Blinks: Reviews, DeNiro, Kickstarter, Pratchett, Levinson, Readercon

» LA Review of Books: Niall Harrison reviews two books by Paul McAuley; also, a 1995 interview with Arthur C. Clarke

» Guardian: Eric Brown reviews Will McIntosh, Seth Patrick, Max Barry, M. Suddain, and an anthology

» Sydney Morning Herald: Colin Steele reviews Pratchett, Brooks, Martin

» B&N: Paul Di Filippo reviews expanded new edition of Delany’s Phallos

» Alan DeNiro has released text-based SF game We Are the Firewall

» Kickstart project for a Lovecraftian game Canceled After Dude Spends All the Money

» IAI TV: A.S. Byatt, Terry Eagleton, Terry Pratchett discuss fantasy

» Matthew Hughes has posted an excerpt from new thriller Paroxysm, offering a free ebook to anyone who comments about it online

» The Morton Report interviews Paul Levinson

» Scott Edelman has posted Readercon panels from Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.