Angélica Gorodischer (1928-2022)

Argentinian author Angélica Gorodischer, 93, died February 5, 2022 at home in Rosario, Argentina. Gorodischer was a prolific author of fiction and non-fiction who wrote several important works of SF.

Angélica Beatriz del Rosario Arcal de Gorodischer was born July 28, 1928 in Buenos Aires, but relocated to Rosario with her family at age seven, and settled there.

She is best known for Kalpa Imperial (translated by Ursula K. Le Guin in 2003), an omnibus of linked collections La casa del poder (1983) and El imperio más vasto (1983). Other works translated into English include “Los embriones del violeta” (1973; translated as “The Violet’s Embryos” by Sara Irausquin in 2003); Trafalgar (1979; translated by Amalia Gladhart in 2013); Prodigios (1994; translated as Prodigies by Sue Burke in 2015); and Tumba de jaguars (2005; translated as Jaguars’ Tomb by Amalia Gladhart in 2021). She authored another 20 or so SF novels and collections that have yet to be translated.

Gorodischer was awarded the title of Illustrious Citizen by the city council of Rosario in 2007. She received a World Fantasy Award for lifetime achievement in 2011.

For more, see her entry in the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction.

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