Q: Where’s my issue? Your website says it was mailed last week.

A: Every month a few copies of the magazine get delayed by the postal service. Please wait another week or two, and chances are it will show up. If not, contact Locus at locus@locusmag.com.

Q: I have a question about my subscription/want to change my address or email.

A: Digital subscribers: Click on My Account on the top menu and sign in to your account. More specific answers to questions about digital issues can be found there also. Print-only subscribers: Fill out our change of address form here, or send an e-mail to locus@locusmag.com, or phone the Locus offices at 510-339-9196.

Q: How do I submit my book for review in Locus, or listing on your site?

A: Please send prepublication copies if you can! Mail an ARC and then a final when you have it to Locus Magazine, 1933 Davis Street, Suite 297, San Leandro CA 94577. If you have an eARC, you can upload it. If you don’t have ARCs, you can send two finals, but we prefer to review to the publication date, and ask for at least two months lead time to make that happen. While reviews are never guaranteed, all books within our purview will have publication information published in our “Books Received” listing in the magazine with ordering information (and the entry will eventually be incorporated into the Locus Index to Science Fiction). ARCs are made available for consideration by the magazine’s reviewers.

Q: How do I submit news to Locus? Is there a special contact or e-mail address?

A: Send an e-mail to locus@locusmag.com. There’s no separate e-mail address for news.

Q: Where are your rates for advertising in the magazine or on the website?

A: Here! Also, you can call us at 510-339-9196 to find out about our current promotions.

Q: I saw an article or photo in your magazine, but can’t find it on your site; where is it?

A: It’s probably not on the site. Only a selection of content from each issue of the magazine is posted on the site – the table of contents, lists of bestselling and notable books, excerpts from the interviews, and a few sample reviews. (On the other hand, news stories are posted on the site in advance of publication in the print magazine.)

Q: Why isn’t more content from the magazine available on the website? Do you plan archives of book reviews or other material?

A: As of early 2017, plans are under way to make all magazine content available on the site, for subscribers, with a limited number of posts each month available to non-subscribers.

Q: Would Locus Online be willing to exchange links with my site?

A: Locus Online is happy to consider websites for inclusion on our Links pages, but we have no special arrangements for ‘exchanging’ links. You are welcome to link to Locus Online from your site, and we will link to your site from Locus Online if we feel your site would be of interest to our readers.

Q: May I submit my story or book for publication by Locus?

A: No. Locus does not publish fiction. You should submit your story or novel to a suitable magazine (see Links Portal) or publisher (see Publishers). It’s best to become familiar with what they publish before you submit your work to them.

Q: May I submit an article / a review / artwork to Locus?

A: Locus Magazine is not an open market for freelance work, however pitches for articles are accepted on rare occasions and may be sent to locus@locusmag.com.

Q: How do I purchase a book I saw listed in your index?

A: Locus doesn’t sell books listed in our indexes; the Locus Index is a bibliography, not a catalog of items for sale. To purchase books listed in the Locus Index or anywhere else, consult our Booksellers page for links to dealers of new, used, and out-of-print books.