2023 REH Foundation Awards Finalists

The Robert E. Howard (REH) Foundation has announced the shortlist for the 2023 Robert E. Howard Awards.

The Atlantean – Outstanding Achievement, Book (non-anthology/collection)

  • Robert E. Howard in the Pulps, Dennis McHaney, ed. (self-published)

The Hyrkanian – Outstanding Achievement, Essay

  • “‘Is That Robert E. Howard?’: A Look at Two Photographs”, John Bullard & Bill Cavalier (Adventures Fantastic 6/19/22)
  • “Gender Performativity in Howard’s ‘Sword Woman’”, Nicole Emmelhainz (New Edge Sword & Sorcery #0)
  • “Three Lost Interviews About Robert E. Howard”, Willard M. Oliver (Adventures Fantastic 7/3/22)
  • “Conan in Holland”, Remco Van Straten (Turnip Lanterns 3/5/22)

The Cimmerian – Outstanding Achievement, Scholarship

  • “Gendered and Genrefied: Transgressive Heroism in Sword and Sorcery”, Anthony Conrad Chieffalo (The Dark Man 3/22)
  • “Howard and Strange Tales”, Willard M. Oliver (The Dark Man 3/22)

The Venarium – Emerging Scholar

  • Anthony Conrad Chieffalo (“Gendered and Genrefied: Transgressive Heroism in Sword and Sorcery”)
  • Antonio Marco Collares (Brazilian scholar focusing on Robert E. Howard, involved in many projects)
  • Nicole Emmelhainz (Co-editor of The Dark Man, “Gender Performativity in Howard’s ‘Sword Woman’”)

The Black Lotus – Outstanding Achievement, Web-Based

  • The Cromcast: The Howard Days 2022 video recordings and the Cromcast Chronicle #3
  • Ståle Gismervik: The World of Robert E. Howard website and associated articles, interviews, and resources hosted there
  • Gary Romeo: The L. Sprague de Camp Fan website and associated reviews and articles

The Costigan – Literary Achievement

  • The Cowboy and the Conqueror: A Bob Howard Adventure, Teel James Glenn (Pro Se Productions)
  • A Conspiracy of Ravens, Steven Hubbard (self-published)
  • The Black Stone, Andrew Leman & Sean Branney (Dark Adventure Radio Theatre)
  • “Shadow of the Serpent”, David C. Smith (Terra Incognita: Lost Worlds of Fantasy and Adventure)
  • Blood of the Serpent, S. M. Stirling, ed. (Titan)

The Rankin – Artistic Achievement

  • Mahmud Asrar for King Conan #1-6 (Marvel)
  • Rodney Buchemi for Bêlit & Valeria: Swords vs. Sorcery #1-5 (Ablaze)
  • Gio Guimarães for O Rebelde (Script Editora)
  • Stevan Subic for Conan le Cimmérien–Xuthal la Crépusculaire (Éditions Glénat)
  • Darell Tuchton for The Black Stone (Dark Adventure Radio Theatre)

The Black River – Special Achievement

  • Jason Ray Carney, Editor of The Dark Man, organizer of SpiralCon and the Trigon Awards, promoted Robert E. Howard through a TED Talk and an article in the LA Review of Books — “Reading Sword-and-Sorcery to Make the Present Less Real”
  • Stephen Roelants and Alexis & Yannis Metzinger, The Sources of Fantasy: Robert E. Howard

The Black Circle Award

  • Fred Blosser
  • Sprague De Camp (posthumous)

Nominees for the Crom Award, if any, will be made by the board of directors. There were no finalists in “The Valusian – Outstanding Achievement, Book (anthology/collection)” category. For more information, see the REH Foundation announcement.

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