Last Call for the Locus Kickstarter

Update: The Kickstarter effort has closed now, and we raised $24,197 towards our archival efforts. Thanks so much to everyone that chipped in for this!

There’s only a few hours left to donate, and if you do you can get a t-shirt with a Shaun Tan design on it made specifically for this effort.

We’re still about $2300 short of where we’d love to be (although we’ve more than doubled our original goal–thank you all so much!) From Liza:

Thanks to all the support the community has shown, it looks like we have raised enough money to cover the audio interview digitization, and we are extremely happy about it! There are going to be some real gems in there, and I just hope that the oldest of the tapes will be salvageable. The extra money will go a long way toward funding tape restoration and speeding up the whole process.

There are just two hours to go. Can we give one more boost and make it to $25,000? That would make real headway into cataloging the books and pulps that are here (we need software, a scanner, and lots of librarian hours), and possibly even start the super sekrit project that I have been dreaming of getting going.


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