P.M. Griffin (1947-2020)

Author P.M. Griffin, 73, died August 10, 2020 in Brooklyn NY after an illness.

Pauline Margaret Griffin was born July 5, 1947 in Brooklyn. She began publishing SF with Star Commandos in 1986; the 12th volume in the series, War Prince, appeared in 2004. She collaborated with Andre Norton on Redline the Stars (1993) and Firehand (1994), and her novels Seakeep (1991) and Falcon Hope (1992) were set in Norton’s Witch World series. Other books include Stand at Cornith (2014), Survivor (2014), Fell Conquest (2015), The Purgatorio Virus (2015), Haunted World (2016), Bad Neighbors (2016), The Elven King (2017), and Rebels’ World (2017). She also wrote non-fiction.

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