Table of Contents, April 1999

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April 1999 Issue 459 Vol. 42 No.4
32nd Year of Publication 20-Time Hugo Winner
1998 Stoker Award Preliminary Ballot/10
Del Rey Launches Impact/10 HarperPrism List Slashed/10
British Book Summary 1998/10
Australian Publishers Fight for Status Quo/11 Landis Wins Fellowship/11
Calvino Prize Announced/11 Kessel Comes Through/11
Amazon Marches On/11 Announcements/11 Awards News/11
Readings & Signings/11 Legal News/11 Financial News/63
Electronic Publishing News/63 Publishing News/63 Book News/63
Rights/63 Publications Received/63 Catalogs Received/64
Neil Gaiman: Of Monsters & Miracles/4
Marina Fitch: Life As Fiction/8
1999 Williamson Lectureship/9 Norton Library Opens/9
SF in Greece/36 SF in Germany/38
SF in Sweden/39 SF in The Czech Republic/40
Ray Russell/60 Stanley Kubrick/60
Stanley Kubrick: An Appreciation by Sir Arthur Clarke/60
Robert “Buck” Coulson/60 Gary Jennings/61 Michael Avallone/61
International Books & Magazines Received/41
Magazines Received: February/44 Books Received: February/45
British Books:January/54 Bestsellers/58
Photo Listing/70 Index to Ads/70
The Next Wave, Roberto de Sousa Causo/33
People & Publishing/12 Locus Letters/61 Editorial Matters/62
Distillations: Short Fiction
Reviews by Mark R. Kelly / 15
Interzone 2/99; Asimov’s 2/99; F&SF 2/99; F&SF 3/99;
Event Horizon 2/99.
Reviews by Gary K. Wolfe /1 9
Nebula Awards 33, Connie Willis, ed.; Black Light,
Elizabeth Hand; Singer from the Sea, Sheri S. Tepper;
The Martians, Kim Stanley Robinson.
Reviews by Faren Miller / 23
Enchantment, Orson Scott Card; Silver Birch, Blood
Moon, Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, eds ; Singer from
the Sea, Sheri S. Tepper; The Oracle Lips, Storm
Constantine; The Alchemy of Love, Elizabeth Engstrom
& Alan M. Clark; SHORT TAKES: The Iron Wars,
Paul Kearney; Bloodwinter, Tom Deitz.
Reviews by Russell Letson / 25
A Deepness in the Sky, Vernor Vinge; Rainbow Mars,
Larry Niven; Sex and Violence in Zero-G, Allen Steele.
Reviews by Edward Bryant / 27
The Crook Factory, Dan Simmons; 411, Ray Garton;
Right to Life, Jack Ketchum.
Short Reviews by Carolyn Cushman / 29
Heir to the Shadows, Anne Bishop; The Pool of Two
Moons, Kate Forsyth; A Boy and His Tank, Leo
Frankowski; Cupid’s Kiss, Karen Harbaugh; The
Gumshoe, the Witch, and the Virtual Corpse, Keith
Hartman; A Calculus of Angels, J. Gregory Keyes;
The Cure, Sonia Levitin; Leopard Lord, Alanna
Morland; Rainbow Mars, Larry Niven; The Red Sky
File, Denise Vitola.
Short Reviews by Jonathan Strahan / 31
Sky Coyote, Kage Baker; The MUP Encyclopaedia
of Australian Science Fiction & Fantasy, Paul Collins,
ed.; Dreaming Down-Under, Jack Dann & Janeen
Webb, eds.; Vigilant, James Alan Gardner; A Dark
Winter, Dave Luckett; A Dark Journey, Dave Luckett;
A Deepness in the Sky, Vernor Vinge.
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