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Complete listings by Host | by Author | by Date from 1 December

New Listings 19 December 2001:
Philadelphia Fantastic readings in coming months will be by Darrell Schweitzer (Jan), Mindy Klasky (Feb), Michael Swanwick (Mar), and others; note the events' new site
Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego CA) hosts Dennis McKiernan, Glen David Gold, David Brin, Robin Hobb in January
Robert J. Sawyer is at Bakka SF Books in Toronto, 25 Jan, for the launch of his new collection Iterations

New Listings 7 December 2001:
Troy Denning signs his Star Wars novel tomorrow, 2 places in Wisconsin
Walter H. Hunt signs The Dark Wing (Tor, Dec 2001) tomorrow in Massachusetts and the following Saturday in Maine
Michael Moorcock signs in Austin TX, 15 Dec
Next April Jonathan Lethem and Karen Joy Fowler read at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, part of the Bankhead Visiting Writers Series, with a party after the event hosted by Sydney and Andy Duncan

New Listings 28 November 2001:
Richard Lupoff appears around the San Francisco Bay Area, Dec 1, 8, and 13
Borderlands Books (San Francisco CA) hosts a panel discussion, The History of the Lord of the Rings, on 2 Dec, with David Bratman and other Tolkien experts
The following week Borderlands hosts the authors and artist of 4 x 4, and Gene O'Neill signs Ghosts, Spirits, Computers, and World Machines
Then on 8 Dec, Borderlands hosts Pat Murphy.

New Listings 21 November 2001:
Dark Delicacies in Burbank CA hosts a Christ-mass Horror signing, 1 Dec, with Stephen Jones, Jo Fletcher, Dennis Etchison, Janet Berliner and others
Connie Willis, John E. Stith, Sarah A. Hoyt and others sign at the Denver Book Mall, 8-9 Dec
Kathleen Ann Goonan speaks on "The Biological Century and the Future of Science Fiction", 13 Dec at the Library of Congress

New Listings 15 November 2001:
Reposted event: Connie Willis, Nancy Kress, and Sheila Williams sign in New York City, next Monday 19 November, to raise funds for Harlem Elementary school PS 149/207
Brenda Clough and Harvey Jacobs read at the KGB Bar in NYC, 19 Dec
Marc Scott Zicree & Barbara Hambly, Michael A. Stackpole, and Vernor Vinge sign in San Diego in Dec
Locus photographer Beth Gwinn chats online on Cybling tonight, 15 Nov
Walter Mosley, Nalo Hopkinson, David Brin, Jack McDevitt and others chat on's Analog/Asimov's chat this month through January

New Listings 4 November 2001:
Alice Borchardt signs in Texas, 10 Nov.
Harlan Ellison appears in Escondido CA, 15 Nov.
Jonathan Lethem & Carter Scholz sign in Berkeley, 8 Nov.
Paul Brandon reads in New York City, 12 Nov.
Walter Mosley signs in San Diego, 18 Nov.
Clive Barker signs in Berkeley, 30 Nov.
Greg Bear and Carter Scholz sign in San Francisco, Jan. and Feb. 2002

New Listings 22 October 2001:
Philadelphia Fantastic presents Catherine Asaro, 26 October
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro signs in Arizona, 8 and 11 November
Connie Willis, Nancy Kress, and Sheila Williams sign A Woman's Liberation in New York City, 19 November
Walter Mosley signs in San Diego, 12 November

New Listings 14 October 2001:
Keith Hartman and Douglas Clegg appear in San Francisco, 20 and 21 October
Stephen Jones, Gwyneth Jones, Paul McAuley and others appear for a pre-Halloween signing at Forbidden Planet in London, 27 October
Sheree Thomas and Andrea Hairston present an SF play, "Hummingbird Flying Backwards" with a 9-member cast, 12 November at Dixon Place in NYC
Later guests at Dixon Place: Walter Mosley and Paul Levinson, 10 Dec; Paul Di Filippo and Scott Edelman, 14 January '02

New Listings 7 October 2001:
Tony Daniel and Wil McCarthy read at the KGB Bar in New York, 17 October









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