Magazines Received, May 2021

Mark Kelly’s regular Periodicals posts have been discontinued. We will list online and print magazines seen by Locus each month.

This page lists new SF/F/H print, online, and electronic periodicals (including regularly updated websites) seen by Locus magazine, focusing on those that publish fiction or reviews and criticism.To submit titles for listing on these pages, please send to Locus Publications, 655 13th St. #100, Oakland CA 94612 or email

Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • Trevor Quachri, ed.
  • Vol. 91 Nos. 5 & 6, May/June 2021
  • $7.99, bimonthly, 208pp, 15 x 21½ cm.
  • This issue includes a novella by Lettie Prell; novelettes by Neal Asher, Meghan Feldman, and Tessa Fisher; short stories by M.T. Reiten, Tom Jolly, Terry Franklin, Kelly Lagor, Sara Kate Ellis, Tim Stevens, Michael Adam Robson, Jay Werkheiser, Steve Toase, Bond Elam, Beth McMillan, Elisabeth R. Adams, Sean Monaghan, and Lawson Dumbeck; a science article by David L. Clements; special features by Charles Q. Choi, and Edward M. Wysocki, Jr.; poetry; reviews, etc. Cover by Shut­

Asimov’s Science Fiction

  • Sheila Wil­liams, ed.
  • Vol. 45 Nos. 5 & 6, Whole Numbers 544 & 545, May/June 2021
  • $7.99, bimonthly, 208pp, 15 x 21½ cm.
  • This issue includes novelettes by David Moles, James Gunn, Ray Nayler, Ian Creasey, Rick Wilber & Brad Aiken, and Robert Reed; short stories by Mary Anne Mohanraj, Dominica Phetteplace, K.A. Teryna & Alexander Bachilo, TJ Berry, and Annika Barranti Klein; an article by James Gunn; columns by Robert Silver­berg and James Patrick Kelly; poetry; reviews, etc. Cover by

Fiction River: Dark & Deadly Passions

  • Kristine Kathryn Rusch, ed.
  • Issue No. 36
  • $15.99 paper/$6.99 digital, irregular, 224pp, 14 x 21½ cm.
  • Themed anthology magazine, each issue has a different editor and a different theme or genre with Kristine Kathryn Rusch & Dean Wesley Smith as the overall series editors. The theme of this anthology is “dark & deadly passions” and includes original fiction by Ron Collins, Dayle A. Dermatis, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and others. Subscription: $29.99 digital/$69.99 paper (contact for international delivery costs) for six is­sues to WMG Publishing, PO Box 269, Lincoln City OR 97367.

Foundation: The International Review of Science Fiction

  • Paul March-Russell, ed.
  • Vol. 50, Issue No. 1, #138, 2021
  • £9.00/$15.00, three times yearly, 124pp, 14½ x 21 cm.
  • Peer-reviewed journal pub­lished by the Science Fiction Foundation. This issue includes Iren Boyarkina’s com­parison of Olaf Stapledon and H.G. Wells to James Joyce to show similarities in how the three authors respond to modernity; George A. Gonzalez’s defense of the original Star Trek to racist charges; Jona­than P. Lewis’s discussion of how William Gibson uses the Many Worlds theory in The Peripheral; Declan Lloyd’s examina­tion of how J.G. Ballard’s fascination with advertising manifested itself in Ballard’s billboard experiment “Project for a New Novel”; Gabriel Mamola’s consideration of mysticism in the work of Philip K. Dick; an interview with Cory Doctorow; articles by Emmi Itäranta, Ahrvid Engholm, and Lidia María Cuadrado Payeras & Hollie John­son; and book reviews. Subscription: UK £25.00/Rest of Europe £28.00/Elsewhere £32.00/USD$48.00/Students £15.00/USD$25.00 (proof required) for three issues (institutions more); specify year of commencement. Send checks made out to “The Science Fiction Foundation” to The Science Fiction Foundation, c/o 75 Rosslyn Avenue, Harold Wood, Essex, RM3 0RG, UK; email: Roger Robinson (“SFF” in subject line) <>.

Galaxy’s Edge

  • Lezli Robyn, ed.
  • Issue #50, May 2021
  • $7.99 print/$4.99 digital; bimonthly, 101pp, 19 x 24½ cm.
  • Online and print SF magazine with a mixture of original and reprinted fiction, reviews, and columns. This issue includes fiction by Mike Resnick, Todd McCaffrey, Laurie Tom, David Farland, Jack McDevitt, Walter Jon Williams, and others; the next chapter in the serialization of Over the Wine-Dark Sea by Harry Turtledove; columns by Gregory Benford and L. Pe­nelope; and reviews by Richard Chwe­dyk. Subscription: $19.99/digital for six issues from or Amazon; $37.74 for six print issues to Arc Manor/Phoenix Pick, PO Box 10339, Rockville MD 20849-0339.

The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fic­tion

  • Sheree Renée Thomas, ed.
  • Vol. 140 No. 5 & 6, Whole No. 755, May/June 2021
  • $9.99, bimonthly, 260pp, 13 x 19½ cm.
  • This issue includes a novella by Robert Grossbach; novelettes by Rich Larson and Maurice Broaddus; short stories by Stephanie Kraner, Danian Darrell Jerry, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Pan Morigan, Corey Flintoff, James Enge, Marie Vibbert, Eu­gen Bacon, and Paul Di Filippo; a column by Arley Sorg; a science article by Jerry Oltion; poetry; reviews, etc. Cover by David A. Hardy.


  • Dean Wesley Smith, ed.
  • Is­sue No. 11, April 2021
  • $12.99 print/$6.99 digital, quarterly, 178pp, 17½ x 25½ cm.
  • This issue includes short fiction from Kathy & Jerry Oltion, Steve Perry, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and others. Cover by grandfailure/Depositphotos. Subscription: six issues for $69.99 print/$34.99 digital, available at <>.

SF Commentary

  • Bruce Gillespie, ed.
  • No. 105, March 2021
  • Limited print cop­ies available/free online; irregular, 80pp, 20 1/2 x 29 1/2 cm.
  • Australian fanzine from Bruce Gillespie. This issue includes Gillespie’s notes on his life in Australia during the pandemic; a celebration for fanzine Outworlds 71/Afterworlds; letters of comment from various contributors; and Colin Steele’s look at books, cover­ing Australia, British, US, Canadian, and Chinese books. Cover by Carol Kewley. Subscription: Not available. More informa­tion: Bruce Gillespie, 5 Howard Street, Greensborough VIC 3088, Australia; email: <>; digital copies available free through <EFAN­ZINES.COM>.

SF Commentary

  • Bruce Gillespie, ed.
  • No. 106, May 2021
  • Limited print copies avail­able/free online; irregular, 80pp, 20 1/2 x 29 1/2 cm.
  • Australian fanzine from Bruce Gillespie. This issue is includes a tribute to Yvonne Rousseau (with bibliography); Perry Middlemiss on the 1961 Hugo Awards; Andrew Darlington’s look at the early work of John Brunner; Jennifer Bryce’s top 10 novels of 2020; The Booker Prize short and long list with commentary from Tony Thomas and Jennifer Bryce; and letters of comment about 2020 from various contributors. Subscription: Not available. More information: Bruce Gil­lespie, 5 Howard Street, Greensborough VIC 3088, Australia; email: <>; digital copies available free through <EFANZINES.COM>.

Smith’s Monthly

  • Dean Wesley Smith
  • Is­sue #48, April 2021
  • $6.99 digital/$12.99 print, monthly, 1348pp, 17½ x 25½ cm.
  • A magazine written entirely by Dean Wesley Smith with five short stories; a full novel, Card Sharp Silver; an article on Smith’s Cave Creek series; and a WMG Writer’s guide, “Heinlein’s Rules”. Subscription: Digital: $29.99 (six issues)/$49.99 (12 issues)/US print plus digital: $59.99 (six issues)/$99.99(12 issues)/Outside the US print plus digital: $99.99 (six issues)/$199.99 (12 issues) at <>.

Space and Time

  • Angela Yuriko Smith, ed.
  • No. 140, Spring 2021
  • $10.00, quar­terly, 88pp, 21 x 27½ cm.
  • Small-press fiction magazine. This issue includes stories by Grace Chan, Nick Marone, Mariah Montoya, and others; articles by Daniel M. Kimmel and Leonard Speiser; interviews with Leonard Speiser, Flavio Troisi, and John Shirley; a graphic story by Alessandro Manzetti & Stefano Cardo­selli; poetry, and reviews. Cover by Tom Nackid. Subscription: $39.00 print/$9.99 digital for four issues, to Space and Time, PO Box 214, Independence MO 64051; outside the US/Canada the magazine is available by e-subscriptions only via Weightless Books.

Underland Arcana

  • Mark Teppo, ed.
  • Issue No. 2, Spring 2021
  • free online/$12.99 print/$2.99 digital, quarterly, 135pp, 12½ x 18 cm.
  • This issue includes short fic­tion from Jon McGoran, Jennifer Quail, Selah Janel, and others. Cover by Tod Ryan. Subscription: $3.00 per digital issue/$10.00 per print + digital issue via Patreon at <­landPress>.

Online Magazines


  • Mi­chael Pryor, ed.
  • No. 140, May 2021
  • $2.99, 10 times a year (every month except January and December).
  • This issue incudes fiction from Erin A Say­ers, Caylee Tierney, and Azure Arther; articles by Daniel Thompson and Lachlan Walter; an interview with author Stephen Hall; and reviews. Cover by Kengmerry. Subscriptions $19.99/year for 10 issues from their website.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

  • Scott H. Andrews, ed.
  • Issue #328, April 22, 2021
  • free online, biweekly.
  • Online fantasy/adventure magazine. This issue includes original fiction by Adam R. Shannon (with accompanying podcast) and A.E. Decker, and a reprint from Claire Hum­phrey. Cover by Leon Tukker. Subscrip­tion: $19.99/year from Weightless Books <>.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

  • Scott H. Andrews, ed.
  • Issue #329, May 6, 2021
  • free online, biweekly.
  • Online fantasy/adventure magazine. This issue includes original fiction by Marie Brennan (with accompanying podcast) and Jonathan Edelstein, and a reprint from Tegan Moore. Cover by Ankush Sharma. Sub­scription: $19.99/year from Weightless Books <>.


  • Neil Clarke, ed.
  • Issue #176, May 2021
  • free online or $2.99 ebook, monthly.
  • Online SF/fantasy magazine. This issue includes original fiction by David D. Levine (with accompanying podcast), Amal Singh, Bo Balder, Robert V.S. Redick, Sameem Siddiqui, and Kai Hudson; reprint by Tang Fei (Andy Dudak, trans.); an article by Alex Shvartsman; and interviews with Kelly Robson and Octavia Cade. Cover by Matt Dixon. Subscription: Digital subscription $35.88 for 12 issue at clarkesworld­ or issues may be purchased monthly: $2.99 digital/$10.00 print ($14.00 Canada & Europe)/$12.99 print + digital ($16.99 Canada & Europe). Also available from third-party sellers.

Conjunctions: 76, Fortieth Anniversary Issue

  • Bradford Morrow, ed.
  • Issue No. 76, Spring/May 2021
  • $20.00 individuals/$30 institutions and internationally, biannual, 372pp.
  • Literary magazine with fiction, essays, and poetry. This issue includes stories, essays, and poems by Karen Russell, Samuel R. Delany, Joyce Carol Oates, Sofia Samatar , and many others. Cover by Oliver Lee Jackson. Subscription: $30.00 individuals/$50.00 for institutions and non-US for two issues to Conjunctions, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504; email: <>.

Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores

  • Fran Eisemann, ed.
  • April/May 2021
  • free online.
  • Online genre fiction magazine; content (generally one illustrated story per month, plus occasional interviews and articles) is posted throughout the month. For April and May the site posted a story by Alan K. Baker. Subscriptions $12.00/year.

The Common Tongue

  • Kade Draven, ed.
  • Issue 2, April 2021
  • $7.99 print/$4.99 digital (free online one month after print/digital publication date), bimonthly.
  • Dark fantasy and speculative fiction magazine. This is­sue includes stories by Antony Paschos, Liam Hogan, Kushal Chatterjee, and others; and poetry. Cover by David Walz. Subscriptions $3.00/month via Patreon at <>.

The Dark

  • Sean Wallace, ed.
  • Issue #72, May 2021
  • free online or digital available for $1.99-$2.99, monthly.
  • Dark fantasy and horror magazine. This issue includes original fiction by Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Suzan Palumbo, Frances Ogamba, and Gabriela Santiago. Cover art by George Cotronis. Subscription: digital subscriptions avail­able for $23.88 for 12 issues from Weight­less Books <>. Issues can be purchased at a monthly subscription rate from at $1.99/month or £1.99/month via; or as single copies at $2.99 from Apple, B&N, Kobo, and Weightless.

Fantasy Magazine

  • Christie Yant & Arley Sorg, eds.
  • Issue #67, May 2021
  • free online or $3.99 ebook, monthly.
  • Online fantasy magazine. This issue includes original fiction by J.L. Jones and Anya Leigh Josephs; flash fiction by P.H. Low and Izzy Wasserstein; an interview with Tasha Suri; and poetry. On the website, each month’s contents are serialized throughout the month with new features published on the first four Tuesdays. The ebook edition is available on the first of the month. Cover by Black Spring/ Adobe Stock Image. Subscription: $2.99/month via or $23.88 for 12 issues from Fantasy, <> or Weightless Books <>.


  • Brian J. White ed.
  • Issue #91, May 2021
  • $5.00 digital only, monthly.
  • In the May issue, the site posted short fiction by Sidney Maris Hargrave, Jo Miles, and others. Subscriptions: digital subscrip­tions available for $60.00 for 12 issues at <>.

Lightspeed Magazine

  • John Joseph Adams, ed.
  • Issue #131, April 2021
  • free online or $3.99 ebook, monthly.
  • Online SF/fantasy magazine. This issue includes original science fiction by Gene Doucette and Andrea Kriz; reprinted SF by Rich Larson and Nelson Rolon; original fantasy by Kristina Ten and Howard Andrew Jones; reprinted fantasy by Kat Howard and Carrie Vaughn; and book reviews. On the website, each month’s contents are serialized throughout the month with new features published on the first four Tues­days. The ebook edition is available on the first of the month with exclusive content not available on the website. This month’s exclusive content is an excerpt from a novel by Christopher Buehlman. Cover by James Thew / Adobe Stock. Subscription: $2.99/month via or $35.88/year from Lightspeed, <www.lightspeed­>, or Weightless Books <>.


  • B. Morris Allen, ed.
  • June 2021
  • $7.00 print/$4.00 digital/free online, monthly, 187pp, 10 x 15 mm.
  • Online and print speculative fiction magazine. This issue includes original stories by Pauline Yates, Abhijato Sensarma, Maud Woolf, and Mariah Montoya. New stories are posted online every Friday. Cover by Max Pitchkites. Subscription: Digital subscriptions available at $3.00/month through Patreon <>. Single issues available from and IngramSpark.


  • Donald S. Crankshaw & Kristin Janz, eds.
  • May/June 2021
  • free online or via Patreon.
  • Online magazine presenting stories that engage “meaningfully with Christianity… although not exclusively from a Christian perspective.” The site posts one or two stories per month, with occasional interviews and reviews. ForMay and June the site will post stories by Hannah Onoguwe and A.J. Cunder. Cover by John Tsilikas. Subscription: Limited-edition digital version (pdf, epub and mobi) available prior to web publica­tion via Patreon.

Nightmare Magazine

  • Wendy N. Wagner, ed.
  • Issue #104, May 2021
  • free online or $2.99 ebook, monthly.
  • Online horror/dark fantasy magazine publishing both original and reprinted fiction. This issue includes fiction by Tim Waggoner, PH Lee, Maria Dong, and Eugie Foster; a non-fiction essay by Richard Fairgray; and an inter­view with Benjamin Rubin & Adam Hart. On the website, each month’s contents are serialized throughout the month with new features published on the first four Wednesdays. Cover by Andrey Kiseley / Fotolia. Subscription: $1.99/monthly from Amazon or $23.88/year from Nightmare or Weightless Books <www.weightless­>.


  • Sarah Dodd & Greg West, eds.
  • April 26, 2021
  • free, quarterly.
  • Special issues of Strange Horizons publishing translated speculative fiction, poetry, es­says, reviews, and interviews. For April, Samovar posted original fiction (in both the original language and English translation) by Cristina Jurado (Marian Womack & James Womack, trans.) and Rio Johan (Rio Johan, trans.). Subscrip­tion: unavailable.

Sexy Fantastic: The Stars

  • Robert Zoltan, ed.
  • Issue #3, May 2021
  • $6.99 digital, quarterly.
  • New online sex positive “art, literature and culture” magazine. This issue includes stories by Robert Zoltan, Julia Tilford, Drew Martyn, and Thea Hutcheson; articles by Jay Strongman and Sergio Stefano; and other genre-related material. Cover by Robert Zoltan. Subscription: $6.99/monthly or $19.96/year from Sexy Fantastic <>.

Speculative City: Governance

  • Meera Velu & Yomna Osman, eds.
  • Issue #11, Spring 2021
  • free online or $2.99/digital edition available through, quarterly.
  • Online literary genre fiction magazine, with a focus on integrating speculative fiction with a city setting. This issue’s theme is Governance and includes fiction by Wen-yi Lee, Elle Anañeva, and oth­ers; an essay by Maya Beck; and poetry. Cover by Allie Cheroutes & Meera Velu. Subscription: unavailable.

Strange Horizons

  • Vanessa Rose Phin, et al., eds.
  • April/May 2021
  • free, weekly.
  • Online spec­ulative fiction magazine publishing fiction, poetry, essays, reviews, and interviews. New issues are posted each Monday. In April and May, the site posted short fiction (with accompanying podcasts) by Alexan­dra Munck, E.A. Xiong, K.S. Shere, and Fargo Tbakhi; poetry (with accompanying podcasts); reviews, etc. Covers by Tahlia Day. Subscription: unavailable.

  • Tom Doherty, Irene Gallo, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, et al., eds.
  • April/May
  • free online.
  • Macmil­lan publishing house site specializing in genre fiction. Each month pub­lishes free fiction and articles including original works, reprints, novel excerpts, and comics; re-reads/re-watches of nov­els and television shows; an artist gallery; original reviews; articles and commentary; interviews; as well as providing a forum for the genre community. New material is posted throughout the month. April’s and May’s posts include novel excerpts from books by Charlie Jane Anders, Ashok. K. Banker, P. Djèlí Clark, Victoria Aveyard, Angela Mi Young Hur, Danielle L. Jensen, A.M. Strickland, JJA Harwood, Zoe Hana Mikuta, Tricia Levenseller, Jennifer Saint, Christopher Buehlman, Rivers Solomon, Sarah Henning, Steve Erikson, Ava Reid, B. Catling, C. Robert Cargill, and Alexan­dra Overy; reprints by Martha Wells and P. Djèlí Clark; and original fiction by G.V. Anderson and Cheri Kamei.

Uncanny Magazine

  • Lynne M. Thomas & Michael Damian Thomas, Chimedum Ohaegbu & Elsa Sjunneson, eds.
  • Issue #40, April/May 2021
  • $3.99 digital only, bi-monthly.
  • Science fiction and fantasy magazine with original and reprint fic­tion, non-fiction essays, interviews, and poetry. This issue includes fiction by Fran Wilde, José Pablo Iriarte, Rachel Swirsky, Eugenia Triantafyllou, Emma Törzs, and Shveta Thakrar; a reprint from Sheree Renée Thomas; essays from E. Lily Yu, Andrew Liptak, Ada Palmer & Jo Walton, and C.J. Linton; interviews with José Pablo Iriarte and Shveta Thakrar; and poetry. Cover art by Galan Dara. Ebook subscribers receive the complete ebook on the first Tuesday of the month. Online readers will receive the first half of the magazine on the first Tuesday of the month. The second half will be available the first Tuesday of the following month. Also available free on the Uncanny website is the Uncanny Magazine podcast, with some of the stories, interviews, and other content available for listening. Subscriptions: $23.88 for one year at Weightless Books <>.

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