World Fantasy Award Trophy Submissions Update

The World Fantasy Awards administration has updated their call for new trophy designs, which was originally announced in November 2015, adding compensation for the winning design: two complimentary memberships to World Fantasy Conventions for ten years; two banquet tickets for the 2016 World Fantasy Convention and complimentary space in the Columbus art room; and discounted art space for ten years after 2016.

They said:

Between now and September 30, 2016 the World Fantasy Awards Administration will welcome submissions from artists within the arts community proficient in the three-dimensional form for a new physical trophy for the World Fantasy Award. The ideal design will be simple and elegant, representing both fantasy and horror, without bearing any physical resemblance to any person, living or dead.

The World Fantasy Awards Administration and the Board of the World Fantasy Convention are not fund-holding entities. Each convention is run by a discrete group of people and is expected to be self-funding and non-profit-making, so this is not a commercial opportunity for the winning artist. The copyright of the piece must remain with the WFA for the lifetime of the award.

Whilst there will be no monetary remuneration, as the WFA is not a financial body and does not hold funds of any kind, the winning artist will be publicised as widely as possible. In addition, the winning artist will, for the next ten years, receive two complimentary memberships to the World Fantasy Convention. Also, that artist will receive two complimentary tickets to the 2016 banquet, and complimentary space in the Columbus art room. The winning artist will receive discounted art space for the ten years after 2016.

Three runners-up will receive staff memberships to the 2016 World Fantasy Convention.

In response to comments about the tight timeline for fabrication, one of the awards administrators said, “Only the winning design will be announced in Columbus. Not the physical awards. …Winners in Columbus will receive the actual award later.” The administrator also clarified that they “need/want something that can be mass produced” commercially by an independent manufacturer.

Answers to other FAQs, as well as the complete conditions of entry, can be found at the official World Fantasy Awards administration post.

Inquiries and proposals should be emailed to

For more information about the World Fantasy Convention, see their official website.