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20 February 2003

The Alien Online (
SF, fantasy and horror news, reviews and feature articles, edited by Ariel. Updated regularly.

• Adam Roberts' latest Readings in Classic SF column is about The Matrix. Other columns include an interview with John Meaney, Mike O'Driscoll about short fiction, and Jeff Gardiner on the origins of fantasy literature. There are also interviews with Steve Cockayne, Joe Haldeman, and Maxine McArthur; reviews of books by Michael Cobley, Tim Powers, John Marco, and others; plus news, and the Alien Ed-Blog.

Ansible (
British sf/fan newsletter, published by Dave Langford. Updated monthly.

Issue 87, February 2003
The issue opens with Ken MacLeod's epitaph for the Columbia astronauts. Lead news items include Michael Swanwick's report from the memorial service for Virginia Kidd. Further down are notes about campaigning for Hugo Best Related Book nominations, and a reaction to the press release for the Wooden Rocket Awards. Plus, Thog's Masterclass, etc.

Best SF (
Short fiction reviews by Mark Watson. Updated regularly.

• Recent posts by Mark Watson include his reactions to stories on the final Nebula ballot.. he copies excerpts from his original reviews and amends them with his remembrances of each story a year (or two) later. Also, reviews of recent issues of Analog, Asimov's, F&SF, etc.

Black Gate (
Magazine website

Spring 2003
In addition to excerpts from the not-yet-seen Issue #5, the website presents the complete text of Nebula Award preliminary ballot nominee ElizaBeth Gilligan's Iron Joan, from Issue #3. Earlier, there's a link to an off-site interview with editor John O'Neill.

Electric Story (
Publisher of new and reprint e-books

• Lucius Shepard, reflecting on the Bible as the source of Western fantasy writing and many bad films, reviews the "Left Behind" movies.

Emerald City (
Personal ezine of reviews and commentary, published by Cheryl Morgan. Updated monthly.

Issue 89, January 2003
Cheryl Morgan reviews new books by Sean McMullen, Jeff Noon, Brian Stableford, Joe Haldeman, and Jeffrey Ford, as well as a mainstream novel by Brooks Hansen, Douglas A. Anderson's annotation of The Hobbit, and Jude Fisher's Two Towers Visual Companion. There are also notes on the Super Bowl, the Mars Probes anthology, a new Dan Simmons story, Ken MacLeod's The Human Front, and recent awards nominations.

EOTU Ezine (
Monthly fiction e-zine, edited by Larry Dennis

February 2003
Fiction and poetry is by Bruce Boston, Marge Simon, Mike Allen, H. Turnip Smith, and many others.

The Eternal Night (
Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Fiction. Updated monthly.

February 2003
There's an editorial about Columbia, numerous publishing news items, and interviews with Michael Cobley, Owl Goingback, and Nicole Givens Kurtz. Plus, fiction by Barbara Davies and Brendan Connell; sample chapters; book reviews; updated and new bibliographies.

Fantastic Metropolis (
SF web portal devoted to literary SF, edited by Luís Rodrigues. Updated regularly.

• The site's hosting service seems to be flaky, since half the time it reports the URL no longer exists; but hit refresh once or twice and it will appear. There have been a few more Best-of-2002 lists recently, including one from Kelly Link. Other recent posts include L. Timmel Duchamp's "In Memoriam: Monique Wittig", an essay by Alan DeNiro (The Dream of a Unified Field -- SF field, that is), fiction by Allan Kausch, Robert Freeman Wexler, and Ursula Pflug, and an interview with Ursula Pflug.

Fantastica Daily (
SF and fantasy reviews, news, and commentary. Updated daily.

• Updates about weekly box office results, bestsellers, Friday film releases, and the next Star Wars novel, plus reactions to the Oscar nominees, George Clooney's remarks to a reporter who found Solaris boring, and Gary Westfahl; plus reviews of novels by Elizabeth Moon and Cory Doctorow.

Fiction Inferno (
Literary e-zine devoted to speculative fiction, published and edited by Max E. Keele. Updated quarterly.

Issue 2:006
This issue has three stories: Nocturnes: A Triptych by Claude Lalumière, and pieces by Christopher Daly and alienartist. The editor also has this blog.

Ideomancer (
Digital fiction, articles, and reviews, published by Chris Clarke with managing editor Amber van Dyk

February 2003
This issue has a horror story by Robert Hood, slipstream by Kenneth Brady, and flash by A. Leigh Jones, plus a classic by Edgar Allan Poe ("A Tale of the Ragged Mountains"). Lee Battersby reviews Elizabeth Moon's The Speed of Dark.

The Infinite Matrix (
Stories, articles, columns, edited by Eileen Gunn. Updated daily.

• Currently featured is a story, Jenna and Me, by Rudy Rucker Sr. & Rudy Rucker Jr. Weekly or daily features by Bruce Sterling, David Langford, Michael Swanwick, and Richard Kadrey continue to be reliably updated. January's feature story was Ferret by Kiini Ibura Salaam, featuring oracular ferrets and intergenerational starships.

Infinity Plus (
Archive of SFFH fiction, essays, interviews, edited and published by Keith Brooke. Updated regularly.

• Recent posts include two original stories by Anna Tambour and David Mathew, and an essay by David Mathew about Helen Cresswell's The Winter of the Birds. Posted earlier was a Claude Lalumière essay, Fear of Fiction: Campbell's World and Other Obsolete Paradigms, first published last year in The Third Alternative.

Mars Dust (
SF, fantasy, horror, rock, hip-hop, electronic music and gothic culture features and fiction, published by Jason Prentice Ahlquist, with fiction editor Steve Nagy. Updated quarterly.

January 2003
Current posts include interviews with Storm Constantine, Poppy Z. Brite, and John Shirley (with links to MP3 files!); fiction by John Shirley (In the Road, from Darkness Divided) and James S. Dorr (new story The Walking). Coming in April is fiction from Charles Coleman Finlay and Mary Soon Lee, and an interview with Charles Stross.

Metropole (
Monthly PDF horror magazine addressing food, arts, literature, nature, and wit; edited by Anthony Sapienza

February 2003
The Spook is now Metropole as of this issue, though it intends to maintain its focus on horror. The new fiction editor is Daniel Quinn. Contents of this issue include fiction by Chris Browne, and an interview with Simon Tolkien.

Penumbric Speculative Fiction (
Subscription-based webzine of fiction and art; edited by Jeff Georgeson. Updated bimonthly.

Issue Vol 1 Issue 5, February 2K3
This 'zine has plans to go subscription, but it hasn't happened yet. This issue is a "mega-prose" issue, with no interviews, just fiction and poetry, which is by Justin Stanchfield, John B. Rosenman, Emily Gaskin, Christina Sng, Doyle Eldon Wilmoth Jr, Kevin L. Donihe, and Sarah Guidry, with graphic narratives by Robert Elrod, Tom Motley, and Stan Yen.

Quantum Muse (
SF, fantasy, and alternative fiction and art, edited by Michael Gallant, Raymond M. Coulombe, and Jason Scherer. Updated monthly.

February 2003
The editorial by the Web Goddess is about drinking and driving. Fiction consists of SF stories by Chris Ruddick and Michael Eckenfels, fantasy stories by Michael Gallant and Mary Calvin, and alternative works by Paul D. Miller and Roger Carrington.

RevolutionSF (
Fiction, articles, and reviews of science fiction, fantasy, comics, anime, and gaming. Updated daily.

February 15, 2003
The latest fiction posts are reprints by Paul Di Filippo ("Stealing Happy Hours"), Don Webb, and David Prill. Recent book reviews include Paul O. Miles mostly positive reactions to YA novels by Gaiman, Funke, and Chabon; a cyberpunk rant by Kevin Pezzano; and more-or-less disappointed reactions to novels by Gibson and Banks, by Ivan Lerner. The site also has lots of reviews and news about movies, anime, TV, and comics.

Sci Fiction (
Fiction webzine, edited by Ellen Datlow. Updated weekly (Wednesdays).

• January and February posts include new stories by Leslie What, Lucius Shepard, Greg Beatty, Gardner Dozois, Octavia E. Butler, Carol Emshwiller, and Gene Wolfe, plus classic reprints by Thomas M. Disch, William Tenn, Brian W. Aldiss, and Philip Jose Farmer; see Archive for individual links. Elsewhere, Michael Swanwick's Periodic Table of the Elements is up to Lead.

Science Fiction Weekly (
News and review webzine, edited by Scott Edelman. Updated weekly (late Mondays).

Issue 304, February 18, 2003
The current issue has interviews with Dragonhenge collaborators Bob Eggleton and John Grant, and one with TV producer Ira Steven Behr. Michael Cassutt's latest column, titled Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines, reacts to Columbia's loss and addresses some of the points raised by Gary Westfahl in his Locus Online essay. Book reviews cover Cory Doctorow, Nancy Kress, and a classic by Samuel R. Delany. The Feb. 10 issue has an interview with Mike Resnick, and a Lab Notes column by Wil McCarthy rationalizing the superpowers in Daredevil, plus reviews of new books by Stephen Baxter and David Smeds, and of films, music, anime, websites, and games. A highlight of Issue 302 was Scott Edelman's editorial about Columbia, while Issue 301 included John Clute's Excessive Candour about Kay Kenyon, and reviews of books by Charles Dickinson and M. John Harrison. Before that, Issue 300 had an interview with Joe Haldeman.

scifidimensions (
Fiction, commentary, media, science and the paranormal; edited by John C. Snider. Updated monthly.

February 2003
Editor Snider comments on the Columbia disaster; interviews with Stephen Baxter and Elizabeth Moon; and reviews of books by Baxter, Moon, Mitchell Graham, etc.; plus TV and comics reviews, etc.

SF (
News, interviews, fiction, and features--"Europe's most visited SF/F web site"--edited by Geoff Willmetts. Updated monthly.

February 2003
The lead story announces the creation of the Wooden Rocket Awards for online SFF in numerous categories, as listed here. (Note that example sites for some categories do not align very well with the category definitions, and more than a few link descriptions are out of date.) There are interviews with Kevin J. Anderson, Chris Moore, and Ben Jeapes, reviews of numerous films and Enterprise episodes, and reviews of books by Larry Niven, Laurell K. Hamilton, Melanie Rawn, Tim Powers, and others.

SF Site (
Reviews, interviews, feature, links; published by Rodger Turner. Updated semi-monthly.

mid-February 2003
Mid-February posts include an editorial selection of Best Read of the Year: 2002. Trent Walters reviews magazine Electric Velocipede (and other reviews of same), William Thompson reviews Conjunctions 39, and Lisa DuMond reviews and interviews Barry Hoffman. Further down, Gabe Chouinard reviews Simon Logan, and Rick Klaw discusses the virtues of short books. February 1st posts included Greg Johnson's picks of Top 10 Books of 2002, leading with Greg Egan's Schild's Ladder, and William Thompson's selection of Best Fantasy of 2002, distinguishing between "epic fantasy" and "cross-genre, gaslight & faerie", plus reviews of books by Steven Erikson, Barbara Hambly, Timothy Zahn, S.M. Stirling, and others; and Rick Norwood's comments on the Hugo Nomination ballot.

SFRevu (
Reviews, articles, and features, edited by Ernest Lilley. Updated monthly.

February 2003
Commentary about Columbia from Allen Steele, Elizabeth Moon, and Michael Swanwick, a few links to other essays online, and editor Ernest Lilley's own thoughts about the disaster. The feature interview and review is of Cory Doctorow and his new book, and other reviews cover Greg Keyes, Timothy Zahn, William Gibson, and others. Lilley and others compile annotated lists of new books due in February in the US, UK, and Canada. The January issue featured an interview and review of Robert Jordan. Lilley recently launched a companion website,

Strange Horizons (
Fiction, art, articles, poetry, and reviews, edited by Mary Anne Mohanraj. Updated weekly (Mondays).

• February posts include Jed Hartman's editorial about Columbia, interviews with Ernest Hogan and Steven Brust, and an article about witches' familiars. Fiction is by Patrick Weekes, Jay Lake, Heather Shaw, and Daniel Kaysen; poetry is by Joanne Merriam, Jamie Wasserman, and Tim Pratt. There are also reviews, by Christopher Cobb, Matt Cardin, and John Teehan, of books by Steven Brust, Simon Logan, and Harry Harrison.

Tangent Online (
Short fiction reviews, edited by Dave Truesdale. Updated regularly.

• An editorial page by Dave Truesdale lists 53 stories comprising the 2002 recommended reading list of novellas, novelettes, and short stories. Plus, reviews of numerous recent magazine issues, a PS Publishing novella by Mark Morris, and small-press collections by Sarah A. Hoyt, Mary Soon Lee, Ken Wisman, and Judith Berman.

The Spook (
Monthly PDF horror magazine addressing food, arts, literature, nature, and wit; edited by Anthony Sapienza

See Metropole, above

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