Beneath Ceaseless Skies

• Literary adventure fantasy, since 2008; publisher and editor-in-chief Scott H. Andrews
• Format: Online; PDF and ebook formats
• Frequency: biweekly

March 2014
Issue 142, cover art by Ferdinand Dumago Ladera
• Another special double-issue, this features stories by Yoon Ha Lee and Seth Dickinson, two audio fiction podcasts, with part two of the story by Dean Wells to be posted March 27.
Issue 142, posted March 6th, has stories by Aliette de Bodard and Rachel Sobel, with two additional stories to be posted March 13, by Nathaniel Lee and Dean Wells.

(Sat 22 Mar 2014)

The New York Review of Science Fiction

• Essays and reviews, published since 1988; edited by David G. Hartwell, Kathryn Cramer, et al.; PDF and other electronic formats since Sept. 2012
• Format: Electronic
• Frequency: Monthly

February 2014
Issue 306, Vol. 26 No. 6, 32pp
• This special “Shadows of Erasmus” issue features Victor Grech on Jung and Star Trek, and the second part of a historical essay by Brian Stableford.
• There’s also an essay about James P. Blaylock, by Mike Barrett, book reviews by Derek Künsken and Jenny Blackford, and an opera review by Jen Gunnels.
• There’s also an editorial by Kevin J. Maroney and the editors.

(Sat 15 Mar 2014)

On Spec

• Canadian magazine of the fantastic, since 1989; managing editor Diane Walton
• Format: Print
• Frequency: Quarterly

Winter 2013/2014
Issue 95, Vol. 25 No. 4, $6.95, 108pp, cover art by Lynne and Steve Fahnestalk
• Stories in this issue are by Harding Young, Tony Pi, Marissa Lingen and Alec Austin, Brandon Crilly, Adria Laycraft, and Kevin Harkness.
• Nonfiction includes an editorial by Susan MacGregory, and interviews with Adria Laycraft and Lynne & Steve Fahnestalk.

(Sat 15 Mar 2014)

Perihelion Science Fiction

• E’zine of hard SF fiction, nonfiction, and art, since 2012; edited by Sam Bellotto Jr.
• Format: Monthly
• Frequency: Online

March 2014
Cover art by John Waltrip
• Stories in this issue are by Robert N. Stephenson, Sierra July, Mark Ayling, Simon Kewin, Bob Sojka, L. Joseph Shosty, Aaron Polson, David Barber, Mark Bilsborough, Conor Powers-Smith, and George Sandison.
• Articles are by Eric M. Jones and John McCormick.
• There’s also a comic strip, an editorial, a page of shorter stories, and a page of reviews.

(Sat 22 Mar 2014)