Beneath Ceaseless Skies

• Literary adventure fantasy, since 2008; publisher and editor-in-chief Scott H. Andrews
• Format: Online; PDF and ebook formats
• Frequency: biweekly

November 2014
Issue 160-161, cover art by Juan Carlos Barquet
• Issue 161, posted November 25th, has stories by Margaret Ronald and Yosef Lindell, with an audio vault story by Marissa Lingen and an archive story by A.B. Treadwell.
Issue 160, posted November 13, has stories by M. Bennardo and Peter Hickman, an audio fiction podcast of the Hickman story, an audio vault story by David Tallerman, and an archive story by J. Kathleen Cheney.

(Fri 28 Nov 2014)

Intergalactic Medicine Show

• Fiction and interviews, since 2005; publisher and executive editor Orson Scott Card, editor Edmund R. Schubert
• Format: Online, subscription access
• Frequency: Bimonthly

November 2014
Issue 42, cover art by Anna Repp
• Stories in this issue are by Rachael K. Jones, Zach Shephard, M.K. Hutchins, Adria Laycraft, Stephen Gaskell, and Samuel Marzioli.
• There’s a bonus excerpt from Orson Scott Card’s novel Visitors.
• There’s an interview, and a reprint story, by Paolo Bacigalupi.

(Fri 28 Nov 2014)

Strange Horizons

• Fiction, art, articles, poetry, and reviews; founded September 2000; editor-in-chief Susan Marie Groppi through 2010, Niall Harrison beginning 2011
• Format: Online
• Frequency: Weekly; reviews posted three times a week

November 2014
• Fiction published in November includes That’s Entertainment by Meda Kahn, A Moon for the Unborn by Indrapramit Das, She Commands Me and I Obey by Ann Leckie, and Once, Upon a Lime by E. Catherine Tobler.
• Articles and columns include an interview with Iain Banks, a column by Eleanor Arnason, John Clute’s Scores (discussing David Mitchell’s The Bones Clocks), a 1979 essay by Darko Suvin (with a 2014 postscript), and a book club roundtable.
• There’s also poetry and reviews.

(Fri 28 Nov 2014)


• Weekly online SF magazine, edited by Brian Merchant and Claire L. Evans, since November 2014
• Format: Online
• Frequency: Weekly

November 2014
• New online short fiction venue that debuted November 17th with stories Huxleyed Into the Full Orwell by Cory Doctorow, The Overview Effect by Claire L. Evans, and The Brain Dump by Cory Doctorow.
• There’s also an editorial and submission guidelines. Plans are to post one story a week.
• Story One Day, I Will Die on Mars was posted on November 24th.

(Fri 28 Nov 2014)

• SF & fantasy fiction, reviews, commentary, founded 2008; staff includes fiction editors Patrick Nielsen Hayden and Liz Gorinsky
• Format: Online
• Frequency: Daily

November 2014
• Original stories posted this past month are Where the Lost Things Are by Rudy Rucker and Terry Bisson, The Walk by Dennis Etchison, and Where the Trains Turnby Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen.
Excerpts are from books by Frank Herbert, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, L.E. Modesitt, Jr., and several others.

(Fri 28 Nov 2014)