Blinks: NYRSF, Ad Astra, Best of 2011, Kepler-22b, Crowley, Ridley Scott, Harlan Ellison

» NY Review of SF probably to go digital after July 2012

» James Gunn’s Ad Astra is open to submissions

» Financial Times’ Favourite Fiction 2011 includes SF titles, selected by James Lovegrove, by Eric Brown, China Miéville, and Adam Roberts

» BBC: Robert J. Sawyer offers some perspective on the discovery of Kepler-22b

» Boston Review: John Crowley reviews Ben Katchor

» Slate: Ed Finn on What Ridley Scott’s otherwise-wonderful Prophets of Science Fiction gets wrong about the future

» Harlan Ellison Books is offering four new Ellison titles, including volumes of essays, teleplays, and his never-before-reprinted second novel from 1960

» Fantastic Literature‘s December booklist is now posted