Spectrum 26 Awards Finalists

Locus Magazine, Science Fiction FantasyThe 2019 Spectrum Awards finalists have been announced.


  • “Lair of the Firebreather”, Justin Gerard
  • “Reach”, Donato Giancola
  • “After the Flood”, Valentin Kopetzki
  • “Earth Species Project”, Victo Ngai
  • “Annihilation variant”, Greg Ruth


  • “Winter Road”, Jaime Jones
  • “I Am the Light”, Vanessa Lemen
  • “Japanese Tales 1: The Invisible Man”, Yuko Shimizu
  • “Dragon Lords: Bad Faith”, Chase Stone
  • “Charlie Florida”, Francis Vallejo


  • Castle in the Stars: Book 4, page 1, Alex Alice
  • Cover for Joe Shuster: The Artist Behind Superman, Thomas Campi
  • Blue Vortex 1, Paul Davidson
  • Kang Hearts Out 1, Kang Minjung
  • The Thousand Demon Tree, Jeffrey Alan Love

Concept Art

  • “Golden Temple Through Time We Converge: End”, Te Hu
  • “Dwarf”, Carlyn Lim
  • “The Banner Saga 3: Juno in the Black Sun”, Danny Moll
  • “Submerged Statue of Tyr”, Abe Taraky
  • “Big Hunt”, Zhengyi Wang


  • “Vivicus”, Matthew Corcoran
  • “SwampThing”, Paul Komoda
  • “Reflection”, Patrick Masson
  • “Gallevarbe”, Mark Newman
  • “Justice”, Dug Stanat


  • “Structure”, Chris Buzelli
  • “The Remains”, Qiuxin Mao
  • “Human: Opener”, Victo Ngai
  • “Stormy”, Tim O’Brien
  • “How to Collect Customer Feedback the Right Way”, Leonardo Santamaria


  • “Mantis”, Ed Binkley
  • “Etrata”, Bastien Lecouffe Deharme
  • “Slippery Bogle”, Jesper Ejsing
  • “Opt”, Tyler Jacobson
  • “The Nights Watch”, John Jude Palencar


  • “The Stranger”, Julien Delval
  • “The Serpent”, Annie Stegg Gerard
  • “A Walk in the Woods”, Konstantin Marinov Kostadinov
  • “Sent by the Gods”, Ronan Le Fur
  • “Racing Season in Empire City”, Eric Pfeiffer

Judges for 2019 are Kei Acedera, Wesley Burt, Bobby Chiu, Edward Kinsella III, and Colin & Kristine Poole. Gold and silver medal winners in each category will be announced at the Spectrum 26 Awards Ceremony, March 30, 2019, at the Folly Theater in Kansas City MO. The 2019 Spectrum Grand Master Award honoree will also be announced during the ceremony. For more information, including images of the nominated art, see the Flesk and Spectrum Fantastic Art blog.

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