2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Award Winners

Locus Magazine, Science Fiction FantasyWinners of the 2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer’s Choice Award have been announced:

Ghosts/Horror/Dark Fantasy/Paranormal & Urban/Epic Fantasy


Romance/Holiday – Series

  • 1st Place: Gambling Ghosts, Jo-Ann Carson

Romance/Fantasy/Suspense/Time Travel/Historical/Western

Romance/Fantasy/Suspense/Time Travel/Historical/Western – Series

  • 1st Place: The Hotel LaBelle, Sharon Buchbinder
  • 2nd Place: Matchmaker & Co., Cynthia Woolf
  • 3rd Place: Circle of Ghadan, Kimberly Cummons

Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy/Angels & Ghosts/Psychics

Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy/Angels & Ghosts/Psychics – Series

  • 1st Place: The Healing Edge, Anise Eden
  • 2nd Place: Roxanne’s Ghost Saga, Maggie Tideswell

Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy/Demons & Devils & Angels

Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy/Demons & Devils & Angels – Series

  • 1st Place: Immortals Series By L.J. Vickery
  • 2nd Place: Guardian Witch Legacy Series By Ally Shields
  • 3rd Place: Heaven Sent Series By Mary Abshire

Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy/Vampires & Shifters

Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy/Vampires & Shifters – Series

  • 1st Place: Moon, Lisa Kessler
  • 2nd Place: Malsum Pass, Kimberly Forrest
  • 3rd Place: The Soul Bonded Trilogy, Meghan Malone

Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy/Witches & Wizards/Erotica

Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy/Witches & Wizards/Erotica – Series

  • 1st Place: Tales of the Black Court, Jessica Aspen
  • 2nd Place: Demon’s Witch, Tena Stetler
  • 3rd Place: Drag.Me.To.Hell, Nadine Nightingale

Romance/Paranormal/Suspense/Gothic/Mythology/Folk Tales

Romance/Paranormal/Suspense/Gothic/Mythology/Folk Tales – Series

  • 1st Place: The Muse Chronicles, Lisa Kessler

Romance/Sci-fi/Fantasy/Time Travel/Contemporary

  • 1st Place: Simon Says, Victoria Danann (7th House)
  • 2nd Place: Forged in Fire, CJ Bahr (Wild Rose)
  • 3rd Place (TIE): Ember, Paula Quinn (Dragonblade)
  • 3rd Place (TIE): Running Hot, J.L. Sheppard (Wild Rose)

Romance/Sci-fi/Fantasy/Time Travel/Contemporary – Series

  • 1st Place: Order of the Black Swan, D.I.T., Victoria Danann
  • 2nd Place: Rulers of the Sky, Paula Quinn
  • 3rd Place: The Adventures Of Sinbad, Toni V. Sweeney


Sci-fi/Fantasy/Paranormal/Urban/Suspense/Thriller/Erotica – Series

  • 1st Place: Into the Dark Woods, Grey Francis
  • 2nd Place: The Water Kingdom, Kevin James Breaux
  • 3rd Place: The Project, Alex Lukeman

Y/A & N/A

Y/A & N/A – Series

  • 1st Place: Portallas, Christopher D. Morgan

Novellas & Shorts

Novellas & Shorts – Series

  • 1st Place: The Witches Of New Moon Beach, Meriam Wilhelm

Honorable Mentions

LGBT/Paranormal/Metaphysical Mystery Thriller

LGBT/Paranormal/Metaphysical Mystery Thriller – Series

  • 1st Place: THIRDS, Charlie Cochet
  • 2nd Place: Offbeat Crimes, Angel Martinez
  • 3rd Place: Snow & Winter, C.S. Poe


LGBT/Literature & Fiction/Historical Fiction

LGBT/Literature & Fiction/Historical Fiction – Series

  • 1st Place: Murder and Mayhem, Rhys Ford


LGBT/Mystery/Suspense/Thriller/Action/Adventure – Series

  • 1st Place: Power Exchange, AJ Rose
  • 2nd Place: Shadow Unit, Jamie Lynn Miller
  • 3rd Place: The Warfield Hotel Mysteries, C.J. Baty


LGBT/Romance – Series

  • 1st Place: Carlisle Cops, Andrew Grey
  • 2nd Place: Conduct, L.A. Witt
  • 3rd Place: Rekindled Flame, Andrew Grey


LGBT/Romance/Mystery/Suspense – Series

  • 1st Place: Fish Out of Water, Amy Lane

LGBT/Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy/Vampires & Shifters/Angels & Demons/UF

LGBT/Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy/Vampires & Shifters/Angels & Demons/UF – Series

  • 1st Place: Yellowstone Wolves, Dirk Greyson
  • 2nd Place: Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge, Jacob Z. Flores


LGBT/Sci-fi/Fantasy/Epic – Series

  • 1st Place: Little Goddess, Amy Lane
  • 2nd Place: Inheritance, Amelia Faulkner

Novellas and Shorts

Novellas and Shorts – Series

  • 1st Place: The Misadventures of Doc and Dirk, Dan Skinner

Honorable Mention – Award for New Author Breakout Author/Book

Winners were chosen by reviewers from the Paranormal Romance Guild. For more information, see their website.

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