2014 Aurora Awards Winners

Winners for the 2014 Prix Aurora Awards, celebrating the best Canadian SF/fantasy work, have been announced.


Best Novel

  • A Turn of Light, Julie E. Czerneda (DAW)
  • Tombstone Blues, Chadwick Ginther (Ravenstone)
  • River of Stars, Guy Gavriel Kay (Viking Canada)
  • The Tattooed Witch, Susan MacGregor (Five Rivers)
  • Red Planet Blues, Robert J. Sawyer (Penguin Canada)

Best YA Novel

  • The Rising, Kelley Armstrong (Doubleday Canada)
  • The Lake and the Library, S.M. Beiko (ECW)
  • The Ehrich Weisz Chronicles: Demon Gate, Marty Chan (Fitzhenry & Whiteside)
  • Resolve, Neil Godbout (Bundoran)
  • Out of Time, D.G. Ladroute (Five Rivers)
  • Ink, Amanda Sun (Harlequin Teen)

Best Short Fiction

  • “Ghost in the Machine”, Ryan McFadden (The Puzzle Box)
  • “Angela and Her Three Wishes”, Eileen Bell (The Puzzle Box)
  • “Living Bargains”, Suzanne Church (When the Hero Comes Home 2)
  • “The Gift”, Susan Forest (Urban Green Man)
  • “The Awakening of Master March”, Randy McCharles (The Puzzle Box)
  • “Green Man She Restless”, Billie Milholland (Urban Green Man)
  • “A Bunny Hug for Karl”, Mike Rimar (Masked Mosaic, Canadian Super Stories)

Best Poem/Song

  • “Night Journey: West Coast”, Eileen Kernaghan (Tesseracts Seventeen: Speculating Canada)
  • “A City of Buried Rivers”, David Clink (The Literary Review of Canada 11/13)
  • “The Collected Postcards of Billy the Kid”, Helen Marshall (Postscripts to Darkness 11/13)
  • “Lost”, Amal El-Mohtar (Strange Horizons 2/25/13)
  • “Turning the Leaves”, Amal El-Mohtar (Apex Magazine 12/13)
  • “Awake”, Peter Storey (Urban Green Man)

Best Graphic Novel

  • Rock, Paper, Cynic, Peter Chiykowski (webcomic)
  • Looking for Group, Lar DeSouza & Ryan Sohmer (webcomic)
  • Wild Game: Sweet Tooth Vol. 6, Jeff Lemire (Vertigo)
  • Weregeek, Alina Pete (webcomic)

Best Related Work 

  • On Spec (Copper Pig Writers’ Society)
  • The Puzzle Box, The Apocalyptic Four (EDGE)
  • Imaginarium 2013: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing, Samantha Beiko & Sandra Kasturi, eds. (ChiZine)
  • Urban Green Man, Janice Blaine & Adria Laycraft, eds. (EDGE)
  • Suzenyms, Susan MacGregor (suzenyms.blogspot.ca)

Best Artist

  • Erik Mohr
  • Melissa Mary Duncan
  • Tanya Montini
  • Dan O’Driscoll
  • Apis Teicher

Best Fan Music

  • Chris Hadfield for his performance of “Space Oddity”

Best Fan Organizational

  • Randy McCharles, Chair and Programming, When Words Collide, Calgary

Best Fan Related Work

  • Robert Runté, “Why I Read Canadian Speculative Fiction: The Social Dimension of Reading”, Scholar Keynote Address at ACCSFF ’13, Toronto

Frank Johnson received a  special recognition award for producing the Aurora awards for the past 23 years.

Winners were recognized on October 4, 2014, in Vancouver BC at Canvention 34, hosted by VCON 39.

For more information, see the Aurora Awards website.