Anton Strout (1970-2020)

Writer Anton Strout, 50, died unexpected on December 30, 2020. Strout was an author of urban fantasy, best known for his Simon Canderous series. He was also the host of the Once and Future Podcast, where he interviewed authors beginning in 2014, producing more than 200 episodes. He worked in publishing as well, as a longtime sales rep for Penguin Random House.

Anton Strout was born January 24, 1970 in the Pittsfield MA and grew up in Dalton. He attended the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, graduating in 1993 with a degree in English and Theater. He began working in sales for Penguin 1998. Strout lived with his family in New Jersey.

His debut novel Dead to Me (2008) launched the Simon Canderous series, which continued with Deader Still (2009), Dead Matter (2010), and Dead Waters (2011). He also wrote the Spellmason Chronicles: Alchemystic (2012), Stonecast (2013), and Incarnate (2014). In addition to novels, he also published several stories and wrote webcomic The Write Stuff. He had plans to edit urban fantasy anthology Claw and Order, successfully crowdfunded in 2020.

Strout is survived by his wife Orly Trieber Strout and their two children.

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