David Bischoff (1951-2018)

Writer David Bischoff, 66, died March 19, 2018 in Eugene OR. He began publishing short fiction in March 1975 with “The Sky’s an Oyster, the Stars Are Pearls” for Perry Rhodan #66, followed by more than 60 stories, some of which were collected in Tripping the Dark Fantastic (2000). His first novel was The Seeker (1976), written with Christopher Lampton, and he wrote or co-wrote dozens of original novels under a number of pseudonyms. Bischoff also wrote numerous teleplays and novelizations for series including Aliens, Dr. Dimension, and Star Trek. Short story “Tin Woodman”, written in 1976 with Dennis R. Bailey, was nominated for a Nebula award and later adapted into an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

David F. Bischoff was born December 15, 1951 in Washington DC and lived in Eugene OR. He is survived by his son, Bernie Bischoff.

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