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Best Books of 2000


These are the SFFH books listed among the best of 2000 by three or more of the following non-Locus sources: (amz), (amzuk), (bn), Borders, Entertainment Weekly (et), January (jan), Los Angeles Times Book Review (lat), The New York Times Book Review (nyt), People Weekly, Publishers Weekly (pw), Rocky Mountain News (rmn), San Francisco Chronicle (sf), Science Fiction Chronicle (sfc), Time Magazine, Village Voice Literary Supplement (vv), and Washington Post Book World (wp). List categories are indicates after the '/'; sf=science fiction; h=horror; etc. Links to online lists are given below. (Tally last updated Thu 15 Feb 2001.)

SF, Fantasy, Horror Books


  • Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: amz/childrens, nyt/childrens, amzuk/overall, pw/childrens, lat/fiction, borders, people, jan


  • Le Guin, The Telling: sf/sf, amz/sf, pw/sf, lat/fiction, bn/sf, borders, sfc


  • Danielewski, House of Leaves: amz/h, nyt/notable, wp/fiction, pw/fic, jan


  • Benford, Eater: amz/sf2, wp/sf, pw/sf, sfc
  • Crowley, Daemonomania: amz/sf, wp/clute, pw/sf, bn/sf
  • Goonan, Crescent City Rhapsody: amz/sf, bn/sf, borders, sfc
  • Joyce, Indigo: sf/sf, nyt/sf, bn/h/thrillers, sfc
  • Morrell, Black Evening -- amz/h, bn/h, rmn, sfc
  • Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant: sf/sf, wp/fiction, pw/sf, bn/sf
  • Pullman, The Amber Spyglass: sf/sf, amz/sf/childrens/teens, wp/clute, amzuk/overall
  • Sawyer, Calculating God: bn/sf, borders, rmn, sfc
  • Straub, Magic Terror: sf/sf, amz/h, wp/suspense, bn/h


  • Baxter, Manifold: Time -- wp/sf, borders, sfc
  • Clarke/Baxter, The Light of Other Days -- pw/sf, bn/sf, sfc
  • Haydon, Prophecy: amz/sf2, bn/sf, borders
  • Hopkinson, Midnight Robber -- nyt/sf, pw/sf, sfc
  • Laymon, The Traveling Vampire Show -- pw/sf, rmn, sfc
  • Martin, A Storm of Swords -- amz/sf2, bn/sf, sfc
  • McAuley, Shrine of Stars: amz/sf, wp/clute, borders
  • Morrell, Black Evening -- amz/h, bn/h, rmn
  • Piccirilli, The Deceased -- amz/h, bn/h, sfc
  • Thomas, ed., Dark Matter: amz/sf, nyt/sf, wp/sf

    Associational Books


  • Chabon, The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay: amz/litfic, nyt/notable, wp/fiction, pw/fic, bn/fictionlit, bn/fictionlit, time, et, jan


  • Atwood, The Blind Assassin: wp/fiction, amzuk/overall, pw/fic, bn/fictionlit, time, et, jan


  • Heaney, trans. Beowulf: amz/litfic, nyt/top10, lat/fiction, borders/ficlit, time


  • Powers, Ploughing the Dark: nyt/notable, wp/fiction, pw/fic, borders/ficlit
  • Salzman, Lying Awake: nyt/notable, lat/fiction, borders/ficlit, jan
  • Saunders, Pastoralia: nyt/notable, pw/fic, bn/fictionlit, et
  • Ware, Jimmy Corrigan: pw/fic, vv, time/comics, et


  • Lightman, The Diagnosis: nyt/notable, pw/fic, lat/fiction
  • Saramago, All the Names: wp/fiction, pw/fic, borders/ficlit

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