2023 Xingyun Awards Winners

The 14th annual Xingyun awards for Chinese science fiction were presented by the World Chinese Science Fiction Association on May 13, 2023 in Guanghan, Sichuan, China.

Best Novel

  • WINNER: Once Upon a Time in Nanjing, Tianrui Shuofu (China Citic Press)
  • The Red Stone, Jiang Bo (Sichuan Science & Technology Publishing House / Science Fiction World)
  • The Apocalypse, Yan Leisheng (New Star Press / Eight Light Minutes)
  • The Parallel Mountain Town of Tang Empire, Liang Qingsan (People’s Literature Publishing House / Eight Light Minutes)

Best Novella

  • WINNER: “The Girl with a Restrained and Released Life”, Zhou Wen (Non-exist SF 3/22)
  • “Descartes’ Demon”, Fenxing Chengzi (Nebula Ⅻ)
  • “The Tower”, by Yang Wanqing (Nebula Ⅻ)
  • Bian He and the Jade, Dong Xinyuan (SCIFIDEA)

Best Short Story

  • WINNER: “The Stars without Dream”, by Chi Hui (The Stars without Dream)
  • “How to Review a Paper Created by Five Senses”, by Shuang Chimu (Harvest Issue 4, 2022)
  • “Running Away from Evening Glow”, by A Que (wlkhds.com)
  • “A Record of Lost Time”, by Regina Kanyu Wang (Harvest Issue 3, 2022)

Best Non-Fiction

  • WINNER: History of Chinese Science Fiction in the 20th Century, Wu Yan, Jia Liyuan, Ren Dongmei, Xiao Han, Jiang Zhenyu, Wang Yao (Peking University Press)
  • “A Decade of Science Fiction”, Li Guangyi (Fourty-two Histories)
  • The Transformation of Contemporary Chinese Science Fiction, Zhan Ling (China Social Sciences)
  • “Technology as the Way, Silkpunk as an Antidote”, Jin Xueni (SF Research Newsletter 2/22)

Best Translated Fiction

  • WINNER: If We Can’t Go at the Speed of Light, Kim Cho-Yeol (Korea) and translated by Chun Xi (Sichuan Science & Technology / Science Fiction World)
  • The Found and the Lost, Ursula Le Guin and translated by Zhou Huaming, Hu Shaoyan, Regina Kanyu Wang, Chen Qiufan, Hu Xiaoshi, Jiang Bo, Li Te, Yao Renjie, Mu Ming, San Feng (Henan literature & Art / Imaginist)
  • “Good Hunting”, Ken Liu and translated by Xue Bai (Good Hunting)
  • The Stars are Cold Toys, Sergei Lukyanenko and translated by Xiao Chuzhou (New Star / Eight Light Minutes)

Best New Writer

  • WINNER: Tianrui Shuofu
  • Dong Xinyuan
  • Lu Hang
  • Qi Ran

Best Review

  • WINNER: “Contemporary Science Fiction as Oxygen for Scientists’ Brain: A Review of The Pillars of a Great Power”, Yao Lifen (Science Popularization Times 6/24/22)
  • “The Chaos of Digital World: Thoughts on Writing about Artificial Intelligence – A Review of Martha Wells’ Killer Robots Series”, HeavenDuke (Nebula SF Review 3/22)
  • “Lukyanenko: The Interstellar Spiral in the Science Fiction of Soviet Russia”, Hai Ke (Eight Light Minutes Culture 8/22)
  • “The Four Don’ts and the Three Laws: Philosophical Reflections of the East and the West in Shuang Chimu’s Science Fiction”, Guo Wei (Literature and Art Newspaper 3/28/22)

The Beidou Medal for Promoting SF Award went to Gan Weikang.

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