeritus;

US Navy Heinlein Chair; Rick Shelley dies;

Philip José Farmer named SFWA Grand Master
4 Feb

Clarke Award, British SF Award shortlists
1 Feb

Gordon R. Dickson, 1923 - 2001
13 Jan

2000 Philip K. Dick Award Nominees

Recommended Reading 2000
26 Feb

Field Inspections [SFFH reviews/articles in general publications]

Wolfe, Powers, Searcy, King, Pullman, Moore/O'Neill
23 Feb

Skiffy Flix What the critics are saying about Monkeybone
14 Jan

Best Short Fiction of 2000 selected by Mark R. Kelly
14 Dec

Best Books of 2000 selected by Jonathan Strahan
14 Dec

Short Fiction Reviews by F. Brett Cox

Links Portal

Media Refractions [SF, Film, and TV]

Simon Magus, AI, Robert Enrico, Stanley Kramer, Hannibal

Aether Vibrations [Science, fiction, and points in between]

Science, faith, superstition; editing, reviewing, writing

2000 Books Index
26 Feb

Bestsellers — SFFH books on general lists: McCaffrey in UK
23 Feb

SFFH Books — New books by Broderick, O'Leary, Stableford
23 Feb

Magazines — New in February
23 Feb

E-Publications — New in February

Classified Ads
12 Feb

Letters Malcolm Edwards, Dennis Lein
17 Oct

Editorial Referendum Survey Results, Part II: Comments, Plans
9 Oct

Editorial Referendum Survey Results

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