AnLab Awards 2022 Finalists

Finalists for the 2022 Analog Analytical Laboratory (AnLab) Awards have been announced, with many finalists available to read online.


”Burning the Ladder”, Adam-Troy Castro (May/June 2022)
“Communion”,Jay Werkheiser & Frank Wu (January/February 2022)
”Kingsbury 1944”, Michael Cassutt (September/October 2022)


Cloud Chaser”, Tom Jolly (January/February 2022)
”In Transit”, J.T. Sharrah (March/April 2022)
”Shepherd Moons”, Jerry Oltion (September/October 2022)
”The Journeyman: at the Bluffs of Sinjin Trell”, Michael F. Flynn (March/April 2022)
”The Power of Apollo (16)”, Marianne J. Dyson (September/October 2022)


”Aconie’s Bees”, Jessica Reisman (May/June 2022)
”Beneath the Surface, a Womb of Ice”, Deborah L. Davitt (November/December 2022)
”Boy in the Key of Forsaken“, Eric Del Carlo (May/June 2022)
”Maximum Efficiency”, Holly Schofield (November/December 2022)
Sacred Cow“, Larry Niven & Steven Barnes (November/December 2022)


Another Way to the Stars, Christopher MacLeod (November/December 2022)
Black Holes and the Human Future, Howard V. Hendrix (July/August 2022)
Evolving Brainy Brains Takes More than Living on a Lucky Planet, Christina De La Rocha (March/April 2022)
The Science Behind Kepler’s Laws, Jay Werkheiser (January/February 2022)
The Science Behind “The Power of Apollo (16)”, Marianna J. Dyson (September/October 2022)


Albert Einstein, Two Stills, Robert Frazier (September/October 2022)
Belter Cats, Mary Soon Lee (July/August 2022)
Constellation, Alex Pickens (May/June 2022)
In Perpetuity, Bruce Boston (July/August 2022)
The Libraries of Mars, Mary Soon Lee (March/April 2022)


January/February 2022
Eldar Zakirov

July/August 2022
Donato Giancola

November/December 2022
Maurizio Manzieri

Winners will be announced in the July/August issues. For more information about the awards and a gallery of the nominated covers, see the Analog website.

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