Philip K. Dick Award Judges Announced

The five judges for next year’s Philip K. Dick Award have been announced. Works of science fiction published as paperback originals in the US during the year 2016 are eligible for the award.

  • Michael Armstrong, 65240 Diamond Ridge Rd, Homer AK 99603-9242
  • Brenda Clough, 1941 Barton Hill Rd, Reston VA  20191-5009
  • Meg Elison, 2837 Linden St, Oakland CA 94608-4553
  • Lee Konstantinou, 2119 Tawes Hall, Department of English, University of Maryland, College Park, College Park MD 20742
  • Ben Winters, (Until 3/19/16): 4319 Broadway Street, Indianapolis IN 46205-1811; (after 3/19/16): TBA

Publishers are encouraged to mail copies of eligible books to all judges. Nominees will be announced in January 2017.