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Late August to early September 2002

The Outer Limits

The Fifth Street Review (
• This "Democratic, No-Frills, Online Art and Culture Review" has published a two-part essay by new fantasy writer John Langan (whose "On Skua Island" was published in the August 2001 F&SF) called "Descending the Depths in Difficult Times: Writing Horror Fiction in the Wake of September 11th": Part One, Part Two.

Salon (
August 28, 2002
A short story by Cory Doctorow, "Ownz0red", is posted in the webzine's Technology and Business section.

News, Reviews, Commentary

The Alien Online (
SF, fantasy and horror news, reviews and feature articles, edited by Mark Chadbourn & Ariel. Updated regularly.

• Recent features include an interview with Margaret Weis, an essay by Jeff Gardiner summarizing varieties of fantasy, and an Adam Roberts essay on an unlikely "classic"--the Perry Rhodan series of space opera novels. Also, reviews of Steven Erikson, Scott Nicholson, Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell, and Robert Jordan.

Ansible (
British sf/fan newsletter, published by Dave Langford. Updated monthly.

Issue 182, September 2002
The Hugo Awards winners are listed (Langford won two), along with news bits about Jeff Noon, David Hartwell, Iain Banks, and others; obits, letters, other award nominations and results, Thog's Masterclass, etc. Weekly samples of material compiled here monthly are available at The Infinite Matrix's Runcible Ansible.

DarkEcho Horror (
News, reviews, interviews, and features of the horror field, edited by Paula Guran. Updated regularly.

• Posted in August is an essay by Guran, It Came from the Slush Pile, as well as a hidden feature surveying slime fiction book covers. September 1st posts include several reviews by Guran reprinted from Cemetery Dance, and an interview with Gahan Wilson from The Spook.

Emerald City (
Personal ezine of reviews and commentary, published by Cheryl Morgan. Updated monthly.

Issue 84, August 2002
Posted the weekend before ConJosé, this issue has a report on Morgan's trip to Australia, and reviews of books by Alastair Reynolds, Gwyneth Jones, Neil Gaiman, Lisa Goldstein, Louise Cusack, and Fiona McIntosh.

Fantastic Metropolis (
SF web portal devoted to literary SF, founded by Gabe Chouinard. Updated regularly.

• A special feature about the Leviathan series of anthologies includes selected reprints from the first three volumes, an essay by Jeff VanderMeer about the books, and an interview with co-editor Forrest Aguirre.

Fantastica Daily (
SF and fantasy reviews, news, and commentary. Updated daily.

• Mervius tries chatrooms, reacts to Orson Scott Card, monitors bestseller lists and new film releases, reviews Matthew Stover's Star Wars novel, runs contests for books and CDs, and posts reviews by Eva of Lady Cottington's Fairy Album, Scared Stiff, and Faeries: A Musical Companion to the Art of Brian Froud.

Science Fiction Weekly (
News and review webzine, edited by Scott Edelman. Updated weekly (late Mondays).

Issue 280, September 3, 2002
Kathie Huddleston reviews the new TV production of Ursula K. Le Guin's novel The Lathe of Heaven, scheduled to air Sept. 8 on A&E; she gives it an A-, and Huddleston interviews the film's director Philip Haas. Elsewhere there are reviews of new books by Kelley Eskridge and Nancy Kress and a classic review of Algis Budrys's Rogue Moon. Michael Cassutt's column explains why he decided not to attend Con José. Plus, news, letters, website of the week, game reviews, and "cool stuff". (Note: since last month reviews of 2002 books posted by Science Fiction Weekly are compiled in Locus Online's 2002 Books Directory.)

SF (
News, interviews, fiction, and features--"Europe's most visited SF/F web site"--edited by Geoff Willmetts. Updated monthly.

September 2002
Slovak artist Martina Pilcerova is interviewed; Roderick S. MacDonald offers a historical perspective on Wells's The Time Machine; new fantasy author Robert Newcomb is interviewed. Plus, an article by editor Stephen Hunt about the Russian antigravity program, an Explorer's column of comments about Ron Walotsky, Andy Porter, and Betsy Mitchell, and film and Star Trek reviews. Plus--look for small-print links down in a lower corner--reviews of books by Roberts, Willis, Dick, Bear, Anderson, etc.

SF Site (
Reviews, interviews, feature, links; published by Rodger Turner. Updated semi-monthly.

September 2002
The lead feature is an interview with Karen Michalson by Lisa DuMond; there's also part 1 of an interview with Robert J. Sawyer by Steven H Silver. Reviewers cover books by Steven Erikson, Alexander C. Irvine, Paul Di Filippo, and others, and there are reviews of magazines Crimewave 6, Electric Velocipede, and F&SF, news compiled by Steven H Silver, a column on audio SF by Scott Danielson, a column by Rick Klaw about his bookselling dilemma, etc. (Note: since last month reviews of 2002 books posted by SF Site are compiled in Locus Online's 2002 Books Directory.)

SFRevu (
Reviews, articles, and features, edited by Ernest Lilley. Updated monthly.

August 2002
Editor Lilley editorializes about the refurbished Metropolis, and offers a review of the film by Amy Harlib. Asta Sinusas reports from CanVention 22/ ConVersion 19 with photos. Ernest Lilley visits the Tor offices in New York City, interviews Ken MacLeod, and reviews MacLeod's Dark Light. Other reviews cover books by Goldstein, Schmidt, Silverberg, Rucker, etc.

Strange Horizons (
Fiction, art, articles, poetry, and reviews, edited by Mary Anne Mohanraj. Updated weekly (Mondays).

• Recent articles include Rachel Manija Brown on martial arts in SF and fantasy, Brian Tung on the analemma (that figure-eight shape on the globe), and Charles Mirho on patents for perpetual motion machines. Also recently, fiction by Naomi Kritzer, Corie Ralston, and Tracina Jackson-Adams; poetry by Andy Miller, Jessica Langer, and Ann K. Schwader, and reviews of John C. Wright, Kate Bernheimer, and Alexander C. Irvine. Editor Mary Anne Mohanraj offered a Pre-Worldcon Report on August 26. (Note: since last month reviews of 2002 books posted by Strange Horizons are compiled in Locus Online's 2002 Books Directory.)

Tangent Online (
Short fiction reviews, edited by Dave Truesdale. Updated regularly.

• Recently posted reviews cover Alex Irvine's chapbook Rossetti Song and Amy Sterling Casil's anthology switch.blade: School's Out, as well as stories from Black Gate, Sci Fiction, The Infinite Matrix, Analog, Asimov's, etc. (Note: reviews of 2002 books posted by Tangent Online are compiled in Locus Online's 2002 Books Directory--but only once they are accessible to nonsubscribers.)


EOTU Ezine (
Bimonthly ezine of fiction and poetry, edited by Larry Dennis

August 2002
The theme of this issue is "Clam City in the Year 4002" with links for weather, history, employment opportunities, etc., leading to contributions by Bruce Boston, Lorraine Schein, James Dorr, Margaret B. Simon, etc.

The Eternal Night (
Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Fiction. Updated monthly.

Issue 17, September 2002
In addition to various news notes and awards lists, there is new fiction in this issue by Jason Brannon and Benjamin Percy, poetry by W.B. Vogel III, sample chapters by Danielle Ackley-McPhail and Mike E. Purfield, and interviews with Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Margaret L. Carter, and Jennifer Macaire.

Infinity Plus (
Archive of SFFH fiction, essays, interviews, edited and published by Keith Brooke. Updated regularly.

• This archive of SF and fantasy fiction, interviews, articles, and reviews celebrates its 5th anniversary with new reviews of books by Gaiman, Holdstock, Bujold, et al, a novel extract by Neal Asher, and an archived essay by Claude Lalumière about Richard Lupoff. Earlier posts included new interviews of Michael Cobley and Vera Nazarian, archived fiction by Kage Baker and Ted Chiang, and an original story by Garry Kilworth posted in July.

Penumbric Speculative Fiction (
Subscription-based webzine of fiction and art; edited by Jeff Georgeson. Updated bimonthly.

Issue 2, August 2k2
The second issue of this new ezine has an interview with Colleen Donnelly, "Where is Speculative Fiction Headed?"; fiction by contest runners-up Joseph Bilodeau and Peri Charlifu; poetry by Luke Wiodarek and Rebecca Norman; and graphic narratives by Tom Motley and Stan Yen.

Quantum Muse (
SF, fantasy, and alternative fiction and art, edited by Michael Gallant, Raymond M. Coulombe, and Jason Scherer. Updated monthly.

September 2002
This issue has SF stories by Robert John Burke and LA Franks, fantasy stories by 'The Web Goddess' and Katie O'Reilly, alternative stories by Rob Hunter Clint Venezuela, plus artwork by Rebecca Kemp (aka 'The Web Goddess'), a comic strip by William Morton, and an editorial by Raymond M. Coulombe about expanding the 'zines readership "to take over the universe".

Sci Fiction (
Fiction webzine, edited by Ellen Datlow. Updated weekly (Wednesdays).

• Late August posts are new stories A Flock of Birds by James Van Pelt, and Voice of Steel by Sean McMullen, plus classic reprint The Women Men Don't See by James Tiptree, Jr. Michael Swanwick's Periodic Table of Science Fiction, currently up to Neodymium, is now available on handheld devices, courtesy of AvantGo.

the Three-lobed Burning Eye (
On-line magazine of speculative fiction & art, edited by Andrew S. Fuller. Updated 2-4 times/year.

Issue 11, September 2002
Fiction by Thomas Lee Joseph Smith, Tim Curran, Luke A. Meltzer, and Thomas Deja; artworks by Travis Smith; plus contributor notes, front and back covers.

August E-Publications

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