2016 Aurora Awards Finalists

The 2016 Aurora Awards finalists have been announced, celebrating the “best works and activities done by Canadians in 2015.”

Best Novel

Best YA Novel

Best Short Fiction

Best Poem/Song

  • “Elegy for WLC”, David Clink (The Dalhousie Review 94:3)
  • “Portrait”, David Clink (On Spec #99)
  • “Typhon & Echidna: A Love Story”, Sandra Kasturi (Gods, Memes and Monsters: A 21st Century Bestiary)
  • “Origami Crane / Light Defying Spaceship”, Naru Dames Sundar (Liminality #5)
  • “Venice Letting Go”, Sandra Kasturi (Postscripts to Darkness #6)

Best Graphic Novel

Best Related Work

Best Artist

  • James Beveridge
  • Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk
  • Jeff Minkevics
  • Erik Mohr
  • Dan O’Driscoll

Best Visual Presentation

  • Bitten, Season 2
  • Continuum, Season 4
  • Dark Matter, Season 1
  • Killjoys, Season 1
  • Orphan Black, Season 3

There were also nominees in fan categories. Winners will be honored at Canvention 36, hosted by When Worlds Collide in Delta Calgary South, Calgary, August 12-14, 2016. Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association (CSFFA) members have from June 15, 2016 until midnight EDT on July 23, 2016 to cast ballots. For more information, and complete nominees: www.prixaurorawards.ca.