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12.29 Don Lawrence
11.26 Stefan Wul
10.29 Lloyd Arthur Eshbach
10.29 Hal Clement
09.05 Kir Bulychev
08.07 Mike Hinge
06.06 Ken Grimwood
05.28 George & Jan O'Nale
04.16 Jacques Chambon
04.07 Willis E. McNelly
03.12 Howard Fast
02.17 Harry Warner, Jr.
01.29 Leslie Fiedler
01.18 Virginia Heinlein
01.12 Virginia Kidd

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» Naked man stuck in chimney of Uncle Hugo's Bookstore on Christmas morning — CNN
» The Lord of the Rings wins the the BBC Big Read poll — BBC
» New York Times names Notable Books 2003 including SF titles by Morgan, Wilson, Le Guin, Baxter, Hearn, Wright, and Baruth, with Lethem among top 9 Editors' Choice
12.04 Stefan Wul dies
» 2003 UPC SF Competition won by Catalan author Jordi Font-Agustí; ceremonies included a speech by GoH Orson Scott Card
» Marguerite Bradbury, Ray Bradbury's wife, died November 25 — Ray Bradbury Discussion Board
» Albert Nozaki, War of the Worlds art director, dies — LA Times
» 2004 Odyssey Writing Workshop open for applications
11.24 China Miéville, Mark Chadbourn, Ramsey Campbell, others win British Fantasy Awards
»'s Best of 2003 lists include titles by Simmons, Jordan, Niffenegger, Lethem, many others; Editors' Picks: SF/F; Customers' Favorites: SF/F
» Stephen King given honorary award at last night's National Book Awards; Time's Lev Grossman approves; details of King's speech at MobyLives
» Southeastern Science Fiction Achievement Awards given to Robert R. McCammon, Andy Duncan, L. Sprague de Camp
» 2004 Long List for the International IMPAC Dublin Literary Award includes books by Carol Emshwiller, Stephen Baxter, Zoran Zivkovic
» SF writer and critic Mark Siegel dies — SFWA News
» Star Trek TOS writer Margaret Armen dies — LA Times
11.17 Steven Barnes and Kristine Kathryn Rusch win Endeavour Awards
» Publishers Weekly: The Year in Books 2003 includes SF list with Effinger, Harrison, Hirshberg, Johnson, Resnick, Ryman, Simmons, Weber/Flint
» San Francisco Chronicle's Holiday Book Review includes lists for SF and children's books
11.14 Job Openings at Experience Science Fiction in Seattle
» 1980 Clarion student William Coleman, Jr. dies — Birmingham [AL] News
11.11 Market News: Tesseracts 9, All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories
» Interzone is officially moving to bimonthly publication — Ansible
11.05 Lloyd Arthur Eshbach dies
11.02 Graham Joyce, Patricia A. McKillip, Zoran Zivkovic, Jeffrey Ford, others win World Fantasy Awards
» Hal Clement obituaries at New York Times, Boston Globe; tributes at SF Canada, SFWA News
10.29 Hal Clement Dies
10.22 European Awards: Neil Gaiman, Stanislaw Lem win Israeli Geffen Awards; Robert Holdstock, Peter S. Beagle awarded Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire; Stephen King & Peter Straub voted Deutscher Phantastik Preis
2003 German Phantastic winners announced; SFWA News
Peter Sis among MacArthur 'Genius Awards' winners [NYT]
Bruce Sterling's interactive, web-based project Embrace the Decay launched at LA Museum of Contemporary Art
Shrek author William Steig dies [CNN]
10.03 Nalo Hopkinson wins Sunburst Award
09.30 Postscripts magazine announced for 2004
09.30 British Fantasy Awards nominations
09.30 Continuum magazine announced for 2004
09.30 First Norton Awards presented at Tachyon Publications anniversary party
09.30 Announcement: Call for Robert A. Heinlein Papers
09.30 Market: Best Horror #15 open for submissions
09.29 $500,000 Heinlein Prize established
09.29 Arthur C. Clarke Award funding slashed
2003 British Fantasy Awards nominations announced (winners due 23 Nov)
Stephen King to receive National Book Award medal for distinguished contribution to American letters; New York Times
09.13 Rhysling Awards to Ruth Berman, Charles Saplak & Mike Allen, Sonya Taaffe
09.13 Other Awards: SESFA nominees, SFRA awards, Clarke/Bradbury competition winner
09.13 Alabama-Cuba Week conference due in Tuscaloosa, Nov. 2003
09.13 Writing the Other Workshop due 9.27 in Seattle
09.09 Russian SF author Kir Bulychev dies
09.06 Awards presented at Worldcon...
  Chesley Awards | Prometheus Awards | Sidewise Awards | Gaylactic Spectrum Awards | Golden Duck Awards | Michael Flynn wins first Heinlein Award | Edgar Pangborn wins Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award | Aurora Awards
09.04 Los Angeles to host Worldcon in 2006
09.04 Analog and Asimov's celebrate Stanley Schmidt's 25th anniversary
08.30 Robert J. Sawyer, Neil Gaiman, Michael Swanwick, Geoffrey A. Landis, The Two Towers, Buffy, Locus, others win Hugo Awards
08.27 News Digest: Mike Hinge dies; Edward Bryant, Kelly Freas, Robert Reginald in ill health; Mythopoeic and Writers of the Future awards winners
Ray Bradbury celebrates 83rd birthday, with Mars; LA Times
08.07 World Fantasy Awards nominations
Wall Street Journal: Harlan Ellison's battle with AOL [requires subscription]
07.23 Announcements: Heinlein Award to be presented; Mars Day; Stephen King contest; ICFA Call for Papers
07.23 Market Reports: Argosy; Neo-opsis
book2book: more on Simon & Schuster restructuring
07.22 UK SF/F imprint Earthlight axed by Simon & Schuster
07.20 Seiun winners announced
07.19 Robert A. Heinlein's first novel For Us, the Living sold for publication
  Analog and Asimov's to change schedule
  People News; Awards News
07.12 Nancy Kress wins John W. Campbell Award; Lucius Shepard wins Theodore Sturgeon Award
07.05 Locus Awards Winners announced: Kim Stanley Robinson, China Miéville, Neil Gaiman, Ursula K. Le Guin; others
07.03 Clarion Writer's Workshop Funding Lost
2003 Prix Aurora Award Supplement
Roanoke Times: article about the deaths of George and Jan O'Nale
Los Angeles Times: obituary of Ken Grimwood
Deutscher Science Fiction Preis nominees
SFWA News: Ray Harryhausen honored with Hollywood Star
06.11 Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award finalists released
06.10 Tom Piccirilli, Ramsey Campbell, Neil Gaiman, others win Bram Stoker Awards
06.10 Deaths: Ken Grimwood • George & Jan O'Nale • Roy Tackett • Ben Jason
Book Sense Book of the Year winners include Cornelia Funke
David Kopaska-Merkel in traffic accident
06.06 Science Fiction Hall of Fame Inductees: Tucker, Wilhelm, Knight, Burroughs
Patricia Bray wins Compton Crook Award
Wooden Rocket Awards go to The Alien Online, Locus Online, others
06.06 Aurora Awards nominations announced
06.06 Sidewise Awards finalists announced
Sunburst Award short list announced
05.23 International Horror Guild Awards revealed
Parsec/Confluence writing contest winners named
05.22 Mythopoeic Awards finalists released
Saturn Awards winners announced
Italia Awards winners presented
05.17 Christopher Priest wins Arthur C. Clarke Award for The Separation
04.23 Analog and Asimov's Readers' Awards; Seiun nominations
04.23 Market report: Dark Dreams
04.22 International Horror Guild nominations; Charles L. Grant named Living Legend
04.21 British SF Association and Ditmar Awards Winners
04.19 Nebula Awards Winners: Neil Gaiman, Richard Chwedyk, Ted Chiang, Carol Emshwiller, The Fellowship of the Ring
04.19 Philip K. Dick Award Winner: Carol Emshwiller
04.18 Hugo Awards NominationsUpdated 04.21
04.18 Jacques Chambon dies
Paul Allen plans SF Experience museum in Seattle
04.14 Horror Writers announce Lifetime Achievement Awards
Prometheus Awards finalists released
Willis E. McNelly dies
Rowena Morrill art found in Saddam Hussein home
Wildside Press acquires Borgo
SF writers protest USA Patroic Act
04.09 Bram Stoker Awards final ballot released
04.08 UK publisher Big Engine insolvent; 3SF magazine suspends
John Foyster dies
Awards and Polls: Sapphire winners and Strange Horizons poll results announced; Southeastern SF nominations open
People News: Graham Masterton, Brian A. Hopkins, Robert J. Sawyer, Bob Eggleton
Market Announcement: Leviathan 4 open for submissions
03.30 Chelsea Quinn Yarbro named World Horror Convention Grand Master
Aurealis Awards winners announced
Photos from ICFA and KGB
03.28 Artist George Solonevich dies
Yoji Kondo, Laurel Winter win awards
Paul Barnett resigns from Paper Tiger
Ellen Datlow invites submissions
News about ISFDB, SF-Lovers, Dark Delicacies, the OED, and The New Yorker
03.22 Alexander C. Irvine wins Crawford Award
Terri Windling retires from editing Year's Best Fantasy & Horror
03.18 Harry Warner, Jr. dies
03.14 M. John Harrison and John Kessel win Tiptree Award
Ditmar finalists announced
Howard Fast dies
03.13 Saturn Awards nominations released
International Horror Guild Awards winners scheduled
Hugo nomination ballots sent
World Fantasy Con progress report #1 released
Williamson Lectureship held
Monica Hughes, Jane Rice, Fred Freiberger die
02.15 Columbia commentaries by Gregory Benford, Oliver Morton, Avi Katz
02.12 Columbia's Final Descent: News and Commentary
02.11 Final Nebula Awards ballot
02.08 SFWA issues statement supporting continued space exploration
Robert J. Sawyer's interview about Columbia misrepresented by CBC
Awards & Contests: Levinson nominated for Edgar; Jack Williamson named famous Rotarian; Authorlink contest open until March
Stanislaw Lem speaks out about Solaris
02.01 Katherine MacLean named SFWA Author Emeritus
Gary Westfahl to receive Pilgrim Award
British SF Association Awards finalists released
Lambda Literary finalists released
Leslie Fiedler dies
01.30 Awards: Nancy Farmer receives Newbery Honor; Wooden Rocket Awards announced
Magazine News: Eidolon suspends; The Third Alternative offers free issue
John Mantley dies
01.27 ISFDB searches disabled, seeking solutions
Announcements: Clarion South; Suncoast Writers' Conference
Awards & Contests: N3F story contest; Ursa Major Awards; Draco Award
Wesleyan University Press seeks copyright holder
01.18 Arthur C. Clarke Award finalists announced
World Fantasy Award judges named
Virginia Heinlein dies [updated 01.26]
The Stars Our Destination bookstore to close
01.16 News notes: Harry Potter #5 date; SF on bestseller lists; Gibson in New York Times; Doctorow online
01.13 Virginia Kidd dies
2004 Worldcon to present Retrospective Hugo Awards
01.07 Ursula K. Le Guin named SFWA Grand Master
Awards notes: changes to SFWA preliminary ballot and Nebula Weekend hotel; Aurealis shortlist change; Hugo nomination ballot available
Philip K. Dick Award nominees announced
01.06 Kenneth Tobey dies
Publishing news about J.R.R. Tolkien, John Scalzi and Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Christopher Paolini, Jean Marie Stine
01.03 Nebula Awards preliminary ballot released
Paul Di Filippo nominated for Wired Rave Award
Ministry of Whimsy becomes imprint of Night Shade Books
Battlefield Earth celebrates 20 years
Ellen Datlow photos, and history of UK Worldcons
01.02 Best Books of 2002 lists update: Barnes & | Tally
2002 News Archive | Below: #Recent Awards#Necrology

  news log

12.18  Letters From Per Jacobsen, Barry N. Malzberg, Al Sarrantonio

12.04  David Herter looks at "Six Operas that Came Close"
Some good and even brilliant SF-and-Fantasy-tinged operas did get made in the 20th century, somewhat off the radar.
11.18  Gary Westfahl reviews Looney Tunes: Back in Action
...a film that is both saturated with the tropes and imagery of science fiction and fundamentally hostile to scientific progress and all its effects. In this respect, of course, it is precisely faithful to the spirit of the 1950s science fiction films that it so respectfully references.
11.12  Letters Story queries

11.07  Cynthia Ward reviews an erotic SF collection by M. Christian
The stories in his new collection, The Bachelor Machine, pass the litmus tests of both the SF and erotica genres. Take out the tech and there's no story; take out the sex and there's no story.
10.24  Claude Lalumière reviews Little Lit 3 and The Sandman: Endless Nights
It Was a Dark and Silly Night... is admirably enchanting and fun. The concept this time around is to fashion a story around the title...
10.10  Lawrence Person reviews Jack Vance's The Dragon Masters and The Last Castle
Like Mark Twain, Jack Vance's work richly rewards rereading every decade or so. The swift action is still there, but what most impresses is the cleverness of the setup, the way in which Vance has crafted ever-widening circles of mirror-imaged antagonists, like a yin-yang symbol which turns out to be the eye of larger yin-yang symbol, which, in turn, is the eye of a still larger one.
10.02  Rich Horton reviews Kalpa Imperial, by Angélica Gorodischer, translated by Ursula K. Le Guin
The stories are full of humor and tragedy, of cynicism and romanticism, of secret identities, of wisdom and folly, of blood, of nobility...
09.19  Humor Special Locus Online correspondent Paoli du Flippi: Clarion West Gets New Funding

09.19  Letters A modest proposal about writers' workshops

09.13  Jeff Berkwits explores SF writers in music and song
Dozens of works by Le Guin, Gaiman, Spinrad, Moorcock and others are little known -- because they exist only on often obscure musical recordings.
09.13  Jeff VanderMeer reviews Kelly Link's anthology Trampoline
The writing styles on display are generally to die for — the kind of prose readers return to again and again. Several of these interstitial stories stayed with me long after I had finished reading them.
08.20  Cynthia Ward surveys the films of Hayao Miyazaki on DVD
Hayao Miyazaki is the greatest fantasy director who ever lived. Six of his eight full-length feature films are available in the U.S. on DVD.
07.29  Letters Jeanne Cavelos explains what happened at the Odyssey Workshop
07.28  Letters Harlan Ellison follows-up
07.30  Lawrence Person reviews DVD The Animatrix
The Wachowski brothers understand the look and feel of Science Fiction, but not the deep commitment to scientific plausibility that gives SF so much of its unique resonance...
07.26  Letters Support for Gene Wolfe from Harlan Ellison and others; a story ID
07.24  Letters Gene Wolfe reports from the Odyssey Workshop; 2 story queries; Forrest J Ackerman has a check
07.16  Claude Lalumière reviews Superhero Movies, and rates 25 of them
These films just keep looking better and better. But are they good films? Or just special-effects spectacles with little attention to storytelling?
07.12  Claude Lalumière reviews Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
The most entertaining adventure film I've seen in many years. ... What it brings most to mind is Tim Powers' 1987 novel, On Stranger Tides...
07.07  John Shirley reviews 28 Days Later, comparing it to Hollywood horror films--
Danny Boyle takes a video camera and makes a film ten times better, at least, with a tenth the money.
07.04  Gary Westfahl reviews Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
This aura of grim determination is characteristic of the subgenre of science fiction that the Terminator films represent: survivalist fiction...
07.02  Claude Lalumière reviews graphic novels by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson, Peter Milligan and Brett Ewins, and others
Transmetropolitan is among the most important, pertinent, and entertaining SF of the last decade.
05.28  Claude Lalumière reviews Prime Books by Jeffrey Thomas and Geoffrey Maloney
Will Monstrocity's groundedness in contemporary culture eventually make it as wince-worthy as much mid 20th-century SF? Time will tell, but I doubt it. It's much too savvy, much too aware of what it's doing and what it's not doing.
05.24  Karen Haber reviews Frazetta: Painting with Fire
Frazetta comes across as rugged and matey, the lion in winter.
05.19  Greg Benford: Why The Matrix Matters
It gets few notices in the religious press. Yet it is a spiritual story of a quest for the true world hidden behind what we think of as the real one - and, of course, it’s science fiction.
05.18  John Shirley reviews The Matrix: Reloaded
What makes me glad it's doing boffo box office is its willingness to ask real questions.
05.14  Jeff VanderMeer reviews Robert Freeman Wexler
It is the kind of book that hints at things hidden, secreted away, beneath.
05.05  Claude Lalumière reviews X2
04.22  Claude Lalumière reviews a collection of two novellas by Cliff Burns
04.10  Gary Westfahl reports from the Hong Kong 2003 Conference
04.10  Lawrence Person reviews Donnie Darko on DVD
03.25  Claude Lalumière surveys the UK genre magazine scene, with reviews of the latest issues of Interzone, The Third Alternative, and 3SF
03.20  Andy Duncan reviews "Sci-Fi Punks from Planet Earth" -- the new CD from D.C. Moon and His Atomic Supermen
03.13  David Soyka reviews Conjunctions 39: The New Wave Fabulists
02.27  Claude Lalumière's Confessions of a Superhero Addict: reviews of Birds of Prey, Daredevil, and X-Men 1.5 (the DVD)
02.25  Rich Horton on The British "New Weird": new works by China Miéville and Tim Lebbon
02.10  Nick Gevers writes fiction, by way of reviewing on Bruce Sterling's Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next Fifty Years
02.08  Chris M. Barkley on The Best Dramatic Presentation Hugo Split: How It Happened and Why It Was Necessary
02.03  Gary Westfahl on Columbia and Science Fiction
01.29  Post-Potter Irony for the Grown-Up Set: David Soyka reviews E.T. Ellison
01.29  Claude Lalumière: 1992 Revisited
01.20  Nick Gevers on M. John Harrison's collection, Things That Never Happen
01.13  Claude Lalumière: Best of 2002
01.01  Gabe Chouinard: "Minor Futurism"
01.01  Claude Lalumière on Naqoyqatsi and its "Qatsi" predecessors
2002 Reviews & Commentary Archive

  web logs
Field Inspections | SFFH reviews in general publications
06.12  Salon reviews Tad Williams
Washington Post reviews Shepard, Bishop, Peirce, and Album Zutique
San Francisco Chronicle reviews Pratchett, Jones, and DePrau

05.21  Harper's celebrates Edward Whittemore
New York Times: "Science fiction will never be Literature with a capital 'L' ...''
• Dennis Overbye and J.G. Ballard review Martin Rees on Earth's survival in the 21st century
• PW starred reviews, and more

05.13  • Thomas Pynchon on Nineteen Eighty-Four
• James Pinkerton on Starship Troopers
• UK critics on William Gibson's Pattern Recognition
04.30  Reactions (from Thomas M. Disch, Robert J. Sawyer, and others) to Margaret Atwood's new dystopian novel Oryx and Crake; starred PW reviews: Ian R. MacLeod; YA novels by Jane Yolen, Eoin Colfer, and others
04.15  Are critics thrilled by Michael Chabon's Thrilling Tales? Also, reviews of Richard Morgan, Jasper Fforde, the Douglas Adams bio, and more anthologies; Jonah Goldberg defends Tolkien from racism; Diana Wynne Jones is interviewed
03.19  Douglas Adams' biography reviewed; Norman Mailer's science fiction novel; Michael Moorcock on Philip K. Dick; the literary accomplishment of John Crowley; reviews of Richard Powers, and others • Reviews of Stephen Baxter's novel on evolution and Carter Scholz's new collection of stories; the dangers of Left Behind; profile of William Gibson; the Australian fantasy scene; Hugo Gernsback, skeptical crusader; starred PW reviews
02.19  Michael Dirda on Bruce Sterling; James Sallis on George R. Stewart; Andrew Leonard, Scott Tobias on William Gibson; China Miéville on Stefan Grabinski • Elizabeth Hand on Elizabeth Moon; lots of review of William Gibson; Freeman Dyson on Michael Crichton; Michel Faber on Robert Sheckley
01.21  William Gibson gets New York Times Book Review cover feature; plus reviews of Bradbury, Le Guin, Koontz, and Mars • Reviews of Allen Steele, Charles Dickinson, and others; Jonathan Carroll interviewed; Ursula K. Le Guin on rules of writing; Philip Pullman on responsibilities of storytellers; Tolkien's technophobia; Michael Shermer's Three Laws of Cloning

2002 Weblogs Archive

  news log

03.18  Statements on the War with Iraq, from Arlan Andrews and Sam Lundwall
03.07  Queries and comments about George Alec Effinger, Superheroes, and the new Hugo Dramatic Categories
02.04  Responses to Gary Westfahl's essay about Columbia

April 1st
04.01  News Reports by Frederick Madnok, Jacky Telemark Lisp, and L. Ron Creepweans
04.01  Small Press Report, by Paoli du Flippi

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