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This page compiles selected classic and otherwise-notable SFFH works newly available in any edition, hardcover or paperback.

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March 2003

* Brackett, Leigh Martian Quest: The Early Brackett
(Haffner Press 1-893887-11-1, $40, 21+478pp, hc, December 2002, cover art Virgil Finlay, cover design Stephen Haffner)
Collection of 20 stories, the 20 earliest stories by Brackett, ranging from "Martian Quest" (first published in Astouding, February 1940) to "The Citadel of Lost Ships" (Planet Stories, March 1943). Michael Moorcock contributes an appreciation, tracing her influence on other writers and making connections to her film work (which included The Big Sleep, and the first draft of The Empire Strikes Back), and the book concludes with a 3-page autobiographical "Meet the Author" from Amazing Stories in 1941. The cover art by Virgil Finlay is from Planet Stories, Summer 1941, which included Brackett's story "The Dragon-Queen of Venus", originally published as "The Dragon Queen of Jupiter". The Amazon page has a description of the book and the author. The publisher's forthcoming page has the complete list of stories.
(Seen Tue 11 Mar 2003)
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Dickson, Gordon R. Dorsai Spirit
(Orb 0-312-87761-7, $15.95, 430pp, tpb, March 2003, cover art Royo, cover design Carol Russo Design)
Reprint (Tor June 2002). Two military SF classics: Dorsai!, first published in 1960 as The Genetic General and as a 1959 Astounding magazine serial, a Hugo nominee in 1960; and The Spirit of Dorsai (1979), a fixup novel originally published as three stories. There is a new introduction by David Drake.
(Seen Tue 4 Mar 2003)
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Dozois, Gardner Strangers
(ibooks 0-7434-5846-x, $12, 191pp, tpb, April 2003, cover art Scott Grimando, cover design j. vita)
Reprint (Berkley-Putnam January 1978). SF novel, the only solo novel by the celebrated Hugo Award-winning editor of Asimov's magazine and many anthologies. The original 1974 novella "Strangers" was a Hugo nominee, and this 1978 novel version was a Nebula nominee. It's about a human artist who falls in love with an alien woman and has himself genetically altered so that they can marry and interbreed; something of an update of Philip Jose Farmer's 1950's classic "The Lovers", but written in Dozois's extraordinary, beautiful prose; Alyx Dellamonica, in this review, described the novella as "a tragedy so vivid and haunting that it seems as if it has been around forever, that everyone must have read it." This ibooks edition is a "Robert Silverberg Selection".
(Seen Thu 13 Mar 2003)
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Lewis, C.S. Out of the Silent Planet
(Scribner 0-7432-3490-1, $12, 158pp, tpb, March 2003, cover illustration Kinuko Craft, cover design Leah Lococo)
Reprint (John Lane The Bodley Head 1938). SF novel, first in the "Space Trilogy", followed by Perelandra and That Hideous Strength, concerning a man kidnapped from Earth and taken to Mars, where he meets "spiritual beings who inform him that Earth (the silent planet of the title) is a fallen world", in the description of David Pringle's Ultimate Guide to Science Fiction; a religious allegory by the author of the popular Narnia YA series.
(Seen Tue 25 Feb 2003)
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* Lovecraft, H.P., edited by S.T. Joshi & David E. Schultz From the Pest Zone: Stories from New York
(Hippocampus Press 0-9673215-8-1, $15, 150pp, tpb, January 2003, cover illustration Sean Madden, cover design Barbara Briggs Silbert)
Collection of 5 stories by the early 20th century fantasy/horror writer who died in 1937; they date from the period 1924-26 of Lovecraft's "New York Exile", "perhaps the unhappiest period of his entire life" according to the back cover description, reproduced on this publisher's page. The stories are "The Shunned House", "The Horror at Red Hook", "He", "In the Vault", and "Cool Air", and they're accompanied by a 25-page introduction; an appendix of two short items, one by Frank Belknap Long Jr., and one from the New York Evening Post; and 44 pages of Notes and Textual Notes. A book for serious readers of Lovecraft, put together by two leading authorities on the author.
(Seen Thu 27 Feb 2003)
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Lubar, David Hidden Talents
(Tor/Starscape 0-765-34265-0, $5.99, 213pp, tpb, January 2003, cover art Greg Swearingen)
Reprint (Tor 1999). YA novel about a group of friends who discover they have superpowers--"the stuff of most teenagers' dreams", in the words of School Library Journal. The Amazon page has Booklist and Kirkus reviews, plus reader reviews, including one from Harriet Klausner, and another who calls it "the best book ever".
(Seen Thu 20 Feb 2003)
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Pyle, Howard The Wonder Clock
(Tor/Starscape 0-765-34266-9, $5.99, 18+412pp, tpb, January 2003, cover art Rachel Stewart)
Reprint (Harper & Brothers 1888). Collection of 24 stories (for the 24 hours in the day), with original illustrations by the author: "old-fashioned fairy tales" about kings and queen, lovely princesses and evil witches, sly foxes and mischievous ravens, etc., in the publisher's description. Amazon has reader reviews (including Harriet Klausner's!). See this page for background on the author and sample artwork.
(Seen Thu 20 Feb 2003)
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* Weber, David Empire from the Ashes
(Baen 0-7434-3593-1, $25, 774pp, hc, March 2003, cover illustration David Mattingly, cover design Carol Russo Design)
Omnibus of three Weber novels: Mutineers' Moon (1991), The Armageddon Inheritance (1993), and Heirs of Empire (1996), concerning astronauts who discover that the Moon is really a sentient starship. Baen's page for this book has a description and links to numerous excerpts.
(Seen Tue 18 Feb 2003)
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* Wolfe, Gene Latro in the Mist
(Orb 0-765-30294-2, $17.95, 639pp, tpb, March 2003, cover art David Grove)
Omnibus of two novels set in ancient Greece, concerning a Roman mercenary who has no short-term memory and so must write down each day's events for review the next morning: Soldier of the Mist (1986) and Soldier of Arete (1989). The former book won the Locus Award as best fantasy novel, and was a Nebula nominee; both novels were World Fantasy Award nominees. This volume includes a Foreword and a Glossary. A web search turns up an essay, Some Greek Themes in Gene Wolfe's Latro novels, by Jeremy Crampton.
(Seen Thu 6 Mar 2003)
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Opening lines:
He disembarked at Thern, heart of the Rikatva Area, a pale, stooped shadow of a man, young from his face, but old and hopeless from his eyes. With him nearly five hundred other passengers on the ancient spacetub climbed down into the dry red earth that was their last hope of economic freedom.
Opening lines:
Joseph Farber met Liraun Jé Genawen for the first time during the ceremony of the Alàntene, the Mode of the Winter Solstice, the Opening-of-the-Gates-of-Dun, which was observed annually in the ancient city of Aei, on the North Short of Shasine, on the world of Lisle. “Lisle” was the Terran name, of course, after Senator Lisle Harris, the first human to visit the planet, and had come into common usage among the expatriate Terran population of Aei because the Earthmen professed great difficulty in pronouncing the native Weinunnach, “Fertile Home.”

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