Blinks: the new Harry Potter; reviews of Crouch and alt-history; Newitz on Older; SF for people who don’t read it

» Publishing News, NY Times: Like Magic, Muggles Make New Harry Potter Play Disappear From Bookstores

» NY Times Book Review: Andrew O’Hehir reviews Blake Crouch’s Dark Matter; also, Jean Zimmerman reviews alternate history novels by Tim Baker, Simone Zelitch, and Ben H. Winters

» Ars Technica: This science fiction novel is a perfect antidote to U.S. election season by Annalee Newitz, about Malka Older’s Infomocracy

» Read It Forward: Science Fiction Books For People Who Don’t Read Science Fiction — Tobias Carroll lists books by Bacigalupi, Faber, Butler, Banks, Mieville, Atwood, Delany, Hall, Brissett, Gibson, Slattery, Hopkinson, Womack, and the Strugatsky brothers