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This page last updated 16 May 2001

Feb 2: Left Behind -- d. Victor Sarin. Based on the popular apocalyptic fantasy series by Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins; released first on video this year, in theaters next year. website | IMDb

Feb 9: Hannibal -- d. Ridley Scott; st. Anthony Hopkins, Julianne Moore. From Thomas Harris's novel, follow-up to "The Silence of the Lambs". website | IMDb

Feb 23: Monkeybone -- d. Henry Selick; wr. Sam Hamm, based on Kaja Blackley's Dark Town comic book; st. Brendan Fraser, Whoopi Goldberg. A cartoonist is trapped in a fantasy world of his own creation. website | IMDb

Mar 2: The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick -- Limited release documentary/interview with the late SF writer.

Mar 9: Simon Magus -- wr./d. Ben Hopkins; st. Noah Taylor, Ian Holm, Rutger Hauer. A boy flees a 19th-century European village whose residents believe him possessed by the Devil. IMDb

Mar 30: Spy Kids -- d. Robert Rodriguez; wr. Robert Rodriguez; st. Antonio Banderas, George Clooney, Alan Cumming. website | IMDb

Apr 6: Just Visiting -- d. Jean-Marie Poire. Remake of popular French comedy about two 12th century Frenchman transported to present-day Chicago. website | IMDb

May 4: The Mummy Returns -- wr./d. Stephen Sommers; st. Brendan Fraser. Sequel. website | IMDb

May 16: Shrek -- d. Andrew Adamson & Vicky Jenson; wr. Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Roger S.H. Schulman, Joe Stillman; st. Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Camerorn Diaz (voices). Animated satire (directed at Disney) about an ogre and a princess; based on a William Steig storybook; state of the art computer animation. (DreamWorks) website | IMDb

May 18: Angel Eyes -- d. Luis Mandoki; wr. Gerald Di Pego; st. Jennifer Lopez, Jim Caviezel. Chicago policewoman romances strange man who saves her life; maybe it's supernatural, maybe not. website | IMDb

May 18: Moulin Rouge -- d. Baz Luhrmann; wr. Baz Luhrmann, Craig Pearce; st. Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor. Musical set in 19th century Paris; an attempt to revive the form; mixed reception at Cannes. (Fox) website | IMDb

May 25: Pearl Harbor -- d. Michael Bay; wr. Randall Wallace; st. Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale, Cuba Gooding Jr. Big budget event pic about the Japanese attack on Hawaii -- from the director of the mostly reviled Armageddon. (Touchstone) website | IMDb

Jun 8: Atlantis: The Lost Empire -- d. Gary Trousedale & Kirk Wise; wr. Tab Murphy; st. Michael J. Fox, James Garner, Jim Varney, Leonard Nimoy (voices). Latest animation from Disney. (Disney) website | IMDb

Jun 8: Evolution -- d. Ivan Reitman; wr. Don Jakoby, David Diamond, David Weissman; st. David Duchovny, Julianne Moore, Orlando Jones. SF comedy about aftermath of a meteor strike on Earth; heavily rewritten; cartoon spin-off already in development. (DreamWorks) website | IMDb

Jun 15: Tomb Raider -- d. Simon West; wr. Patrick Massett, John Zinman, Simon West; st. Angelina Jolie, John Voigt. Adaptation of popular video game. (Paramount) website | IMDb

Jun 22: Dr. Doolittle 2 -- d. Steve Carr; wr. Larry Levin; st. Eddie Murphy. Sequel. (Fox) website | IMDb

Jun 29: A.I. -- d. Steven Spielberg; wr. Steven Spielberg, Ian Watson, Brian Aldiss; st. Jude Law, Haley Joel Osment. Spielberg's production of Stanley Kubrick's uncompleted project, from a short story by Brian Aldiss. website | IMDb

Jul 4: Cats & Dogs -- d. Larry Guterman; wr. John Requa, Glenn Ficarra; st. Jeff Goldblum; voices of Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon. Live action/CGI hybrid about the war between felines and canines. (Warner Bros.) website | IMDb

Jul 4: Scary Movie 2 -- d. Keenen Ivory Wayans; wr. Shawn Wayans, et al; st. Tim Curry, Chris Elliott, Tori Spelling. Sequel. (Dimension) IMDb

Jul 11: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within -- d. Hironobu Sakaguchi; wr. Al Reinart & Jeff Vintar; st. Ming-Na, Alec Baldwin, Donald Sutherland, James Woods, Ving Rhames (voices). Computer-game adaptation with the latest CGI animation -- the latest step in replacing actors with virtual actors. (Columbia) website | IMDb

Jul 18: Jurassic Park III -- d. Joe Johnston; wr. Peter Buchman; st. Sam Neill, William H. Macy, Tea Leoni, Laura Dern. Sequel. (Universal) website | IMDb

Jul 27: Planet of the Apes -- d. Tim Burton; wr. William Broyles Jr., Lawrence Konner, Mark D. Rosenthal; st. Mark Wahlberg, Kris Kristofferson, Tim Roth, Helena Bonham Carter. New version -- not a remake, the director insists -- of the 1968 Charlton Heston film; hugely expensive. (Fox) website | IMDb

Aug 10: Osmosis Jones -- d. Peter & Bobby Farrelly; wr. Marc Hyman; st. Bill Murray. Live action/animation about virus vs. cops inside Bill Murray's blood stream; gross-out comedy meets Fantastic Voyage. (Warner Bros.) website | IMDb

Aug 10: The Others -- wr./d. Alejandro Amenábar; st. Nicole Kidman, Fionulla Flanagan, Alakina Mann, James Bentley. Atmospheric thriller about a woman and her two children in a haunted house off the coast of England. website | IMDb

Aug 24: The Curse of the Jade Scorpion -- wr./d. Woody Allen; st. Woody Allen, Helen Hunt, Charlize Theron, Dan Aykroyd. 1940s period comedy involving an insurance investigator whose mind is invaded by a thief's. (DreamWorks) website | IMDb

Aug 24: Ghosts of Mars -- d. John Carpenter; wr. Larry Sulkis, John Carpenter; st. Ice Cube, Natasha Henstridge. Mars colonists are possessed by Martian ghosts. (Screen Gems) website | IMDb

Aug 24: Happy Accidents -- wr./d. Brad Anderson; st. Marisa Tomei, Vincent D'Onofrio. Woman dates a guy who claims he's from the future; opening only in New York. (IFC Films) IMDb

Aug 31: Jeepers Creepers -- wr./d. Victor Salva; st. Gina Phillips, Justin Long. Thriller about a road trip and a supernatural force. (United Artists) website | IMDb

Sep 7: Soul Survivors -- wr./d. Steve Carpenter; st. Wes Bentley, Casey Affleck, Eliza Dushku. Supernatural thriller; much-delayed (partly to reduce the rating from R to PG-13), which is never a good sign. website | IMDb

Sep 28: Hearts in Atlantis -- d. Scott Hicks; wr. William Goldman, based on the novel by Stephen King; st. Anthony Hopkins, Hope Davis, David Morse. A young boy is befriended by a mysterious boarder. website | IMDb

Oct 12: Mulholland Drive -- wr./d. David Lynch; st. Justin Theroux, Naomi Watts, Laura Elena Harring. David Lynch weirdness about two women in LA; won him Best Director at Cannes. website | IMDb

Oct 19: From Hell -- d. Albert & Allen Hughes; wr. Terry Hayes, Rafael Yglesias; based on graphic novel by Alan Moore & Eddie Campbell; st. Johnny Depp, Heather Graham, Ian Holm. The hunt for Jack the Ripper. website | IMDb

Oct 26: 13 Ghosts -- d. Steve Beck; wr. Todd Alcott, Richard D'Ovidio, James Gunn, Neal Stevens; st. Tony Shalhoub, Shannon Elizabeth, F. Murray Abraham. Remake of 1960 William Castle thriller. IMDb

Oct 26: K-PAX -- d. Iain Softley; wr. Bryant Goluboff, Charles Leavitt, based on novel by Gene Brewer; st. Jeff Bridges, Kevin Spacey. A man who claims to be from another planet is sent to a mental hospital. website | IMDb

Nov 2: Monsters, Inc. -- d. Pete Docter; wr. Andrew Stanton; st. voices of John Goodman, Billy Crystal, James Coburn. Pixar animation about monsters that inhabit kids' closets. website | IMDb

Nov 2: The One -- d. James Wong; wr. Glen Morgan, James Wong; st. Jet Li. Jet Li fights the Jet Li from an alternate universe. IMDb

Nov 16: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone -- d. Chris Columbus; wr. Steven Kloves, based on novel by J.K. Rowling; st. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, Maggie Smith. Need you ask?. website | IMDb

Dec 14: Vanilla Sky -- wr./d. Cameron Crowe; st. Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Jason Lee. Remake of Open Your Eyes (first film of The Others director Alejandro Amenabar). IMDb

Dec 19: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring -- d. Peter Jackson; wr. Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens; st. Elijah Wood, Ian Holm, Ian McKellen, Christopher Lee. First part of ambitious adaptation of Tolkien's trilogy, to be released in yearly installments. (New Line) website | IMDb

Dec 21: Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius -- d. John A. Davis. Kiddie animation about a boy and his robot dog rocketing into space to defeat evil. IMDb

Dec 21: The Majestic -- d. Frank Darabont; wr. Michael Sloane; st. Jim Carrey. Capra-inspired story of blacklisted 1951 screenwriter who loses his memory and is mistaken for someone else in a small town. IMDb

Dec 25: A Beautiful Mind -- d. Ron Howard; wr. Akiva Goldsman, based on nonfiction by Sylvia Nasar; st. Russell Crowe, Ed Harris. Biopic about schizophrenic mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr. IMDb

Dec 25: Impostor -- d. Gary Fleder; wr. Caroline Case, Ehren Kruger, David Twohy, Scott Rosenberg; st. Gary Sinise, Vincent D'Onofrio. Based on the Philip K. Dick story. IMDb

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