Lemonade Award

Nalo Hopkinson announced May 29, 2016, during her WisCon 40 guest of honor talk, that she is creating the Lemonade Award to recognize those “who perform small and large actions of kindness” in the SF field. In her speech, she said:

I’m starting an award, an annual kindness award to recognize five people and groups who in the previous year have done something that makes positive change in science fiction community. It might take the form of printed certificates, awarded and announced with little pomp or ceremony; perhaps via a press release. There need not be a monetary award, but it’d be nice to give the recipients a tangible token of recognition. Should enough people commit to donating a few dollars every year, such that there is an annual pot of $2,000, that would be enough for five monetary awards of $300 each, with $500 left over for administration. $3,000 per year would be enough for each recipient to receive in addition a physical award.

The announcement was reprinted June 6, 2016 on the Strange Horizons blog. For more information, contact lemonadeaward@gmail.com. Donations are being handled via the Speculative Literature Foundation.