2016 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Winner

Winners for the third annual Baen Fantasy Adventure Award were announced:

  • Grand prize: “The Lavender Paladin”, Shawn Snider
  • First runner-up: “Gunfight at the Thornmount Colossus”, Anthony Lowe
  • Second runner-up: “Watching the Door”, Joel & F.I. Goldhaber


  • “Fox-Sign”, Stewart C. Baker
  • “Deck of Shadows”, Thomas K. Carpenter
  • “Raisin”, Jason A. Holt
  • “Wish In One Hand and Hit With the Other”, D. Thourson Palmer
  • “Tamarac and the Stone”, Timothy Reynolds
  • “Trial by Combat”, J.P. Sullivan
  • “Twelve Views of Motherhood, Monsters and War”, Brian Trent

The contest focuses on adventure fantasy short stories. The grand prize includes publication on the Baen website, an engraved award, and an assortment of Baen books. The winner was honored at the Writer’s Symposium at Gen Con, August 6, 2016, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis IN.

For more information, including eligibility requirements, see the Baen Books website.