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10 January 2003

The Alien Online (
SF, fantasy and horror news, reviews and feature articles, edited by Ariel. Updated regularly.

• Adam Roberts offers an extended evaluation of Stephen Baxter's latest novel, Evolution, while Jeff Gardiner examines the critical study of fantasy. Earlier, Roberts reconsidered the works of Samuel R. Delany. Recent interviews address Mark Chadbourn, Ian Graham, Wen Spencer, and others, while Juliet McKenna looks at "both sides of the Tolkien debate". Plus, reviews of Katherine Kerr, Steven Erikson, Simon Logan, Elizabeth Moon, Garth Nix, and others.

Ansible (
British sf/fan newsletter, published by Dave Langford. Updated monthly.

Issue 186, January 2003
Dave Langford reports on Ray Bradbury, Ursula K. Le Guin, Terry Pratchett, Joel C. Rosenberg (not our Joel Rosenberg), Emily Somma (author of an unauthorized Peter Pan sequel), and Jonathan Weir (who resigned as reviews editor for Amazon UK). Plus, lists of prize nominations, deaths, outraged letters, Robert Metzger's Nebula campaign strategy, Thog's Masterclass, etc., including confirmation that Ansible will be placed in the Hugo Award category for semiprozine.

Electric Story (
Publisher of new and reprint e-books

• Lucius Shepard isn't impressed by Solaris, either, but he likes Far from Heaven and The Quiet American.

Emerald City (
Personal ezine of reviews and commentary, published by Cheryl Morgan. Updated monthly.

Issue 88, December 2002
Cheryl Morgan reviews cover books by Ken MacLeod, Christopher Priest, Carol Emshwiller, a Peter Gabriel concert in San Jose, and some short works; plus she offers predictions of what novels will (or should) win the various major awards this year.

The Eternal Night (
Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Fiction. Updated monthly.

Issue 21, January 2003
Editor Steve Mazey offers some picks of the best of 2002, plus short stories by Michael J. Arruda, Greg Beatty, and Darren R. Scothern; sample chapters by Karen Koehler and Gloria Oliver; and interviews with Mike DiCerto (sf), Desiree Erotique (f), Hugh McCracken (sf), Caitlyn McKenna (f), Gloria Oliver (f), and Timothy Whitfield (h).

Fantastic Metropolis (
SF web portal devoted to literary SF, edited by Luís Rodrigues. Updated regularly.

• Since December this site has a new URL,, and has been posting more than 2 dozen "best of 2002" lists by editors and guests, linked from the homepage. Also recently: an interview with Dale Bailey with an excerpt from his first novel The Fallen; an excerpt from China Miéville's PS novella The Tain.

The Infinite Matrix (
Stories, articles, columns, edited by Eileen Gunn. Updated daily.

• A new John Varley Christmas story, Beyond Bedford Falls, was posted in December. Otherwise the usual features continue: Michael Swanwick's weekly vignettes; Dave Langford's Runcible Ansible; Bruce Sterling's daily weblog etc. A brief editorial by Eileen Gunn earlier this week announced William Gibson's new blog, on his new site

Quantum Muse (
SF, fantasy, and alternative fiction and art, edited by Michael Gallant, Raymond M. Coulombe, and Jason Scherer. Updated monthly.

January 2003
This issue has a report on Philcon, plus SF stories by Wenonah Lyon, T.M. Taylor, and William Ledbetter; fantasy by Michael Gallant; alternative fiction by B.D. Pine and Paul Cronin, and a feature on the art of Randall Ensley.

Sci Fiction (
Fiction webzine, edited by Ellen Datlow. Updated weekly (Wednesdays).

• December fiction was a four-part novella by Charles Stross and Cory Doctorow, Jury Service, well-reviewed by both Rich Horton and Nick Gevers in the January Locus Magazine. So far this month: a new story by Greg Beatty, and a classic reprint by William Tenn.

Science Fiction Weekly (
News and review webzine, edited by Scott Edelman. Updated weekly (late Mondays).

Issue 298, January 6, 2003
The current issue includes editor Scott Edelman's resolutions for 2003 and an interview with Harry Turtledove. Highlights of recent weeks include John Clute's review of Michael Chabon; Michael Cassutt comparing writing prose and scripts; an interview with Peter Jackson; and Wil McCarthy's Lab Notes column about living forever.

SF (
News, interviews, fiction, and features--"Europe's most visited SF/F web site"--edited by Geoff Willmetts. Updated monthly.

January 2003
Interviews with Brian Aldiss, Bob Eggleton, and Walter Hunt; reviews of The Two Towers, Solaris, Star Trek Nemesis, and of several Enterprise episodes; a short story by Elizabeth Burton; an article "James Bond is an Alien"; and reviews of books by Ken MacLeod, Mercedes Lackey, M. John Harrison, David Brin, Tom Arden, and others.

SF Site (
Reviews, interviews, feature, links; published by Rodger Turner. Updated semi-monthly.

January 2003
The current issue features Jeff VanderMeer's Top 10 Fantastical Books of 2002, plus Nick Gevers's interview with Liz Williams, and reviews of The Two Towers, Robin Hobb, Terry Brooks, Ellen Kushner & Delia Sherman, and others. Mid-December featured Gabe Chouinard's interview with M. John Harrison; early December, Jeff VanderMeer's review of Edward Whittemore's Quin's Shanghai Circus. Readers are invited to vote for their favorite books of 2002.

SFRevu (
Reviews, articles, and features, edited by Ernest Lilley. Updated monthly.

December 2002
Ernest Lilley's editorial suggests that Hugo voters not nominate anyone who's won five or more awards.. Especially in the editor, fan writer, and fanzine categories; not to put too fine a point on it, "SFRevu ( qualifies as a fanzine, and we want a Hugo." Lilley reports on the SFWA annual editors and authors reception last November, with lots of photos; writes a feature review of Hartwell & Cramer's The Hard SF Renaissance; and interviews David Hartwell. Other reviews cover holiday films and TV, and books by Gregory Frost, Piers Anthony, Harry Turtledove, Peter F. Hamilton, and others.

Strange Horizons (
Fiction, art, articles, poetry, and reviews, edited by Mary Anne Mohanraj. Updated weekly (Mondays).

• This e-zine's homepage is redesigned slightly for the new year, though posts continue, one per week in the usual categories. Recent fiction is by Dean Francis Alfar, Jay Lake, Chris Garrett, and Anna Tambour; poetry is by Tim Pratt, Joanne Merriam, John Grey, and Bruce Boston; articles by David Michael Wharton (on Fritz Lang's Metropolis), Ahmed A. Khan (interviewing Tanya Huff), Myke Cole (on a Korean fencing tradition), and Glenn Schmall (interviewing Helen McCarthy); reviews by Wendy Pearson, R Michael Harman, Terry McGarry, and Cynthia Ward.

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