Richard Bessière (1923-2011)

French science fiction writer Richard Bessière died in his hometown of Béziers December 22, 2011, at the age of 88. Bessière began publishing in 1951 with a series of pulpy SF stories, Conquérants de l’Univers [Conquerors of the Universe]. He went on to publish other adventure series, and a number of stand-alone novels blending horror and science fiction, including Escale chez les Vivants [Stop-Over among the Living] (1960), Les Maîtres du Silence [The Masters of Silence] (1965), and Cette Lueur Qui Venait des Ténèbres [That Light Which Came from the Dark] (1967). Bessière was one of the leading authors of French genre publisher Fleuve Noir‘s imprint Anticipation. He also wrote almost 100 spy thrillers for their Espionnage imprint, under the pen name F.-H. Ribes.