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September to 3 October 2002

Reviews & Commentary

The Alien Online (
SF, fantasy and horror news, reviews and feature articles, edited by Mark Chadbourn & Ariel. Updated regularly.

• Adam Roberts' column on classic SF reaches really far back, to Kepler's Somnium. Reviews include Vegar Holmen greatly disappointed by the fantasy not to be found in Silverberg & Haber's latest annual, and others of Stephen Baxter, Francesca Lia Block, Sheri S. Tepper, etc.

Ansible (
British sf/fan newsletter, published by Dave Langford. Updated monthly.

October 2002
Dave Langford worries (at least a little), is Ansible a semiprozine, or isn't it? Future Hugos, and Hugo records, are at stake. Among other items: Whitley Strieber is tormented; Howard Waldrop moves to Texas; Jeff VanderMeer comments on the cover of the October Locus; and, reviewing Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away, defines the difference between good and bad fantasy.

Electric Story (
Publisher of new and reprint e-books

• Lucius Shepard reviews Robin Williams in One Hour Photo.

Emerald City (
Personal ezine of reviews and commentary, published by Cheryl Morgan. Updated monthly.

September 2002
A lengthy report on ConJosé: Morgan discusses the panels she was on and the other panels she saw, describes the Hugo Awards ceremony and analyzes the results (mentioning that next year's Torcon has decided not to award any additional Hugos, Retro, Website, or otherwise), and judges the success of the convention in many areas, with a detailed backstory of ConJosé's internal management revolt. Reviews cover Kelley Eskridge, Maxine McArthur and others, plus a couple short fiction notes.

Fantastic Metropolis (
SF web portal devoted to literary SF, founded by Gabe Chouinard. Updated regularly.

• Three original essays by Carol Emshwiller have been posted, How My Husband's Death Changed My Writing, Resonance, and Writing Rules I Like to Break, as well as an interview with Emshwiller by Robert Freeman Wexler.

Night Shade Books (

• Owner Jeremy Lassen, in his latest online column, asks "When did the world I live in become a dystopian SF novel from my youth?". Feedback invited...

Science Fiction Weekly (
News and review webzine, edited by Scott Edelman. Updated weekly (late Mondays).

Issue 284, September 30, 2002
This week's issue features an interview with Jack Williamson and a Michael Cassutt column about acknowledging the classics of SF, with Groundhog Day and Local Hero nominated for consideration. Also, a look at Cordwainer Smith's classic novel Norstrilia, by Cynthia Ward, and an Arlan Andrews Sr. letter about Star Trek's leftist leanings. Last week, Wil McCarthy acknowledged some goofs in his previous Lab Notes columns. And the week before that featured numerous reviews of Fall TV shows, plus a Scott Edelman editorial about the difference between editing for the Internet vs print.

scifidimensions (
Fiction, commentary, media, science and the paranormal; edited by John C. Snider. Updated monthly.

October 2002
This site now has a news page. The October issue has a fascinating interview with Michael Bishop--actually a presentation last month at Georgia State University in which Bishop prepared both the answers and questions himself. Also, editor John C. Snider interviews Nancy A. Collins, reviews several movies, and comments on Farscape and Witchblade.

SF Site (
Reviews, interviews, feature, links; published by Rodger Turner. Updated semi-monthly.

mid-September; October
The mid-September issue led with a plea from Caitlin R. Kiernan about why Farscape should be saved. Also, a Ted Chiang interview, the conclusion of a Robert J. Sawyer interview, and reviews of Ramsey Campbell, Jim Munroe, Robert Silverberg, and others, plus Steven H Silver's increasingly comprehensive news page. The current issue leads with a review by Georges T. Dodds of an omnibus of several early Brian Stableford space opera novels. There are interviews with Sean McMullen and John Meaney, and numerous other reviews by William Thompson, Greg L. Johnson, Lisa DuMond, Rich Horton, David Soyka, and others.

SFRevu (
Reviews, articles, and features, edited by Ernest Lilley. Updated monthly.

September 2002
Editor Lilley reports on ConJosé, with lots of pics (and here, and several other pages). There are interviews with Hugo winner Dave Langford, Robert Charles Wilson, and new writer Pauline Alama, and reviews of books by Laura J. Mixon, Greg Bear, Kelley Eskridge, et al. Media coverage includes a 'save Farscape' plea by Tom Francis. Lilley has thoughtfully set up a Hugo Awards page of recommendations for next year's awards, with SFRevu on the list for Best Fanzine.

Strange Horizons (
Fiction, art, articles, poetry, and reviews, edited by Mary Anne Mohanraj. Updated weekly (Mondays).

• Articles in September are by Fred Bush, about severed heads (!), and Bryan Clair, about the fourth dimension (with photos and diagrams). Interviews have been posted with Brad Strickland (about John Bellairs and Star Trek) and Maureen F. McHugh. There's also an interview with band Bloodhag, just mentioned on our Media Refractions page. Recent reviews cover Zebrowski, Miéville, Jeffrey Ford, and Alan Moore. (We'll mention fiction next week.)

Tangent Online (
Short fiction reviews, edited by Dave Truesdale. Updated regularly.

• Recently posted reviews cover Harry Turtledove's anthology Alternate Generals II, and Jay Lake/Deborah Layne's anthology Polyphony, plus stories from online venues Strange Horizons and The Infinite Matrix. (We do wish TO would somehow date their posts so one could tell how recently a review went online.)

September E-Publications

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