Apex Magazine

• Quarterly magazine of SF and horror, since 2005; current editor Sigrid Ellis
• Format: Online; Ebook formats
• Frequency: Monthly

March 2017
Issue 94, cover art by Caroline Jamhour
• This issue has stories by John Hornor Jacobs, Mary Elizabeth Burroughs, and Ken MacLeod.
• Nonfiction includes interviews with John Hornor Jacobs and Caroline Jamhour, books reviews, and short fiction reviews by A.C. Wise.

(Sat 18 Mar 2017)


• Webzine of SF and fantasy; nonpaying; since 2001
• Format: Online
• Frequency: Monthly

March 2017
Issue 215
• This 20th anniversary issue has fiction by Robin B. Lipinski, Jake Zawlacki, Walter G. Esselman, Colt Leasure, Susan Anwin, and others.
• There’s also flash fiction, poetry, and an editorial, plus links to more of the best stories and poetry from the ‘zine’s first 20 years.

(Sat 18 Mar 2017)

The New York Review of Science Fiction

• Essays and reviews, published since 1988; edited by Kevin J. Maroney, David G. Hartwell, et al.; PDF and other electronic formats since Sept. 2012
• Format: Electronic
• Frequency: Monthly

November 2016
Issue 339, Vol. 29 No. 3, 32pp
• This special “War at Literature’s Borders” issue features a review by Mark Scroggins of the four novels in Michael Moorcock’s Cornelius Quartet, and a review by Joe Milicia of John Joseph Adams’ anthology Invaders.
• Other reviews are by Kris Dikeman, on Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Volume 2; David V. Griffin, on the film Creepshow; Martin Morse Wooster, on a book about UK fandom; and several books of “random reading” by David Langford.
• Other pieces are by Darrell Schweitzer, interviewing Albert E. Cowdrey; Mike Barrett, on The Worm Ouroboros; Brian Stableford, on S. Henry Berthold; Gustavo Bondoni, on Soviet SF writers; and Kevin J. Maroney’s editorial, on favorite comics from 2016.

(Wed 15 Mar 2017)

Perihelion Science Fiction

• E’zine of hard SF fiction, nonfiction, and art, since 2012; edited by Sam Bellotto Jr.
• Format: Monthly
• Frequency: Online

March 2017
Cover art by Jung Sang
• Stories in this issue are by Lauren C. Teffeau, Tom Jolly, James Van Pelt, Eric Del Carlo, Tim Jeffreys, Dave Creek, Jez Patterson, and Benjamin Sonnek. Shorter stories are by L.L. Hill, Robin White, and Russell Hemmell.
• Articles are by Daniel M. Kimmel and The Wyss Institute.
• There’s also a comic strip by Casey Brillon, an editorial, and a page of reviews by Carol Kean and Joshua Berlow.

(Mon 13 Mar 2017)


• Magazine of SF and fantasy, since 2014; edited by Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas
• Format: Online
• Frequency: Bimonthly

March/April 2017
Issue 15, cover art by Julie Dillon
• This issue has original fiction by Beth Cato, Stephen Graham Jones, JY Yang, Sarah Pinsker, and S. Qiouyi Lu, and reprint fiction by Kameron Hurley.
• Poetry is by Cassandra Khaw, Brandon O’Brien, Bogi Takács, and Lisa M. Bradley,
• There are also interviews with Stephen Graham Jones and Sarah Pinsker, and essays by Elsa Sjunneson-Henry, Sam J. Miller, Paul Booth, Dawn Xiana Moon, and Shveta Thakrar.

(Sat 18 Mar 2017)