Spectrum 23 Awards Finalists

The 2016 Spectrum Awards finalists have been announced.


  • “The Blessing of Athena”, Nico Delort
  • “Discworld”, Bartosz Kosowski
  • “Vishnu’s Third Avatar”, Colin Poole
  • “Glitch”, Andrew Thompson
  • “24 Hour Movie Marathon”, Joseph Qiu


  • “Munchasaurus Rex”, Chris Ayers
  • “Tom, Thom”, Rovina Cai
  • “Renard and the Strawberries”, Annie Stegg Gerard
  • “Vesurius”, Donato Giancola
  • “Sorcerer of the Wildeeps”, Karla Ortiz


  • Tribes of Kai, page 41, Daren Bader
  • Island #4 cover, Gael Bertrand
  • Harrow County #1 cover, Tyler Crook
  • Drifter, Nic Klein
  • Hellboy 1953, Paolo Rivera

Concept Art

  • “The Mushroom Forest”, Mirko Failoni
  • “Journey to West”, Te Hu
  • “King Louie’s Court”, Vance Kovacs
  • “Window View”, Seth Rutledge
  • “Dragon Island”, Dejian Wu


  • “Death Wings”, Akihito
  • “Adelpha and Her Sister”, Thomas Kuebler
  • “The Blind Death”, Patrick Masson
  • “The Morrigan”, Forest Rogers
  • “Meeting Master Jones”, Dug Stanat


  • “Empathy”, Donato Giancola
  • “Traveling To a Distant Day”, Tran Nguyen
  • “Finnegan’s Field”, Greg Ruth
  • “Family Portraithausen: A Tribute to Ray Harryhausen”, Chris Seaman
  • “The Language of Knives”, Sam Weber


  • “Behind the Veil”, Julie Bell
  • “Natural Connection”, Wesley Burt
  • “Medieval Batman”, Bill Carman
  • “Offering”, Te Hu
  • “Exalted Angel”, Tyler Jacobson


  • “Pull”, Dragan Bibin
  • “Dust Devil”, Wayne Haag
  • “King Under the Mountain”, Jaemin Kim
  • “Initiate”, Greg Opalinski
  • “Bioluminescence”, Rob Rey

Gold and silver medal winners in each category will be announced at the Spectrum 23 Awards Ceremony, May 7 2016, at the Society of Illustrators in New York City. For more information, including images of the nominated art, see the Flesk and Spectrum Fantastic Art blog.