2017 Spectrum Awards Winners

The 2017 Spectrum Awards gold and silver medal winners were announced at the Spectrum 24 Awards Ceremony, April 22, 2017, at the Folly Theater in Kansas City MO.


  • Gold Award: “Hunting”, Bayard Wu
  • Silver Award: “Daredevil”, Greg Ruth
  • “Hell”, Kellan Jett
  • “Carnival of Souls”, Edward Kinsella III
  • “Savages”, Bill Mayer


  • Gold Award: “Lamia”, Brom
  • Silver Award: “Danneee”, Edward Kinsella III
  • “Red Tide”, Richard Anderson
  • “On the Wheel”, Tommy Arnold
  • “Tamiel”, Goni Montes


  • Gold Award: Chimera Brigade #5, Jeremy Wilson
  • Silver Award: Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash, Dave McKean
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #19 cover, Arthur Adams
  • Drifter #13, pages 8 and 9, Nic Klein
  • “Swallowed Whole”, David Palumbo

Concept Art

  • Gold Award: “Court of the Dead: Voxxingard”, Sean Murray
  • Silver Award: “Minion 5”, Iain McCaig
  • “Secret of Seda”, Te Hu
  • “Hill Giant Queen”, Tyler Jacobson
  • “Fortress Africa”, Ronan Le Fur


  • Gold Award: “Dress-Up Frog Legs”, Jesse Thompson
  • Silver Award: “Nephila”, Akihito
  • “Oglavaeil The Executioner”, Amilcar Fong
  • “Yevabog”, Virginie Ropars
  • “The Corruption of Father O’Malley”, Dug Stanat


  • Gold Award: “Beyonce ‘Lemonade'”, Tim O’Brien
  • Silver Award: “Seven Salt Tears”, Galen Dara
  • “Broken Concentration”, Clint Cearley
  • “La Beaute Sans Vertu”, Tran Nguyen
  • “War Music”, Armando Veve


  • Gold Award: “Ms. Hatter and a Smile”, Bill Carman
  • Silver Award: “William Finds Some Flowers and a Giant”, Ed Binkley
  • “Accursed Witch”, Wesley Burt
  • “Mojo Jojo Circa 1897”, Travis Louie
  • “Tie Fighter Down”, Stephan Martiniere


  • Gold Award: “The Death I Bring”, Karla Ortiz
  • Silver Award: “Orange Skies”, Jeffrey Alan Love
  • “Stealth”, J.A.W. Cooper
  • “375”, Diego Fernandez
  • “Lagoon”, Greg Ruth

Grand Master

  • Bill Sienkiewicz

For more information, including images of the art, see the Flesk and Spectrum Fantastic Art blog.