E-Books: January

* Beaulieu, Bradley P., & Stephen Gaskell : Strata (Quillings B006P40OHO, $0.99, ebook, December 2011) • Nominal Publication Date: Wed 21 Dec 2011

SF novella about solar energy miners who work on platforms in close orbit of the sun, scheming for ways to earn passage back to Earth. • Beaulieu’s site has this description and links to a sample chapter in various formats, plus a page with links to reviews. ...Read More

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E-Books: December

* Athans, Philip : Tales from the Fathomless Abyss (Athans & Associates Creative Consulting B006IU9A7A, $4.99, 87pp, ebook, December 2011, cover art Mats Minnhagen) • Nominal Publication Date: Mon 5 Dec 2011

Anthology of six original stories set in a shared world. • Authors are Philip Athans, J.M. McDermott, Mel Odom, Mike Resnick & Brad R. Torgersen, Cat Rambo, and Jay Lake. • An introduction by Ken Scholes explains that ...Read More

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E-Books: October-November

Antczak, Stephen L. : Daydreams Undertaken (Amazon Digital Services B005GP89PW, $3.99, ebook, 2011) • Nominal Publication Date: Tue 9 Aug 2011

Collection of 24 stories, 8 previously unpublished. This is an expanded version of the print book published in 2004. • The author provides a foreword, and afterword, and introductions to each story. • Amazon’s “Look Inside” function provides a preview.

• Purchase this book from Amazon | Indiebound • ...Read More

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E-Books: August-October

Anderson, Douglas A., ed. : H. P. Lovecraft’s Favorite Weird Tales (Open Road Publishing B005HJ6REW, $4.99, ebook, August 2011) • Nominal Publication Date: Mon 15 Aug 2011 (First edition: Cold Spring Press, November 2005)

Anthology of 18 stories identified by Lovecraft in 1929-1930 as his favorites, including both ‘literary’ and ‘popular’ titles, along with commentary about the stories from Lovecraft’s writings. Authors include Edgar Allan Poe, Ambrose Bierce, Arthur Machen, ...Read More

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Google Launches eBookstore

Google launched its new Google eBookstore on December 6, 2010, also offering a new Google web reader with free apps for Apple and Android.

Google has also partnered indy bookstores Powell’s, Alibris, and set of participating members — currently 220 stores — of the American Booksellers Association, allowing the booksellers to sell Google eBooks on their own websites. Publishers will get 70% of revenue, and sellers will share the remaining ...Read More

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